No smoking

One week and no smoking:)
Can’t remember not smoking but happy to not be. It’s been a long time since I did not have to cough every 10  minutes to clear my lungs.
Can feel the difference already and it’s only been 7 days.
Not saying i’m one of those people that think smoking is the cause of all health problems far from it.
I know for sure it’s the pollution in the air the toxic materials used to build homes in the 50s,60s and 70s,and even the 80’s for those local Gulf high asbestos ring a bell?
Continue on I could but let’s face it I am quitting because government can take thier taxes and shove it! Really hope others are quitting as well why don’t they tax snack foods gluttony is a sin.. tax it $2+ like cigarettes.
Gas..already done:)This should include all sales in Fast food restaurants as well.
Matter a fact the smell of a greasy burger offends me and should not be allowed to be eaten in public it should stay in the store and eaten there. 
Alcohol it’s on it’s way soon for a sharp taxing.
And smoking causes cancer..BULLSHIT it’s gov propoganda to cover up the real cancer toxins they release into the air daily.
And fast food makes you fat..bullshit the person living on fast food makes them fat. 


Max @ sent me the upgrade parts to move over to the 11.1v battery and 18a ESC. Goodbye 3300 rpms and hello to 4200 rpms!
This is the Mini Spark upgraded head.

This is the most fun hobby I have ever had well really it’s the only one i’ve ever had:)

I’ve met some very cool people on the forums and had a few call me  and help out.

Interested in trying to fly has some very stable helicopters in a great price range.

They start at $96.95 for a basic single rotor heli with a main motor and a ETRM (electronic tail rotor motor) this has all the stuff needed to learn basic hover and flight. Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward,
Left/Right, Up/Down control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, AND THROTTLE) comes with simulator software.

Main Rotor Diameter: 450mm (17.7 inch ) 

           • Tail Rotor Diameter: 140mm (5.5 inch)

           • Main Body Length: 410mm (16.1 inch)

           • Weight: 220g (7.8 oz)

           • Battery: 7.4V Li-Po 900mAh

           • Servo: 2x 9g

           • Drive System: 370 Carbon Brush Motor(Main), N30(Tail)

           • Control system: 4CH Multifunctional FM Transmitter and 3-in-1 Receiver

           • Radio Control Range: 2500 feet (762m)

           • Average Flight Time: 15 minutes

This is one cool Helicopter for under a $100 and it ships free. 



Inverted flight & Upgrade, Pool pumps and cigarettes

Things always dump when we need them example the pool pump no issues at all until summer comes around then the pump goes bad.
went to Mr.Pool to get pump repaired of course it’s to shot for that which means new pump..we buy the new pump nice we had a 1.0hp now we have a 1.5 hp get it here and what to you know the intake from the pump to the filter housing are not a match. Drive all the way back with pump and the connector they did fix but sadly the filter housing we have is old and was manufactured for only 1 year and no more the new filter housing would cost another $400 then nother $80 per filter to replace.
We had them add the new pump that was dated to fit our filter housing…it works.
Cigs enough said F thier sin taxes so i quit . Can buy better things than cigarettes anyhow like a T-rex or Gaui 200 SD:).
I know people make fun and wonder why I fly RC’s but bottom line is I don’t care what others think never have and never will.
Not 1 person I know can fly one and if they even tried they would fail with a capital F. Matter o fact they would fail doing a basic hover no less forward flight,nose in,side in,Fast forward flight..etc..etc .
I’ve Been at it using Aerofly Pro Deluxe to practice Inverted flight using a collective pitch Rc Helicopter.
The Video I made was me using Aerofly and FRAPS to record it and was my 2nd day of practice.
I suck at inverted flight no doubt I have a long way to go and have a old HB CP2 debating right now getting another helicopter but of better quality maybe another Wasp or Walkera 1#B 1#A would be better the Wasp V3 are stable belt driven 250 size helicopters but I am not spending lots of $$ on a Helicopter I will trash flying 3d hoping Max can help me out in that area.
Upgraded my Wasp V3 FP with an 11.1v lipo battery and a new 18a ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
Right now the setup is a 7.4v Lipo and a 12a ESC.
The difference is quite a bit the stock 7.4v with a 14t pinion cranks the head speed@3300RPMs
Upgrading to the 11.1v lipo and a 12t pinion cranks the head speed@4200RPMs
Using a 14t Pinion on a 11.1V lipo would give great speed on the head but ultimately kill the battery very quickly and possibly cause Tail wag issues.
The specs Skyartec sent are as follows:
7.4V=   7.4V X 4500KV X 0.85  /   120T/14T~16T  = 3300 RPM~3774 RPM
11.1V= 11.1V X 4500KV X 0.85 / 120T/10T~12T   = 3500 RPM ~ 4200 RPM
Max @ sent me the

