Best KODI plugins

The plugins I will list here are what I feel are the best plugins available.
There are many plugins available- for me to say I’ve tried every one of them would be an out right lie.
With that said should also mention that some of these plugins are considered pirate streaming.
KODI does not endorse these plugins nor condone the use of them. Only use the plugins that fit you.
So you now understand that these plugins are not supported by KODI and that KODI was NOT made for pirating TV or movies and you use some of these plugins at your own risk.
Meaning if you run into issues with these plugins KODI homepage/forums is not a support page for these plugins so DO NOT go there looking and asking!
The Plug- ins in RED are considered pirate streaming. Next to the plug-in name will be names of repositories that are needed to use that plugin.

There are different types of plugins located in the repositories you install. They are listed under Video add-ons, Information Providers, Lyrics, Add-On Repository, Picture add-ons, Program add-ons, PVR Clients, Services, Music Add-ons and quite a few others.

The ones I most use and search through are Video add-ons, Music add-ons, Program Add-ons & Services.
Most content I will post will be of the Video add-ons category variety.
Best bet on installing these plug-ins without issue is to install as many repositories as possible.
SuperRepo, Fusion, Zeus, Xfinity once these are in make sure to install every repo listed in each of these.
Go here to follow procedure on how to install these repositories.

Video Add-ons:
Genesis-   install Fusion, SuperRepo  then install lambda Add-on Watch Older to latest television and movies. Quality of video can be poor to 1080. Expect average quality regularly.
Exodus- Install Fusion then go into video addon and install exodus. -Same as Genesis except Exodus is the upgraded version of the application Genesis.
Pheonix- Install Fusion then repository xbmchub This app performs same as Genesis and Exodus except it is different in the way it categorizes. Give it a try Video quality on Pheonix is usually Average to 1080.
USTV NOW -SuperRepo then install USTV NOW. This is a legit application video quality is average to HD.
1-Channel –This is same as Genesis, Exodus & Pheonix. Except this will have more older television and movies available to watch. Still has latest TV and movies as well. Expect video quality to be poor to DVD.

ABC Family- As listed watch ABC family programming.
ABC iView
EarthCam -This is one cool app check out video feed from camera’s all over the world.
Hallmark Channel
HD Trailers
Howard Stern- Love Stern? This allows you to stream yesterdays show and once in a while can listen live as well.
IMDb Trailers
Sports Devil –This app allows you to watch any sports game around the world. Must have for people who love to watch sports.

USTV VOD- Video on Demand US broadcasts another legit app for streaming television. Expect quality to be average to HD. My experience has been good video quality is always high.

Program Add-ons:
Addon Installer
Advanced Launcher- For Windows/Kodi based setup.- This is great allows you to integrate Windows games right into KODI and also other executables.
Artist Slideshow
ArtWork Downloader
Global Search
Maintenance Tool
MCE Remote- For remote control config. No Remote control you no need! Need this to customize your remote.
ROM Collection Browser- This is marked red due to some of the copyright laws that still exist for some game roms or .iso’s available.- Allows you to install and use emulators in KODI. Supports MAME, NES,Snes,N64, Nintendo Wii, Dreamcast, PlayStation 1 & 2 and many others. Why not make your Home theater PC a multiplatform gaming system as well? I play Wii games on my HTPC here and there myself love New Super Mario & Punch Out!!

In the future will add a procedure on installing emulators and using ROM Collection Browser.

USTV VOD Library auto update
XBMC Library Auto Update This is great when you add music and Movies to your collection it will always auto update the latest ones you add.

Music Add-ons:
Apple iTunes Podcasts
iHeart Radio- This application speaks for it self:-)
ABC Radio National
Metal Video

Only one to install for this and is great if you like to read lyrics when listening to music on your HTPC.
CU LRC Lyrics




KODI Jarvis 16.1 RC2 Released

Team KODI/XBMC has released latest Jarvis 16.1 Release candidate #2.
RC versions are generally stable but always use your best judgement if unsure install on a test box.

