Bitrates Bluray,DVD & Streaming or downloaded HDVideo

Alot of people pay extra for HDVideo streams or downloads. You may be suprised but  after watching multiple sources and monitoring bitrates that the   HDvideo is superbit DVD bitrate at most and most others are streaming not much better than a DVD video.

A DVD streams at a max of 10mbps but realtime playing you will only see 5-7mbps and the audio on DVD streams at 448kbps.

The best Downloaded HDvideo I purchased scored between 7-10mbps and the audio was at 664kbps. This is only slightly better than the Superbit DVD of Panic Room I viewed. Keep in mind the HDVideo Bitrate was not a solid 7 or 10Mbps like the superbit dvd was I found the bitrate to drop down to the 800kbps and a few times dropped to 600kbps. A SuperBit DVD is pretty much what it says it’s better quality becuase of the higher bit rate this was canned after HD-DVD and Blu-Ray hit the market I only have 1 SuperBit DVD….Every once in awhile you can find these SuperBit DVD’s on a Walmart shelf.

I then viewed a Xvid encoded video that was ripped from a Blu-Ray disc this scored Audio- 381kbps Video-457kbps-2.2mbps

Point of this blog is to look at this before spending the extra harddrive space or the extra $$ for a HDvideo that really isn’t High Definition.

Keep in mind sometimes higher resolution doesn’t mean better image quality especially if the bitrates are no better than DVD video. Here’s the rates I marked.

DVD Video- Sound-448Kbps Video- 5-7Mbps  this is a fluctuating mark the reason for 5-7Mbps.

SuperBit DVD-Sound-755kbps Video 5.7-8.0Mbps

Xvid-Sound-381Kbps Video-457Kbps-2.2Mbps

Downloaded HDVideo Sound-668Kbps Video-7-10Mbps/ 7-8mbps being the most steady

Blu-Ray-Sound-4Mbps Video-20-40Mbps/20-30Mbps being most steady.

What really got me was the SuperBit DVD sound was much more superior compared to the HDVideos I watched. Clarity and loudness couldn’t be matched to the SuperBit only source that outshined SuperBit DVD was a BluRay video look at the numbers they speak for themselves. There is tricks that can be done to improve picture quality with less bitrates same with sound but in all no one can deny that more bps is going to have the better picture in the end.

Same can be said there’s no difference between Dolby Digital and DTS but when I listen DTS just sounds more crisp.

Great place to review pretty much every Blu-Ray released. Check it out

iXtreme LTPlus v1.1 released today 12/12

The new iXtreme Lite Touch Plus 1.1 was released today with a few fixes.

Xbox 1 game support Dual Layer Disc only..Still no 4gig disc support at this time.

Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)

And imporoved pfi support.

Grab your new iXtreme Lite Touch Plus v1.1

Official release of C4E’s iXtreme LT+ v1.1
– Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
– xbox 1 backup support (iXtreme compatible, DVD9 only)
– improved pfi support

Official release of C4E’s iXtreme LT+
– Supports Benq and Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
– Optimized PFI code to accommodate AP25 SS data
– Defeats current AP25 protection
– Protects console from logging AP25 violation
– Full disc stealth used by default
– Waveless booting, disc images are assumed to be correct!
– Split-Vid used as default

If booting an AP25 title without AP25 SS game will not boot but will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 2.0.12611.0
If LT+ encounters an unknown AP25 challenge, game will not boot but console will still be protected from logging AP25 violation on current dash 2.0.12611.0

AP25 SS are region specific for region locked games (Current Example NFS: Hot Pursuit is both PAL and NTSC – 2 different AP25 Patches)

If you boot the AP25 titles without LT+ you will probably be flagged for a ban.

You cannot spoof a different model drive as that can now be detected. With this release of LT+ you HAVE to have an original Benq or Liteon.

LT+ for slim 9504 is next followed by LT+ for slim 0225

Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
Thanks go to Team Xecuter for their generous support and input to this project.

Update 1/4/11: Hitachi drives now have thier iXtreme LT Plus Firmware ready for download. 

Playstation 3 Media Player

The PS3 is turning into a home entertainment media server/player.
Now with Netflix and Hulu installable along with PSMedia server your PS3 can pretty much play anything.

Have tested out Hulu & Netflix and the PSMedia server.
NetFlix on Playstation 3 is great it fully supports streaming video and HD streaming as well.
The user interface in Netflix is great no need to go to PC and set movies in queue just launch Netflix and play your favorite movies in standard and HD if the movie supports it.

While it’s not without it’s quirks like a $9.99 mnth subscription or purchasing a yearly subscription of the Playsation service and then you don’t have to pay for Hulu.
You get standard video resolution that streams pretty decent every once in awhile there will be a skip or studder in the video.
The first show you watch will have approximately 3 minutes of commercials. But after the 1st show is completed and you start to watch a 2nd I noticed that the commercials were shorter instead of 2-1 minute commercials and 1 30 second commercial it was just 3-30 second commercials.
All in all I think buying the Playstation service by the year for Hulu alone is worth it’s weight.

PSmedia server:
Free to download and it allows your PS3 to stream videos from your network.
You can also use windows media for your media server but the PSmedia server is much better and if you have a Mac you can use this app as well 🙂
Streaming wise it’s very smooth you can stream any codec you wish and it will be very good did not notice any slow down or studddering when watching a .mkv 720p copy of Iron Man 2.
Also plays standard resolution video smoothly and clearly. Xvid,Divx and many others.

There are other apps for the PS3 like MLB channel and they have plans for googleTv in the future.
With the great Blu-Ray player that is still ranking highly on the quality side & support for many cool applications the Playstation 3 may still be in peoples entertainment center long after the other consoles have been replaced with the next generation of consoles.

Not to mention the Uncharted series these games are simply GREAT! Uncharted 1 was incredible then to have Uncharted 2 be as good if not better was an amazing feat other developers usually fail at.

With Uncharted 3 :Drake’s Deception announced another great reason the PS3 has held onand I beleive will continue to do so.

Watch SpikeTv tonight at 8PM eastern time for the VGA Awards show there will be a 2 minute Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception trailer unveiled.