MAn this thing is awesome I was speachless when I opened the box….small tear:(
Take a look at the difference in size I put the 300 I used to fly next to my new Belt-CP 450 size heli.
In the box:)Belt-CP Boxed new on 0327
Next to the Falcon 40
Belt-CP next to the Falcon 4o Honestly this Pic does it no Justice.
Well I got it Thursday Night when I posted this Pic unfortunately after inspection the post that holds the Canopy on was broken:( Friday after battery charge brought out for flight was making funny noises could not spot a broken part anywhere at closer inspection I realised that the paint on the Blade was peeled which explained the strange noise well when I tried to peel it half the paint came off the blade it looks like shit! Needless to say I looked and made sure gyro was activated it is but continues to just spin I could not fly this so I went to X-Heli forums and they were nice enough to send a new one out asap which was really cool of Andy there at X-Heli unfortunately this incident has caused a replacement and no longer has any warranty on the new heli that arrives:(
Also the Falcon posted with this will be off in the mail for I have traded it with someone on the X-Heli forums we have spoke via MSN messenger and email seems like a nice guy hopefully I get this mailed to him this morning if I can get there on time anyhow.

Saturday 22nd my B-day Sunday the 23rd day after:(

Was my Birthday on Saturday the 22nd my friend and I decided we wanted to try Absinthe so we purchased a bottle since Rob’s bday is on the 26th.
My wife and Heather were drinking it away and it does not get you drunk it gets you a opiate type high which is better because I barely had a hangover when I awoke at 9 am only one downfall though did have a small case of the runs so did Jenn so it was either the Absinthe or Famous Dave’s where we ate prior to the drinking? 
Worst part was my wife and I had to do easter baskets for the little ones at 3AM.
There is the empty bottle weighing in at $60 a bottle.
Awoke on Sunday and played The_Club on PC Sega was giving out free keys for this game for like a week so I got 2 keys for myself and my son tried to get more this morning but they stopped giving the free keys out.
Ultimately no matter how crappy a game a free one is always worth playing.
Not that it’s a bad game just not great. tried to get more keys because I think multiplayer would be fun though.
That’s a screen of me logged into live and starting to play.

Sold my 2 Fixed Pitch Hel;icopters

I put my 2 Fixed Pitch helicopters up on Ebay to purchase a larger Helicopter.
Which was ok because keeping maintenance on 3 helicopters is quite expensive decided to only keep 2 instead.
I have kept my 400 size helicopter but guess what the motor blew right after I put up my other helis I did get the new motor but something went very wrong on the chopper after adding new motor.I plugged in the battery and it went full throttle and chopped the hell outa both my arms needless to say since it was a new one they did give me a RMA. So had 3 helicopters one down and sold 2 leaves me 0:(
Guess I wait until the new one arrives next week hopefully they get me the one I sent on RMA back around the same time as my new one.
The new helicopter will be much better for outdoors due to being quuite larger than a 300( 20-21 inches) scale model it will be much more stable and it also is belt driven which is better on response and one less motor running the R/C Helicopter. It is a 450 ( 27-33 inches) class. The Belt -CP which is the model I ordered is 30 inches in length and had a blade diameter of 33 inches.
Plus it uses a brushless motor and instead of a 4 in1 it has dedicated parts for Gyro and reciever.
Here’s the one I purchased:)
Esky Belt-CP 
Here’s a shot of the belt tail and other key parts that make this helicopter a great upgrade from a 300 size fixed pitch.
Belt-CP Tail

HoneyBee FP Mod Completed…..Finally!

Ok, After changing the Tailboom ,Blades,Main Motor,Rear Motor,Skids,Battery’s,Canopy,4 in 1 controller, 1 Servo and a rotor head set  I have finally trimmed the damn helicopter and brought it up for it’s first stable Hover:)
This RC has probably been down for over 2 weeks and let me just say took about 6 hours total for me to get this thing trimmed.
Trimmed means that the tail is stable does not wag or hold to left or right it is dead center and pretty stable.
Sad it’s to windy to even bother bringing outside. Hope Sunday is better.

HoneyBee FP CompleteHoneyBee FP Complete_1