Gtablet Back to Stock w/ a few modifications

Last night While working and waiting for the Vita to hit Walmart shelves I decided to try the new Gtablet 1.2 Stock FW that was released a few weeks back.

After Using NVFlash to get it back to 1.2 stock I went ahead and accepted the OTA update from Viewsonic. I also have NVFlash setup to Flash stock with latest CWM intact. Unfortunately you can’t update to latest Stock or any stock update using CWM. Full Stock setup is required to apply the Viewsonic OTA update.

If your Gtablet is on 1.1 and you want to move to 1.2 to try the method I listed  you will need to use NVFlash to upgrade from 1.1 – 1.2. Now you may ask how do I use NVFlash?! Well lucky you there is a great site you can go to and here it is:

Good luck to all and remember you are always taking a risk by flashing your tablet but luckily with NVFlash it’s nearly impossible to fully brick your awesome Gtablet:-) “Yes I LOVE me Gtablet”

After applying Viewsonics latest  Update (1.2- 5699) which from what I read is based off the TNT Rom I went ahead and installed CWM for G-Tablet 1.2 roms  [I used gtab.cwm.3028.1.2.branch.rev5]  Download here:

Once in Stock you will no longer have Marketplace which is rough. Luckily there is a fix for this as well and no need for full root. Must Have CWM installed 1st before doing the Gapps fix which I added a link right here in this post. This fix worked for me without issue but please keep in mind even though the Gtablets are the same in hardware we all install different apps which can easily cause issues.  To do this extract the gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100 copy and paste the and recovery folder to the root of the Gtablets internal storage. “1st delete the &recovery folder from internal storage where you’ll be replacing it with the gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100”

Shutdown then restart holding the power button & Vol up at same time this brings you into CWM install update from there. For safety clear cache and dalvik cache along with factory wipe as well. Here’s the Gapps workaround (gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100) Download here:

The links I provided have all been scanned with my computer using Avast up to date virus definitions I also used these same tools on my Gtablet I linked for you to use. CWM and the Gapps enhancement update .zip was not created by me I take no credit for these wonderful apps that the awesome Gtablet community provides free of charge! prior to this update I was never able to get Shadowgun running properly with the latest Viewsonic Update and using CWM w/ Gapps enhancement pack it runs 100% awesome no missing textures or water running it is fully being rendered using your Tegra 2 device!


Responds much better it is like using a Custom Rom atleast as far as snappy it is anyhow.

Gained some apps finallly! ShadowGun working!

Netflix working, HBOgo, MaxGo-Working, w/Gapps Market works and almost get full apps. Search google there is a fix if you feel it’s missing something on marketplace.

Google Voice working,Dubgeon Defenders 2nd wave,World Of goo,Samurai Showdown,Angry Birds all versions 100% working!

ES File Explorer,Tegrazone,Advanced task mgr,my movie pro also working. I have not done much more testing but so far I am very pleased with Viewsonics Stock FW it fixed alot and made the interface very smooth and fast.

Those who aren’t interested in using custom roms or those that are tired of instability and loss of certain stuff like hardware acceleration when using custom romsthen this may be the answer for you at this point i’m quite happy with the new stock FW with Gapps and CWM. I have no intention of going to another custom rom unless HW accelleration is fixed and ICS is no longer in alpha stage.

Playstation Vita Release date Today :) 02/22/2012

Well the PS Vita is the very 1st handheld to ever catch my eye and make me want to spend my hard earned $$ on.

I did purchase the DS & DSi and won a PSP in a raffle which I traded for a PC later down the road. Then Bought my Son one for X-Mas it’s what he wanted.

The DSi’s were gifts to my daughter and I got them for super cheap from a friend spankin new in the box. I’ve never been much impressed with handhelds. Today there is a whole lot more competition for Handheld game systems form Nintendo & Sony with Iphones,Android Tablets & cell phones and let’s not forget the over priced Ipad 1 or 2.

I do have a Gtablet 10.1″ Android w/ Tegra hardware:) And also carry a HTC 4G cell phone so why was I so interested in the Vita? Well simply put it’s a dedicated handheld that has PS3 graphics and talks to the PS3 when they are both on.

At first glance of the new Vita I was simply amazed it feels great in your hands has 2 analog sticks a D-pad and the Screen is a good size that does a decent resolution of 960×554 on a very colorful and sharp picture from the OLED screen it sports. PS Store is on it fully functional can download apps or games from either your PC or PS3 or from the Vita. And The back of the Vita is touchsensitive as well:) It has a solid 4 -Core CPU “Cortex-A9” in it. My Desktop has a quad! VERY COOL:)

Can purchase it as Wifi only for $249.99 or for $50 more can get the Wifi + 3G which at this point the 3G is for AT&T only. “If Sprint had been in the cards I would have spent the extra $50”. Of course it has tilt sensitve like todays Tablets have And does have Blutooth as well. So far have only installed Netflix there is not much in the App store at this time but from what I understand it will change quickly. Also Have heard that you will be able to play yopur PS3 games on it from the PS3 after a software update that may ot may not be coming. But I do think this will happen only because Nintendo is already on that with thier new console coming late this year. Sony would surely like to get that to market 1st.