WH4-060 which is the main gear, pulley, one way bearing assembly
main shaft and a 12 tooth pinion
with no charge not many places will take care of a customer like Max at skyartec.
Skyartec helicopters are great for the price point and are very stable which is great for 3d flying or Fixed flying which ever floats a hobbists boat.
The helicopters are free shipped in the USA delivered quickly and for the price you get a metal frame,Belt drive,Brushless motor RC Helicopter something not many RTF suppliers can put claim on especally in the fixed pitch range of helicopters.
Esky,Walkera all have FP helicopters and they are great to fly but are not even close to the stability the Wasp v3 has proven.
Helicopters RTF=Ready to Fly
Airplanes RTF only one plane the Cessna is listed here I can not comment on the flight of this plane."Never flown it" Maybe 1 day I will fly a RC Plane I have on a simulator and is quite easy compared to a helicopter the only part that is rough on a airplane is the landing.
Here’s a vid of someone flying the Cessna 182 RC Airplane


Ready to Fly does not mean they don’t crash 🙂 They just have everything needed to get them in the air.


The Mini Spark is HERE!

Took the mini spark out of the box I watched the videos and read reviews but I was not really prepared for how small it really is.
I can fly a FP helicopter 250 and up no issue but this little helicopter makes me feel like I don’t have any skill:(
Probably took me a few batteries to get used to it and realised it will do auto piros in mid flight this is not good.
Notified Andy at Xheli thinking the tail motor is bad but in all oddness it stopped acting up out of the blue???
Uncut Video of me test flying the Mini Spark I only fly for 1:40 my Eyetoy on Laptop locked up.
Notice my first piro attempt using this little thing was a failure 2nd time took:)
Here’s some pictures next to my Wasp v3 Belt -250FP.
200 size helicopters are pretty small that’s why I put them next to each other.
The battery shown is not much bigger than a quarter and has flight times of 10 minutes.
Although 8 minutes is probably the smart thing to do under charging a lipo is bad.
Behind the Wasp is my modified mixed Honeybee,Falcon 40& Dragonfly 4-1 named it the Falconbee 4-1 -300FP
Anyone new to flying I would stay far away from this little one. Although parts are dirt cheap and it can take a lickin and keep on tickin and if you can fly this then you can fly em all.

And the hobby continues

When I first started this hobby I could barely hold a hover now my skills are great no problem flying a single bladed Fixed Pitch.
spotted a Walkera Dragonfly 1#B CCPM Helicopter:) $89 great for a starter aerobatics RC especially since I learned how to fly by myself no instructor like many do.
And figure that since I will be learning inverts and rolls with the Helicopter and a simulator I’m better off trashing a $89 helicopter before I trash a $200 and up helicopter and trash it… I will.
Piros and stalls and FFF have lost thier really fun factor and has left me feeling I need to do more!
Ofcourse I need a full time job very soon to support the family and this hobby ain’t cheap.
Check out this fully functional single bladed rotor RC helicopter it’s truly a mini!
This little guy is  the length of a dollar and weighs less than a 9v battery.
And let me tell you it’s a quick little shit.  In the video 3:28 is where he really flys it you can see it is quick for it’s size.
Not to be mistaken this little helicopter is as hard to fly or harder than a regular fixed pitch don’t let the size fool you. The response on this little fucker is quick. (NOT A BEGINNER RC).
Here’s the Walkera 1#B Helicopter doing the aerobatics i will be learning on it:)
Yes, it will happen I will be doing this shit at some point. People told me that to learn to fly a single bladed helicopter needs to be done with an instructor guess they were wrong.
All I need is my will,a Helicopter to practice with and a simulator.

