The Walking Dead game Part2 releases for PC today:-) 06/29/2012

Finally after almost 2 months the release day has arrived. Actually probably a few days longer than 2 months.  Xbox Live got it yesterday so those who purchased the monthly episodes can get it or if you already have it probably have beaten it.

It’s a 5 episode game so what i’m thinking is they waited the extra month to release episode 2 so the last episode releases on month that the 3rd season begins on AMC. “Speculation on my part not factual in any way”. I really enjoyed episode 1 and am very happy I made the whopping $24.99 payment to Steam for all 5 episodes. Episode 2 should become available after 1PM eastern time. Telltale games have not stated a specific time but have heard will release on PC when they get into work which is pacific time. I do not know thier buisness hours but know they are pacific time.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier released on Steam the 27th of this month. I have it on PC & 360 if your PC has a Geforce 560 or better with a quad core CPU and 8 gigs of memory I highly suggest the PC version over the 360 version. It looks pertty awesome in DX11 and 1080 resolution. And the frame rate is much better as well very smooth . The day after GR: Future Soldier released a game from 2K games released named Spec Ops: The Line it’s another soldier game like GR. I tried it for the 1st 5 minutes it seemed pretty good will be getting into that after beating Future Soldier.


13:40 Update: Walking Dead Episode 2 released on Steam at 1 PM eastern time.

Mr.Samson aka:Sammy is getting alot healthier.

Even after a few months he’s getting more and more healthy. His Muscle mass is building and he is much happier.

He’s adapted great although the kitty has pushed him a bit too much he growled at her last night. Hope she stops being mean to him because he is gentle but noone can be picked on for to long before lashing out. Staffs are great family dogs regardless of the negative press the breed gets. He is loving,playful and absolutely adores our children. I’ve grown attached to him in a short period I love him very much.

Today we played frisbee which we stopped playing for awhile because his dew claw was swollen and hanging out. We need to get his dew claws removed as soon as possible. Our grass is thick so when he was running and jumping for the frisbee the grass would catch it and it would bleed after playing.

Pictures of my bud getting healthier everyday:-)



Great places to shop.

If you enjoy working on electronics and stuff like that. Always visit Thrift Stores Goodwill,Salvation Army,Vietnam Vets, Hospice and i’m sure there are plenty more.

I collect Laserdiscs yes those old over sized CD like looking discs that play on both sides. Even have a VCR with a few select tapes. You can find items of all sorts that may be worth alot more than you think or the Thrift shopes know. Also can get TV’s or PC’s and other electronics that are not in workking order for free or the cost of a few dollars that require some TLC ..well mostly some slight repairs. Yesterday on our grocery day shopping I noticed a Hospice Thrift Shop instantly the Wife and I went in.

Found a mid end VCR fully functioning for only $8 only missing the remote nothing a universal can not remedy;-) Yep, I still like VCRs.  Yes, I own a Bluray player but I love the old hardware some of it is amazing. I work from home and we only have 1 phone line which is always taken up by my work. We all have cell phones but it’s good to have a landline functioning. Always wanted a MagicJack low and behold there was one in the package un touched for a whole $5 now I have 2 lines in the house very handy.

As we were leaving my wife found a 7″ LCD picture frame new w/remote for $10 the frame retail starts at $50 and up to $109.99.

My total savings was=

Magic Jack: Cost -$5  Retail- $25

Pandigital 7″  LCD Photo Frame: Cost-$10 Retail-$50  Using the lowest cost I could find online.

Panasonic VCR PV-V4021 Cost-$8  Retail-$65 again cheapest pricing found online

For a total savings of!!! =$132  If I wanted to sell all 3 items I could make a very good profit.

So shopping at thrift stores is great if you run an Ebay page or like to repair electronics either way you can’t go wrong. These stores are great for old antiques and collectibles not just electronics.

Feedback is always welcome :-)

I try and post things that help others. Whether it’s a TV repair or Tablet fixes..etc..etc I do this so people that may not have alot of $$ can fix thier things for free or very low cost. Plus it’s always good to learn something new.

What i’m getting at is if there’s anything you wanna add to my posting please leave a reply let me know. I will use these suggestions to add more helpful things and spread the word so new people in need of a quick or cheap fix can get it all on this blog. Better to have 1 blog/site with multiple fixes for all types of items than having to search google and visit 10-15 different sites and 100 pages.

If anyone has something they have fixed or hacked please add reply I will post the details of the hack or fix once I can verify the hack/fix is legit. And I will ofcourse give you credit for the fix/hack or procedure.

Thanks to those who keep up on my blog and reply to post! Great to hear how it worked out for you even if you ran into issues all replys are approved. Unless they reply is vulgar.

