Saturday 22nd my B-day Sunday the 23rd day after:(

Was my Birthday on Saturday the 22nd my friend and I decided we wanted to try Absinthe so we purchased a bottle since Rob’s bday is on the 26th.
My wife and Heather were drinking it away and it does not get you drunk it gets you a opiate type high which is better because I barely had a hangover when I awoke at 9 am only one downfall though did have a small case of the runs so did Jenn so it was either the Absinthe or Famous Dave’s where we ate prior to the drinking? 
Worst part was my wife and I had to do easter baskets for the little ones at 3AM.
There is the empty bottle weighing in at $60 a bottle.
Awoke on Sunday and played The_Club on PC Sega was giving out free keys for this game for like a week so I got 2 keys for myself and my son tried to get more this morning but they stopped giving the free keys out.
Ultimately no matter how crappy a game a free one is always worth playing.
Not that it’s a bad game just not great. tried to get more keys because I think multiplayer would be fun though.
That’s a screen of me logged into live and starting to play.

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