Me personally I use the RC versions.
You can grab it up at the KODI site here .
Or feel free to grab from my Dropbox account here . It is virus free but as always scan anything you download from the internets. Even if it’s direct from site.
I use the windows.exe so this is what is available for download on the Dropbox link.

Windows Media Center/KODI Remote

Not to be mistaken for a universal remote control.
Not everyone is willing to spend $65 or more on a remote.
But the remote I will be talking about is strictly for a Windows Media Center or KODI media center box. It is only intended for use with a HTPC. It’s not a universal remote.

I’m talking about the HP OEM Windows Media Center HTPC MCE PC RC6 IR Remote Control.

It’s not so much the remote that is so special it’s the  USB Infrared Receiver that is the real winner here.
And if you do decide on a kick ass Universal remote control later on this fine receiver will be just as kick ass on the Universal remote as it is with it’s default HP remote that comes with it.

HP Receiver box
The HP IR Receiver box.

The receiver box is a bit on the large side but can easily be tucked under a shelf or next to a component.
The upside to this box is you can pretty much point your remote anywhere and this box will pick up the command.
Biggest issue I have with any remote is when I have to point the remote right at the device it’s intended to control.
I think most people don’t like this issue one bit.

While it’s now a discontinued item. Does not mean it should be avoided as a matter a fact it really means pick up one or 2 or 4 before they can no longer be found on any retail site.

I used this remote on my living room HTPC before moving to the Harmony 1100. But I own 2 of them and still use them in my bedrooms for the HTPC boxes that are in them.
Can purchase the Remote and receiver for around $20 new and around $10 used if your okay with used items.
Here is a link to purchase them.

Out of the box they control both Windows Media Center and KODI.
KODI needs very few tweaks on remote for full control. But out of the box it controls 99% of KODI.
HP MCE remote control

How to install-update Kodibuntu

I have browsed the nets quite a bit and there really is not any solid procedure on how to install or update Kodibuntu. It’s very short and unexplained for people that are not tech savvy. And even if they are a little it’s not enough to understand what’s needed to do so.
The downloadable ISO is 14.0 and requires a manual update.
It is not like a Windows based Kodi Media setup in any way. You don’t just download the Kodi.exe double click it install and be done with it.
And Windows does allow for plug and play and the installing of recent video games if that’s your thing. It also has Windows Media Center from Windows Vista to Windows 7 which is great for PVR setup.
Kodibuntu does not require the horse power that is needed to run a Windows/Kodi based setup.
Although with HD video you will want at least 4gb of system memory and a 2.8ghz dual core CPU or better.

If you already have Kodibuntu installed and just want to get latest version of Kodi updated just jump to bottom of page where it says=Updating KODI

How to install Kodibuntu:

First you will need to download Kodibuntu here. You will see Kodi 16.0 under that you will see Kodibuntu x64 although download is showing under 16.0 it will be version 14.0.
If you need x86 Kodibuntu download here. This is also version 14.0 it is from my Dropbox account. I have used this myself and is virus free. But still make sure to scan it with your antivirus.

You can burn the .iso to a CD-R or make a bootable USB thumb drive or called a flash drive to install Kodibuntu.
I will be doing this procedure using the .iso burned to a CD-R.
If you are interested in using a thumb drive follow procedure here.”I will not help or answer questions regarding thumb drive install.”

After downloading the Koibuntu.iso  you can burn it to CD using free software called IMGBURN.
Download latest IMGBURN here. Install IMGBURN.
Run IMGBURN place blank CD-R in your Bluray/DVD/CDR burner.
Click on Write image file to disc at top you will see Source and under that will say please select a file.. click on the folder with the magnifying glass on the right of it.
select the kodibuntu.iso will be in location where you downloaded it to.
set burn speed to 4x and click the image to disc icon on bottom wait for burn to complete. If you can burn at 2x then do it. Slow burning is best don’t go over 4x burn speed.