The Vita has no built in drive for storage and of course Sony wasn’t going to allow regular Micro SD Cards to be compatible so you have to buy a Sony card made for the Vits I believe at this time they have 4gb,8gb &16GB I ended up getting to Walmart at around 1:15 and all the cards were gone except the 4GB one I got what was there some storage is better than none. The Vita is limited on initial release most stores only got 8-10 per store. Walmart only had 3-Wifi +3g and 2-Wifi only handhelds left.

Only game I purchased at this time is Uncharted Golden Abyss I am a super fan of the Uncharted series. Some review sites give it a 8.0 others 7.0 because of the controls. I did not find it awkward or hard to play Uncharted on it. While some of the controls are gimmicky because Devs are trying to make use of tilt and touch screen. Still find the game to be a good experience and the graphics are bar none the best i’ve ever seen on a handheld system and that includes any game on Ipad2 or Android using Tegra 2 or 3. It really does look damn close to the PS3 version if not exact.

I haven’t put much time into the new Uncharted so I can’t say how good the story line is but from what I did play i’m not disappointed:-)

In my opinion it’s great and would recommend. But not everyone will like it…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . Also looking forward to see if it hacks well.

Update 02/23 : When I wrote this I really didn’t speak about the User interface the Vita has.  The interface is not like the PSP or PS3 the 2 of them are very similar the Vita is setup as a touch interface using icons that are round “bubble like” The touch sensitive back of course does not effect the user interface at all.

There is the normal icons like settings that allow you to update & of course set language, time and things of that nature. I haven’t found a calibrate screen in settings this would be a welcome feature touch is not off or anything it seems to be accurate but shit happens one day it may need calibration.

Here’s the list of bubble Icons you will see on 1st start up. Welcome Park,Party,PS Store,near,Friends,Group messaging,Trophies,Photos,Browser,Music,Videos,Remote play,Content manager,Maps,settings. Most of the Bubbles icons are self exlanatory so I won’t comment on those.

Welcome park is an app that has a few different small tutorials that use each of the Vitas functions like tilt  ,Mic ,touch, camera’s 2 since there is a front facing cam and one on the back.

The one App I really thought was cool is the Near application. It pin points your location not exact but in the city nearest your point of location. If you clickon Out & about Touch Topping the charts and it will show you what other Vita players are playing in your local city. It finds other players and shows the game they are playing or have played and shows you how far away they are and stuff pretty cool feature.

Near is a location apllication that lets you know what others play it may be a bit more than that i’ve only touched the surface of the near app. There is a web browser installed as well it does not support Flash no such luck:( To zoom in on web page it’s like a tablet use 2 fingers and move them apart and it will zoom in so it’s easier to read or view pictures on the web page.  Content manager basically is for connecting to a PC or your Playstation 3 to transfer downloads or videos between them to your Vita. That’s about it as far as pre installed apps go. I’ve stated in my blog already that there is very little apps to download from the PS store for the vita. At this time there is only 3 apps Netflix,Flickr,Facebook,Live Tweet and options to buy  different covered warranties. In store there are a few demos ,some media which is mostly videos of in game footage and PS Vita launch video.

Alan Wake -PC Release date-Today 02/16/12 “About Time”

Today Alan Wake releases for all the PC gamers still out there.

Price=$29.99 on Steam and is also released retail at Gamestop and other online retailers. “Unlocks in Steam in approximately 2 hours”  That’s 13:00 Eastern time 02/16.

Announced I beleive at CES 2005 for the 360 & PC only to have the PC version scrapped later on. Microsoft used some lame excuse that some games were meant to be played on a couch?  WTF does that mean?  I always assumed it was gamers preference where they chose to play.

Remedy’s response was not the same as M$ but unfortunately they were most likely stuck in a 2 year exclusive contract with M$ for the 360 version. Fast Forward January 2012 2 years after 360 release Remedy announces Feburary release date for PC at a great price point with all the DLC included and of course better detail and resolutions. And those who are hating Games for Windows Live. Remedy is self publishing the game so Live is NOT attached to the title for PC. Personally Live doesn’t bother me I’d have got it for PC if it was attached. I disagree with M$ lame excuses and surely dislike thier so called participation in the PC gaming alliance. A joke in it self.

I went for a hard copy and have installed and played a bit with Alan and It does look alot better on PC you can see they did have this developed for PC long ago the Detail set at max 8xAA ,16xAF everything maxed with vSync on runs smooth as butter. It is a 2 year old game and may likely explain the reason it runs so smoothly. But It really does look and play great so far.  I’ve played the 360 version and can say using Mouse & Keyboard works well I find the response of the mouse is quick 360 version didn’t move as quickly.

