Sold my 2 Fixed Pitch Hel;icopters

I put my 2 Fixed Pitch helicopters up on Ebay to purchase a larger Helicopter.
Which was ok because keeping maintenance on 3 helicopters is quite expensive decided to only keep 2 instead.
I have kept my 400 size helicopter but guess what the motor blew right after I put up my other helis I did get the new motor but something went very wrong on the chopper after adding new motor.I plugged in the battery and it went full throttle and chopped the hell outa both my arms needless to say since it was a new one they did give me a RMA. So had 3 helicopters one down and sold 2 leaves me 0:(
Guess I wait until the new one arrives next week hopefully they get me the one I sent on RMA back around the same time as my new one.
The new helicopter will be much better for outdoors due to being quuite larger than a 300( 20-21 inches) scale model it will be much more stable and it also is belt driven which is better on response and one less motor running the R/C Helicopter. It is a 450 ( 27-33 inches) class. The Belt -CP which is the model I ordered is 30 inches in length and had a blade diameter of 33 inches.
Plus it uses a brushless motor and instead of a 4 in1 it has dedicated parts for Gyro and reciever.
Here’s the one I purchased:)
Esky Belt-CP 
Here’s a shot of the belt tail and other key parts that make this helicopter a great upgrade from a 300 size fixed pitch.
Belt-CP Tail

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