Max Payne 3 PC version & Max Payne 1 for Cell phones!?

Every once in awhile I like to drop my opinion on video games. While I do have all the consoles I prefer PC gaming over them any day. Sure the Gimmicky Kinect and Wii can be fun and I do enjoy some games on them like Tiger Woods. Not only is PC’s a few generations ahead of consoles graphically but love the personal feeling you get from gaming on a PC.  Wife hates my bins full of old consoles I just can’t get rid of them;-) Plus no one would pay for the Super Nintendo what I paid over 20 years ago.

My friend calls me a Graphics  It’s hard not to love the fact that you can customize almost everything on your PC. Consoles lack that and are just a standard piece of equipment after the newness wears off every game looks the same. Consoles just can’t be adjusted as far as grapics go it’s fixed hardware.

Back to Max Payne Rockstars 1st Max outting. Original Max Payne was a Remedy game & DirectX 8’s outting that showed off the PC’s muscle in early 2001.” Later released on original Xbox” DirectX 8 was a huge leap forward in graphics. We’ve come far only 11 years later and the Original Max Payne is released for Ipad & Iphones. Android version is on it’s way was delayed but it will support Tegra 2 & 3 devices.  Playing Max Payne 1 in full glory on a cell phone never imagined it.” But I will be playing it.”

I don’t do in detail reviews i’m not a reviewer just state how I like it and what bothers me.

Having own & played both versions of Max 3 on 360 and PC I may compare between them here and there.  To start with if you want to see Max Payne 3 in full detail you will need a quad core cpu or better with a minimum of 8gbs of system memory with a Geforce 560 or ATI equal or better to run at full detail 1920×1080. The 560 doesn’t have enough memory to enable MXAA but you can enable FXAA which can be set at low,med,high or extra high the 560ti EVGA OC version can crank the FXAA to very high.

What is FXAA :

FXAA is effectively the console alternative of MSAA (the x2, x4, x8 options) It uses less resources, but can have the effect of more blurring of the image. MSAA and FXAA both work in different ways, so both can be used together, but it is not really necessary as the average user will not notice the difference. If you are limited on resources, turn off MSAA totally and only use FXAA.

Be prepared Max Payne is story driven and it has a whole lot of cut scenes that can not be skipped. It’s great to make people watch the cutscenes to keep up on the story. But if you die in  an area that just left a cut scene you have to watch it all over again. Hopefully a patch will fix this.

Graphically Max Payne 3 looks amazing maxed out using DirectX 11 w/Tesselation. Good news is Max Paynes options are awesome the game alows you to use DX9, 10, 10.1 or 11. There’s PC only games that don’t offer such a great amount of changes. I’ve seen people say this is a console port. IT IS NOT A PORT by any means Max3 takes full advantage of your video cards hardware weather you have a DX9 or 10 card you will push it using the technology your Vcard supports.

Action wise when a cutscene isn’t going and your playing it is fun as all hell. Bullet Time still isn’t boring and they added some extras in there as well like your dying breath kill shot. If your going down and you can take the opponent out as your dropping it will heal you up so you can get into your Bullet Ballet against your opponents. There’s times when it’s slows down and can see bullets breaking wind “Matrix Style” and holes going through baddies heads or faces great stuff.

There are times you will die often in the same place it can get frustrating but it’s so much fun to play you really forget about that area you had to do over and over again before getting it right. It teaches you how to dance and do the Bullet Ballet:_) I saw someone call it that and it stuck with me.   Sometimes Max over explaining things out loud can be annoying but it really fits the Noire type story line that originally made the 1st Max so amazing.

Using the mouse to aim is always a treat I prefer it over a controller any day. With that said the control seems sluggish at default settings I set mouse speed up to 7.

All in all I really have enjoyed playing Max Payne 3

Graphics= Amazing great design and art top notch. I want to say best Looking game of 2012 so far but with Battlefield 3 in the mix it’s hard to say for sure.

Gameplay= Can get annoying in some ares having to repeat cutscenes over and over again after dying. But Easily ignored from the great gameplay mechanics.

Sound= I have my PC connected to a Yamaha RX-V371-5.1 Surround Reciever it sounds amazing. I can’t give an honest opinion on sound for regular PC speakers but have heard sound is stellar regardless.

Multiplayer=Can’t say I probably will never kick on the Multiplayer portion. Max Payne is story driven I question why they added muli.

The story is solid I have not beaten it yet but am close. The story has kept me sucked in. Voice acting is solid as well. That’s one nice thing about not exiting cutscenes is people will have to watch and listen this can be a good thing that way. But once youve seen it they should allow esc to escape watching a cutscene you may have already watched 6x.