Although I played 360 version to finish i’m going to take the time to complete the PC version.

I was going to post comparison screens but there are more than enough of those on every other page so why bother.

Here;s a link to PC gamer doing comparison shots for those interested:

Update 02/21/2012 18:26 Eastern Time: From Remedy Alan Wake was #1 in Sales this past weekend on Steam and broke even in under 48 hours:) That’s great! I did my share and purchased Alan Wake on Steam. If you like the game and happened to do a test run by getting it through Bittorrent do the right thing and buy it it’s only $29.99 not over priced like the rest at $59.99.

Remedy CEO Msg to thank all Fans on PC.

This was taken from Steam forums and was NOT originally posted here.

“First of all, apologies, as I don’t post here nearly as often as I should! Fortunately, my wonderful colleagues keep this space alive and stay in dialogue with you, the fans (tips hat to Mikki, Markus, Peter Pap, AJ and Co.)
So what brings me here now? Well, I came to work this morning to see and hear about the unbelievable success of the PC version of Alan Wake. WTF!!! It was #1 on Steam this weekend! That’s a big deal. And this time, instead of crawling into the small space in the corner of my office to weep tears of joy (that same space I generally use for weeping over things I can’t affect) I instead decided to be a little more productive and say something to you guys, from me and on behalf of my team, about how we feel.
We made it a priority to create the best PC version of the game we possibly could, as opposed to a sloppy port we ourselves would hate to play, and judging by the amount of encouragement and positive feedback that has been pouring in, that’s really paid off! Rest assured that we are still listening to your requests and will maintain efforts to make necessary updates to the build now that it’s been released.
So as you well know, just before last weekend we finally managed to release Alan Wake on PC. The response has been quite overwhelming, despite the fact that it took time to get it in the hands of gamers. (Yes, we remember your initial excitement, we remember your petition… and I remember spending time in that same corner mentioned earlier.) Those that have followed us over the 18 years we have been making games will know our heritage in PC and PC gaming. We have always wanted to do a PC version of Alan Wake and with the go-ahead and blessing from Microsoft we started to work hard on creating a version that PC gamers deserve.
So I want to thank our team for all the effort they put into this, I want to thank our partner Nitro Games for development help and doing a lot of the heavy lifting, and I want to thank Microsoft for their support with the original Alan Wake and for their blessing to self-publish this title, which we appreciate a lot. But most of all I’m here to just plain and simply thank all of you. Without you and your continued support we wouldn’t be the company we are today, and we wouldn’t be able to come to work every day to create the story-driven experiences we love. This is our job, but entertaining you is our passion!
We’re a small company and all this means a lot to us.I speak on behalf of everyone at Remedy when I say that we are very thankful and humbled by your overwhelmingly response.
Cheers guys! Matias – CEO
P.s oh well, now I went and got myself all emotional! I may just pop over to that corner after all… “

T-Rex 500E possible change up.

Have been flying 450 size RC Helicopters for quite a few years now. Haven’t flown in about 4-5 months mostly because the 450 needed some work not anything serious just needed some adjustments and stuff.

Although I did replace my head assembly with a Blue C&C model/make I usually use Gun metal but at time of purchase only blue was available. To the point Brought it up for a few minutes only to realize I have much out grown this size helicopter I need larger.

Found a shop in California that is selling the Align T-Rex 500E for only $475 shipped while it’s only one step up in size & lacks any serious C&C that’s pretty much needed for aggressive flying. It’s a good start into a larger size Heli and I can always upgrade the parts as I go. Started with same type setup for my 450 as I grew in skill I replaced the parts.

Found this shop in California If everything arrives and in good shape i’ll make sure to post and verify shipping time & quality.


  • Length:840mm
  • Height:310mm
  • Main Blade Length:425mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:970mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter:200mm
  • Motor Ponion Gear:13T
  • Main Drive Gear:162T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:145T
  • Tail Drive Gear:31T
  • Drive Gear Ratio:1:12.46:4.68
  • Weight(w/o power system):980g
  • Flying Weight:Approx 1700g
  • Color carton:48.3×18.7×9.8cm
  • Outer carton:58x50x42cm ,12sets/ctn

Package comes with Motor, 3 metal geared servos,1-Tail servo,ESC,Pinion 13t,Head Locking Gyro for under $500 pretty good deal. Found a Futaba 6channel radio w/rx for $189 great price can program up to 15 models on this radio will be able to stop using different Radios for each Helicopter.

Would like to go 700 Nitro I’m ready to go there but unfortunately my pocket isn’t. Looked into 600 Elec or Nitro and flybarless prices just aren’t there yet i’ll wait another 3 years flying a 500 then I’ll move to a 700 or larger Nitro.