MAn this thing is awesome I was speachless when I opened the box….small tear:(
Take a look at the difference in size I put the 300 I used to fly next to my new Belt-CP 450 size heli.
In the box:)Belt-CP Boxed new on 0327
Next to the Falcon 40
Belt-CP next to the Falcon 4o Honestly this Pic does it no Justice.
Well I got it Thursday Night when I posted this Pic unfortunately after inspection the post that holds the Canopy on was broken:( Friday after battery charge brought out for flight was making funny noises could not spot a broken part anywhere at closer inspection I realised that the paint on the Blade was peeled which explained the strange noise well when I tried to peel it half the paint came off the blade it looks like shit! Needless to say I looked and made sure gyro was activated it is but continues to just spin I could not fly this so I went to X-Heli forums and they were nice enough to send a new one out asap which was really cool of Andy there at X-Heli unfortunately this incident has caused a replacement and no longer has any warranty on the new heli that arrives:(
Also the Falcon posted with this will be off in the mail for I have traded it with someone on the X-Heli forums we have spoke via MSN messenger and email seems like a nice guy hopefully I get this mailed to him this morning if I can get there on time anyhow.

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