Once burn is complete it’s install time.
insert burnt kodibuntu CD you created with IMGBURN into your computers CD/DVD/Bluray burner.
Make sure your HTPC is connected to internet by hardline. Don’t use wireless this will just cause other possible issues with connectivity.

You will want to boot from DVD/CD drive
At Kodibuntu install screen:
You will highlight 2nd option Install KODIbuntu and hit enter.

After you hit enter you may see garbled screen just wait you will see text start to appear in the mess. It’ll take 2-4 minutes before seeing the Welcome screen:
Select your preferred language and click on continue on the bottom left corner.
Next window:
click in box Download updates while installing. Click continue.
Next Window:
The computer I installed this on had Windows 7 installed previously so I selected Replace Windows 7 with Ubuntu.
If you have a clean hard drive NO previous operating system installed on it then you would select install Ubuntu only to hard drive.
Next Window-TimeZone:
Very simple select the time zone you are in and click on continue. If you don’t know your time zone use google to figure this out. Or just ask someone near by.
Next Window Keyboard layout:
I’m in the good ole USA so I use English (US) if your not sure what to use then click on Detect Keyboard layout at bottom right. Click continue.
Next Window Login info:
Can name your computer whatever you like but keep your password short and simple or make sure it’s one you will always remember. It’s very important you remember this info or updating Kodi to latest version will NOT happen!
Select login automatically then click continue.
Now you will see this window:
Kick back watch install to verify it goes without error.

Once install is complete reboot and you will notice that it’s an older version of Kodi version 14.0.
Once you are in and Kodi has loaded up it’s default Confluence skin you will see a pop-up that will say Version check 14.0 to 15.2 stable. Click okay but this will not update Kodi.

Updating KODI:

In KODI go to the Power icon on the bottom left. When the box pops up you will see 5-6 options EXIT, Power Off System, Custom Shutdown Timer, Suspend, Hibernate & Reboot.
You will click on EXIT.
After clicking EXIT you will be at a login screen.
This is where that username and password will be very important!
At top right select what you see in the picture I post under this “Select Lubuntu”:
Put your password in and login.
You will be brought to the desktop.
On the bottom left corner you will click on the far left Start icon.
Click on it and go to System tools then over to XTerm.
Picture below will show exactly where these options are:
Then click on Xterm and a command box will pop up on screen.
In the command box first command will be sudo apt-get update then hit enter on the keyboard
It will stop periodically and ask you to select Yes or No or “I” always select “Y” when it’s asks you to select yes or no just type “y” hit enter.
Important that commands are exactly as I listed minus the bolding of the letters:-)
After entering command you will be prompted for your administrator password. It is the one you created and I said to be sure and remember what it was. Enter the password hit Enter. Note: when entering your password in xterm it will not show up in the box it will be blank.
Wait for the packages to finish installing you will know it’s complete when you see your username and PC name like you first see when you start up Xterm.
Mine is at top of box and says aceofspades@HTPC3:”$

Now that the first command is complete you will now enter sudo apt-get upgrade
This package takes quite a bit of time to complete but you must sit with it and watch because it will stop 3-4x and ask you to select Yes or No or “I” again same as before always type “y” Hit enter.
Will know it’s complete when you see your username and PC name at bottom.
Once it has completed restart computer.
When it starts back up you will again login to the Ubuntu desktop and go into Xterm again.
Once command box is up type in sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Again will be asked Yes or No to continue select “y” hit enter.
Then a window will pop up for TVHeadEnd to create a username do so create a easy to remember user name.
Window will look like this:
Create your username then use your keyboard arrows to highlight OK and hit enter>
Another stop will ask Yes or no to continue select “y” then hit enter on keyboard.
Another TVheadEnd box will pop up:
Use your keyboard arrows to highlight OK hit enter on keyboard soon after or right after this it should be complete.
Restart PC when login screen pops up select logout and go to top right corner and select Kodi instead of Linbuntu put in your password and login.
Will now boot into Latest Kodi version.