Daughters sweet 16 “Things to get together”

Was shopping around for some party stuff yesterday and today for Jessica’s 16th Birthday.
My neighbors and I help each other out so one of them gave me outside speakers with wall mounts.
So I decided to hang them outside by the pool.
Went to RadioShack to get a A-B speaker switch box since my Home theatre system has all of the mounts full of speakers.They wanted an outrageous $50.00 for a 4 way speaker switch box!
Nope not spending $50 for a switch box that’s just insane.
So I have an old 800mhz laptop I figured I would trade up in a pawn shop for a 2 channel stereo receiver well that did not work I decided against that.
On the way down the road I see a GoodWill and say lets just stop there see if they have an old Receiver we can buy sure as shit enough on the shelf is a 100watt surround Sound Pioneer receiver for a price that was absolutely nuts $4.03 yep not a typo people must have walked by it thinking that at $4 it must not work. 
Bring her home and sure enough the think works awesomely no issues at all.
Now my pool side stereo setup is complete!!!!! I can now swim and fly my RC’s with some kick ass music blasting while I slam beers and scream at the top of my lungs to talk to people near me:) ISFH!!!!!!
Speakers & Mounts= $0
100 ft Speaker wire =$6.29
Pioneer 200W SS Receiver= $4.03
Wire wall brackets=$2.35
My time/labor=Priceless
Total – my labor= $12.67
How cool I am= To cool for the average mind to comprehend
And…………the $4.00… 200 Watt Surround Sound Receiver on top you will notice my super fly Creative 30gb Xvid/MP3 Player another one of my to cool for you gadgets.
Went to Kmart and Sears when you apply for a credit card at K-mart and get approved you get $10 off first purchase so I got some things I needed like tooth paste and some other needed item’s that came to $9 and change after doing the CC I got for free:)
Then went to Sears had the wife get a Sears card same as K-Mart they give $15 free if approved for a CC ended up getting Guitar Hero Aerosmith for $4 and change:) 
Don’t need the Credit and will probably never use it again but for a free $25 why not can pay the $5 I owe them and rip em up.
The Visa Credit Cards are for both Sears and K-Mart using Citi Bank or HSBC Bank.

RC’s Of all sorts

Since the wife’s been sick on my free time I been flying my RC’s again.
I have my heavily mixed/modified Esky Honeybee/Walkera Dragonfly 4-1/Exceed Falcon 40 with some Blade motors up and running.
Use Blade tail motors for the power,Exceed main motor for stability, Any blades on sale prefer plastic for this model. Servos are Esky, Canopy is Walkera, Head and main shaft I use Exceed. Tail blade any I can get for $2 or less:)
Anyhow have been practicing coming in hot AKA Fast and dragging tail to a complete hault and land.
Needless to say I have had some booboos:( Cracked the Head and Head holder after replacing it’s like flying a new Heli it’s smooth as hell with no more shake of death in a hover no less in FFF. FFF= Fast Forward Flight.
So I ordered a Wasp V3 it’s a 250 size belt driven with Brushless motor much faster than the current one I use . I ordered it last month was on back order just got confirmation it was shipped today:) 05/06/09 YAY! More head speed means better wind handling.
The new one I am awaiting on will handle better with the tail since I am going belt with a HH Gyro. HH=Head hold or Head lock.
Still a fun hobby although the hardest one to master as far as RC goes and costs quite a bit getting just the basics like hovering down pat. But once you get it down and learn it’s a great feeling not many can fly single rotor RC helicopters. I picked up a Plane it was so easy to fly it was a joke only landing a plane is funny.
RC cars enough said why bother I can drive a real one.
Although I was considering getting my son and I a Racing RC boat they look like a blast and fast as hell too!
at Bannana Hobby they have a 1:20 Huge 29" Apparition Offshore  RC Boat stock top speed 31 mph that’s brushed!
And starts at $49.90.. $67 shipped RTR. Ready to Run all equipment is included.
We live by a fresh water lake it would be fun for the family to do something like this because flying helicopters is very hard to pickup and do as a family.
And my new 250 Wasp V3 Belt Drive R/C Helicopter
I would love to get either a Exceed-RC Mini Spark 4 or Walkera Mini 2.4 GHZ 4#3A  these are single rotor palm Helicopters.
Would like to trade my Honeybee FP heavily modified w/ Carbon fiber frame and Xtreme 380 brushed motor and 2 canopys and Xtreme 8 degree and 10 degee wood blades plus many more spare parts for either of the 2 Helis I listed.
Anyone interested please reply.

New Games/Addons
Ratings are from Gamestop for Windows/PC versions.
Left 4 Dead has new Free Downloadable content survival mode on Steam or for the Xbox360 people DLC.  Score:8.5
Velvet Assassin Score: 7.5
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Score: 7.0
Chronicles Of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena w/Escape from Butcher Bay using the new Athena engine it looks much better than the 2004 version. Score: 7.0
The Last Remnant RPG Using Unreal3 engine Score: 8.0
Cryostasis: The Sleep Of Reason Score: 8.0