Price point for PC is $59.99 on Steam same as console version I still feel PC Digital versions should be $20 less.  To bad most developers and publishers don’t see it like I do.

Not going to add photos there are plenty circling the nets.

oby Kyros MID8024 New Rom update Gingerbread w/ HoneyComb Interface

Haven’t updated any of our tablets so started a few days ago.

Was using  CFW – Nefarious-Bread – MID8024 for quite some time. But decided it was time to Try some new options. Ultimately I am staying with CFW for MID7024 based on Alldro2 Gingerbread. The rom works 100% with the MID8024.

I tried using Volcano – Honeycomb 3.0 for Coby Kyros x024.  I removed quickly to many issues right now. It’s still an early beta. If you want to go ahead and try it here’s the latest beta version Volcano B1.3.

Flashing the Kyros is a very simple procedure the most important thing is to always make sure you are using a compatible rom. The ROMS I have links to here “for this post” are 100% working with the MID8024 I have personally used them on mine. When I say 100% working this means they are for the 8024 and should not brick your tablet. It doesn’t mean the ROM it self is perfect it may have some issues. Always flash at your own risk. My files are 100% scanned and clean. Regardless always scan what you download.  If you brick it don’t blame me because I had no issues flashing these exact ROMS to my Kyros.

Always backup your data if possible.

1-Format MicroSD card fat23.  “I suggest 4gb cards.”

2-Download the Custom ROM you want to use. Verify it will work on the Coby Kyros MID8024.

3-Unzip the Rom contents to it’s own folder copy all contents inside the folder to your freshly formatted FAT32 Micro SDCard.

4-Unmount the SDCard from your pc and insert the card into your Kyros MID8024. “Tablet should be fully charged and turned off when inserting the SDcard that has the new ROM your going to flash to it.”

5- Hold down the Power Button and the Home button at the same time until the Flashing software is seen it will be a few … with some writing about starting custom flash let go of the buttons once you see writing and… come up. It will automatically flash your ROM to the tablet do not push any buttons or turn it off in the process just wait for it to complete the process on it’s own. It will shut it self down once it completes once you make sure its completely shutdown then you can boot your Tablet up with the new custom ROM you want:-)

The ROM I am using and like so far is CFW for MID7024 based on Alldro2 Gingerbread. Here’s the Rom .zip.

Here’s what’s been added to the latest version of Alldro2:  ChangeLog 1.3 -Added Xbox gamepad driver (needs testers) -More accurate SD partitioning code (before partitions were created about 1 MiB larger than they’re supposed to be) -Added USE_EXTSD option in ROM.inf -Compiled latest stable busybox (1.19.3)

It’s Gingerbread but has Honeycomb interface it’s smooth and haven’t had any app issues yet. I also have not installed all the apps I use yet so some may not be working. Let me know what doesn’t work for you.

Good Luck and enjoy!

The 2 ROMS listed were not made by me. The link to thank the people who do these ROMS can be found here..  and here for Volcano  The links aren’t direct to the people who made these ROMS but at these links you should be able to get the info on those who made these great ROMS possible for our aging Tablets.

Here is what the Rom files from the Aldro Rom should look like on the formatted SDCard:

Click on Picture for better clarity.

Gtablet w/ Ice Cream Sandwich Instructions posted w/rom & needed tools.

If you plan on doing the ICS flash read this whole page a few times to get an understanding of the process.

About a week back I went ahead and did the ICS flash.  It’s quite stable using 1.2Beta fixed. It’s much smoother  & responsive than the new stock setup I used prior. I did lose a few apps like HBOGo,MAXGo,HuluPlus and a few others. But all else seems solid HD Video, Games and other things are in working order. Only game that gave me an issue is ShadowGun it renders fine but touch controls still not working requires a PS3 Controller connected to it.

ICS Rom:

What Works:

  • WIFI
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Sleep!
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors
  • Sound
  • USB/MTP (If you plug in USB while your tablet is asleep you will have a SOD)
  • Capacitive Buttons
  • Hardware Buttons
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Proper SD Card Mounts
  • HD Videos

What’s NOT Working:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Possible ROM Slowdowns
  • HDMI Video

The what’s not working isn’t all that much of a loss for me I never used my camera & never use HDMI. Mic is no issue for me as well. Personally I have not experienced any ROM slowdowns.

To do this succesfully you must and I say must do it exactly as I have or you will run into some major issues. If your gtablet has bad secors they can not be fixed it will be a bad install. You will know right away if you do it will not write to multiple sectors. If this happens i’d suggest using another rom non ICS. Yes there is a work around for this issue but I will not cover that. If you feel you want to take that chance you will have to google it & do your own foot work. Personally if I had bad sectros I would not have continued with work around and would have went back to old backed up data. ICS is large it’s not as small as the older revisions and will require a 2045/0 Partition and 1.2 kernel is a must no way around this. If you don’t understand this keep reading I will post as detailed as possible. If I miss something let me know.

