True anothers trash is anothers treasure.

I always tell my wife or her to tell her father to grab any LCD/Plasma TV’s/PC monitors or Stereos and PC sometimes depends on type before I even bother with it. I take them and repair them then sell them. Majority of the time it costs me $2-$5 to repair a TV or monitor. Last television I worked on was a 32″ Plasma only cost me an hours work and $4 in capacitors to repair it actually last TV was a 58″ HDTV Projector tossed because it lost it’s brightness what most don’t know is Projector TV’s require yearly maintenance which is cleaning the tubes and mirrors & back screen only takes 2 hours work and restores Picture quality & brightness. Last night my wife was helping her friend throw Sunday papers and she found a full 5.1, 5-Disc DVD Player w/ Surround Speakers. Figured would cost me a few $$ to repair popped it on only thing it needs is speaker wires. They are custom connections for them but I know how to fix that tested all channels are working and plays DVD’s no problem even burnt DVD’s.

It’s true another persons trash can be another person treasure:-) Like even better when only requires me to sell it and not dump any cash or time into it.

5.1 Surround Sound
5.1 Surround Sound

It isn’t top of the line it’s a Home Theater in the box surround system. And since it is a box set they always require custom fitted wire ends. This was no exception every speaker requires a customized plug in. There’s a way to fix without paying $25 a wire. I’ve verified all channels work so now just have to get the parts to make custom ends for the receiver.

Sony 5.1HTR Custom wire