Ohh What Fun!

Yesterday I logged onto my PC like any other day except I noticed that my Steam app did not launch and normally it is set to auto login.
So I pop in my pass which I have been using for the last month and it no longer works! Yikes! So I sent off for password retreival and only comes back with I did not answer secret question right.
I have had Steam since beta and never had any issues until yesterday. Anyhow I send off a ticket to Steam which never gets responded to even after 24hrs unreal what terrible customer service.
Now I go to the forums and again my password there is botched as well I again send for a password retreival and 5 minutes later i get a new one. Post and get a reply that I probably have been hijacked.WTF! so I scanned my PC looking for any type of trojan or key logger nothing at all PC is clean as a whistle.
So I go to the account hijacking procedure knowing it has not been hijacked  follow the 200 step process "Sarcasm" and waited…. 24hrs later still no reply.
This morning I try again to answer my secret question thinking very hard what I could have put there almost 5 years ago. And bam It resets my password.
Moral of the story is if you have Steam with many games and it gets botched up and you loose access to it you are screwed thier customer service is terrible.
They have VAC which bans cheaters and they state that if this happens when someone hijacks your account they can not un-ban you. I laugh seriously this crap would be non issue if they responded to the complaints within a reasonable time…Not 2-4 working days!!! this was stated by Steam about thier response time 2-4 working days!!! Not hours fucking days.
I have been playing with my Blackberry Pearl what a cool phone:) Added Opera Mini browser,Text reader,Word reader,Even Pac-Man that uses the phones track ball.
Also had to update Java in order for some pages to work properly,Still no Flash support but word is out that RIM is in development of FLASH support that will be great when it happens.
These are all free apps:
BBNotePad1.1.0Beta  http://www.coolove.pcriot.com/
Free apps GPS,Weather..etc..etc http://www.squidoo.com/blackberryapps

Cleaned Desk

Cleaned my desk up some. Removed all the extra computers from under my desk most of them are PC’s I have worked on for people that they have abandoned because they needed mainboards or CPU’s and they did not want to pay for them to be fixed. Which is good because I gut them for parts and bad because I end up with so many towers.
My neigbor upgraded to a newer desk and gave me his old one so I used it in my garage and setup in there so when I work on computers they can stay out there instead of piled in my bedroom.
So this is what it looks like 🙂  messy out there but better than in my bedroom.
Built a pc from spares to use in garage for when I work on computers it’s a fine old box P3 1ghz, 1gig PC 133 sdram,XPPro,40 gig SCSI Raid 0. Not to bad for a few left overs! 


Finished some X-mas shopping today:)
My son wanted Gears of War 2 for xmas I thought cool what do ya know I come home today after shopping and the 360 started the RRoD!!!
This is my luck only can crap like this happen to me on a normal basis if there is a fucking with no lube coming it is always me that gets picked.
I can live with it really but just really crappy for my son.
Some is good though my wife got me a Blackberry for X-mas that is Awesome! My Jenny! she is to good to me:) She let me get it early but she got me something else won’t let me open until xmas morning.
She upped my phone package so I can have unlimited Inet and texting.
Our solution to the 360 is to rent one until the unit is repaired and returned from M$.
Gotta wait for them to send the box with shipping before I return it so looks like atleast a month until it’s repaired. 

Slayer Noblest Blood COOL!:) November release???

Length: 78.23 min
Country: USA

1. Aggressive Perfector (Reign In Blood bonus track) (2:30)
2. Criminally Insane [Remix] (Reign In Blood bonus track) (3:17)
3. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [Iron Butterfly] (Less Then Zero OST) (3:16)
4. Seasons In The Abyss [Alternative Mix] (6:37)
5. Disorder w/Ice-T [Exploited] (Judgement Night OST) (4:56)
6. Witching Hour w/Rob Flynn [Live] (2:59)
7. Sick Boy [G.B.H.] (Undisputed Attitude japanese version) (2:14)
8. Memories Of Tomorrow [Suicidal Tendencies] (Undisputed Attitude japanese bonus track) (0:53)
9. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) w/Atari Teenage Riot (Spawn OST) (4:16)
10. Human Disease (Bride of Chucky OST) (4:20)
11. Unguarded Instinct (Diabolus In Musica japanese version) (3:44)
12. Wicked (Diabolus In Musica japanese version) (6:03)
13. Hand of Doom [Black Sabbath] (Nativity in Black II Tribute to Black Sabbath) (5:15)
14. Addict (God Hates Us All japanese version) (3:41)
15. Scarstruck (God Hates Us All japanese version) (3:31)
16. Born To Be Wild [Steppenwolf] (NASCAR on Fox: Crank It Up) (3:04)
17. Cult [Radio Version] (4:40)
18. Jihad [Radio Version] (3:32)
19. Black Serenade [Alternate Version] (Christ Illusion japanese version) (2:58)
20. Final Six (Christ Illusion japanese version) (4:10)
21. Psychopathy Red (new song) (2:27)

Unsure if release was last month or not.

