Windows 10 latest insider build. And Windows gaming

Major change in experience from prior post regarding Windows 10. All good very pleased today to report my personal experience.
Prior to the last Windows Insider update fast track build gaming performance was not up to speed when compared to Windows 7, 8/8.1. Noticed framerate issues across the board on all newer/latest games on RTM release of Windows 10.
Latest Insider build “Fast” : Build 10525 which stated changes Updated color options, memory management improvements and I’m sure a few other tweeks.
And there was one more update after this build not 100% sure exactly what changes were made. Will look into this a bit more later.
I use a Radeon R9 290x graphics card which also had updated beta drivers AMD Catalyst™ 15.8 Beta Driver released on the 1st of September .

Games I played at max resolution 2560×1080 full detail. AA set low and Super sampling set to lowest on Windows 7/8.1. Played smooth but not pushed to full detail in options offered in game.
Example Crysis 3, Ryse Son Of Rome, Batman Arkham Knight.
These same setting on Windows 10 RTM were almost unplayable major slowdown micro stuttering and even occasional lockups.
After Latest Insider update Build 10525 “fast” combined with AMD’s latest Beta drivers Catalyst™ 15.8 Not only will they play smoothly on old settings I can now crank up AA, Super sampling at full detail and resolution and get better framerates.

Amazing! If you prefer gaming on a PC over a console this is a really nice push from all parties to support the PC gaming community. If things continue to improve like this. Windows gaming will be on top again in no time. Keep it up!!

Side note: Batman Arkham Knight was riddled with issues on release and as of yesterday September 3rd they released a patch to rectify issues. So the improvement and quality of this game is only due to games patch.
Game released on June 23, 2015 and patch released September 03, 2015. Game was in such bad shape they actually pulled sales of it on PC days after release.
Before saying WOW! I’ll not buy that game you may want to reconsider while it had some issues on launch the game is amazing. In my opinion it’s best of series.