1st if your tablet is already flashed with a custom rom back up your system using CWM then copy your backup to your PC. This is incase you have to go back to your original setup. You will find the backup in your Tablet it will be located where you backed it up at InternalSD or externalSD folder named: CklocklWork Mod/Backup copy the backup folder to your PC this has your  Backed up System in it. This tutorial is best for those who already use a Custom Rom.

Now once you have that done regardless if your in 1.2 or 1.1 you will be using NVFlash to make 100% sure the partion is correct. I will supply the full NVFlash with everything needed all you’ll have to do is unzip it and click on the .bat.


If you don’t know how to use NVFlash:

Turn on your gtab and go into CWM by pressing the power button and volume + and hold .Not Vol -.Vol- brings you to backup/restore. Then connect to PC using USB cable. This will be how to get your Gtablet ready for flashing. Refer to this when I get to the part when you will be using NVFlash.

Note: If you have never used NVFlash there are other steps required to use it please visit

Flashing your GTablet to TeamDRH ICS  “I had no part in making this rom I take 0 credit I am not in TeamDRH”  All credit goes to TeamDRH for the ICS Rom they made this possible not me. Thank them by donating visit thier home page @

This is the first part of the flashing process:

1st=On the Main CWM Menu, select ”Wipe data/factory reset” & press home to execute

2nd=Select “Yes — delete all user data”

3rd=Select “Wipe cache partition“

4th=Select “Yes – Wipe Cache”

5th=Select “advanced” and then “Partition SD Card” & execute (Answer 2048 to the first and 0 to the second option.

6th=Wait a bit be patient the last part takes a bit. Once completed go back to CWM main list and powerdown.

Second part of the flashing process.   All files I link are from me and same ones used to flash my Gtablet. They are clean and virus free fully scanned. Still scan all files you download regardless.

Download this File:

Link above is the ICS rom leave this zipped. “DO NOT UNZIP”

Also download : This will need to be unzipped this is the Full NVFlash that will drop a clean 1.2 Stock rom on your Gtablet.

Take this step anyhow even if you are already on 1.2 and did the 1st step. All 1.1 users you have to do this as well more so important to do than users on 1.2.

Once you have downloaded both links unzip the Full Stock NVFlash zip.

It’s time to NVFlash to Stock 1.2 follow the NVFlash step above before the 1st step. after you have NVflashed with the file I provided make sure to boot all the way into the stock Android. CWM and 1.2. & partition 2048/0 is already done with this stock rom you flashed using NVFlash.

Once you have let it fully go into the newly flashed stock 1.2 rom shutdown.

Next hold your power and Vol- Button to get you into CWM CWM=ClockWorkMod. Once in CWM repeat step 1 I know its repetitive but doing it this way gave me a easy 1st time install no issues. I’ve seen others try using only step 1 and end up with major issues.

Once your done with redoing part 1 of the process for the 2nd time again turn on your Gtablet once it’s fully booted up connect your Gtablet to your PC and copy over the ICS rom which I have linked above. Do not unzip the Rom I linked copy and paste it into main directory on your GTablet as is.

Disconnect USB cable after you have copied the ICS Rom onto your Gtablet and shut it down.

You will need to reboot into CWM holding Power button and VOL- at same time you will then boot into CWM.

Once in CWM in main menu scroll down to install zip from SDcard scroll down until you see the ICS rom select to install it. Be patient it’s a large install compared to other roms so sit back wait for it to complete. If you see sectors failing to write go back to begining of post to flash back to stock using the backup I suggested you made before attempting this.

Once its completed installing go back to main menu in CWM and select reboot and wait for 1st boot into ICS. Then put in your Google info and start using ICS on your GTablet 🙂 1st boot in may take time be patient.

There is no need for Gappz download it will give you an option when installing ICS to install with Google apps or without.  I’d select with.

Flashing your hardware is always a risk. Do not blame me if you bungle it or it locks up and requires a hard reset. This has never happened to me but when modifying anything you risk having major problems. If you break it please don’t post saying that I botched your Tablet up! These steps worked 100% for me because I did it exactly. And I also have technical knowlege if you have none get someone that does to help you. Always doing some extra homework prior to following my steps is a great idea. GOOD LUCK!

If any links are not working please let me know @ or just comment on the post you are attempting to download from.

Thank You.

Here’s a few of my Favorite TegraII games:!%202%20HD%203.0.3.apk