Neighborhood punks

Lately some teens in my neigborhood seem to think carrying around Bow & Arrows and shooting them is cool.
About a week ago several of them (juveniles) were walking past my home 2 had the Bows and arrows.
I said guys that stuff is for camping/Hunting with adult supervision there is to many children in this area and someone can be harmed or killed with those weapons.
Needless to say they mumbled some shit under thier breath and continued down the street.
Fast forward to Sunday Nov 30th I look out the back window and children are shooting these steel tipped arrows in the air and they are coming in my back yard where my chuldren play and my family dog stays outside for excersise.
I walked out back and said ok this is 2x and I am calling the Police which I did the officer said nothing they can do she spoke to the parents and they said it would be taken care of.
Forward again to Friday Dec 5th some teenager approaches my 7 year old son and says hey come over here between the houses and he did not thankfully but a few minutes after that I hear the child say more arrows are in your back yard!
Ok, I snapped I went out there and told those little fucks I  will break thier fucking necks and thier bows if I see them walking down the road I am taking that shit right from them and putting my foot up thier asses! If one of my kids get hit with an arrow they better run for thier lives thier mommy, daddy, police will not be able to stop me from what I would do to them!

More pulled from blog:(

Appears that even after being down for awhile taking off Pics that were unacceptable they have also pulled my skydrive folders and replaced with Pictures of thier approval.
WOW They have an issue with everything I do on here! They say rules are made for order.  I say rules are made to be bent!
I don’t have an issue with authority I only have an issue with freedom of choice and speech being taken from me. It falls under my never sign a damn thing you don’t agree with because once you sign it that becomes a binding and legal contract.
Which brings me back to WHY THE HELL DID I AGREE TO THIS CONTRACT!!!!!
Example back in 2001 I was pulled over and was accused of drinking and driving I disagreed!
Finally after 10 minutes of arguing they gave me the normal sobriety tests which I passed the officer then gets mad imponds my car and expects me to write and sign a paper in that explains what I did wrong! In my mind I did absolutely nothing wrong except speak my mind last I checked that was part of being american I can say what ever I want to who ever I want.
So I told the officer to take that paper and shove it where the sun don’t shine! I refused to sign that crap.
Needless to say the officer which I am sure beats his wife and children and was picked on in school used what power he has now the badge to charge me with every thing he could muster Resisting arrest it totaled 8 charges. I went to court and spanked him right in front of the judge only to watch his face in disbeleif that the lame charges he tried to make stick only got tossed out of court and had to make an appology in court in front of his fellow wife beaters.
So anyone that says you have to do something is sadly mistaken we live in the USA and freedom to tell some inferiority complexed asshole is not against the law "Even if he hold a badge and gun they are NOT always right! 9/11 is a good example of people in power that seriously fucked up. And no one has the right to make you sign anything you disagree with.
I should mention I had 1 more court case with this asshole for a cop a few months later he ended up eating pavement somewhere in Clearwater and died what goes around comes around.
Everyone that does wrong to others will get thiers in the end and that is satisfying enough for me.

New Games For Windows Live

Last month M$ released the new G4WL dashboard which was windows friendly instead of console display.
And worked in game only something that was supposed to be fixed to a desktop application.
and Marketplace was mia from the release as well.
Anyhow M$ slipped in the new update quietly still under GFWL redist 2.0.
This installer has the Desktop application so you no longer have to access the dashboard when in game it can be done on your desktop Marketplace is included.
It shows all Xbox360 games as well as your GFWL games.
There is not much in the marketplace for PC except the Viva Pinata Demo.
M$ plans on adding downloadable content and Movies and full game releases.
And of course the new GFWL is no longer a pay service it is free on the PC. Xbox 360 still requires a gold account for full access to online games and newly released demos.