Repeat this process whenever latest stable version of Kodi is released:-)
Good Luck! Hope this helps many people out there not so sure on how updating Kodibuntu works.

And now I go list one of my recently built Kodibuntu HTPC boxes on EBay:-) Which happens to be the same one I used for this fine installation/Update procedure.






The Harmony 1100 Universal Remote Control

Ordered the Harmony 1100 universal remote used on Ebay. It is a discontinued model like it’s sister remote The Logitech Harmony 1000. The 1000 came in the color silver and is basically same size as the 1100 but lacked a few features.
It came in the box with everything still wrapped in plastic except for the remote it self.
Has no exterior damage or scratches on the LCD screen. Is in amazing shape!
It did not have the USB cable included which was not an issue. Uses the older USB cell phone charge end.
Harmony USB cbale endjpg
When it was originally released sometime between 2009-2011 it retailed for $499.

Our living room setup uses a total of 8 devices 6 used regularly. Television: LG 60UF7700 UHD Smart TV, Pioneer Surround Receiver VSX830, Pioneer Laserdisc player CLD-V2400HTPC Using HP Media center IR, Cablebox: Samsung SMT-H4372, Sony Carousel CD player CDP- CX355, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3.   I listed the make models of hardware only to show that the Harmony 1100 programs latest models and old without any issues.

Programming this remote was very simple just follow the on screen prompts and you will be up and running without issues.
The only Device I have not got working is the Laserdisc player. It does not mean it will never work just means I have to drop some more time into it. Can download the 1000 software drivers here. Download 1100 drivers here.
Always right click on installer and run as administrator on Windows 7-Windows 10. I am using Logitech software revision  v7.x.

After installing software plug USB cable into the remote control and HTPC and click on setup devices or add devices.
Can also add favorite channels with network logo’s after setting up all your devices which is great. Can download all the network logo’s you need from .  Make sure to select the Harmony remote you have for selecting proper icons. Web page has them for Elite Ultimate-1100 and also for Nevo/XSight & TouchSquid. As well as region:-)

The 1100 is bigger than a standard remote control and square but not overly large to where it’s not comfortable. It’s fairly thin and I personally love that you can customize it to your liking.
You do have to look down at the remote to use the touch screen which may annoy some people if this is the case then  you would want something like the Harmony Ultimate One which has the color LCD panel and is shaped like a standard remote control.

I absolutely love this remote it controls my TV, HTPC, Receiver  & cable box without problems.
If your willing to risk spending anywhere from $100-$150 for a used remote then I whole heartedly suggest it.


Remote Controls

Reaching to change channels on the cable box or switch devices in our living room is sometimes out right annoying. Have 7-8 different remotes to look at when just adjusting the volume.
This has led me to decide it is time to get a solid universal remote control that can program more than 6 devices.

We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which has built in IR. Installing the app SURE which is free in Google Store allows you to program many devices. And while it does work it lacks the refine an actual remote control has. Most notably it’s size a 8″ remote really is not handy;-)
This tablet has been around a few years and can be purchased for around $90 and probably less on Ebay. If an 8″ remote doesn’t bother you $90-$100 for a remote that can program near unlimited devices is a great deal.
But there are great universal remotes from Logitech that start at $49 that can program from 5 devices and up depending on the model.

The average living room has a minimum of 3 devices Television, cable box, Bluray/DVD player. If this is all you will ever use in your living room then a standard universal remote will do. Since this page is about using a HTPC then chances are you have more than 3 devices that need a single remote control and need one to control your media center software like Kodi.
For me finding a universal that can still program a Laserdisc player has been a challenge.
The SURE app so far is the only app I have found to work.
And from looking so does the Logitech Harmony remotes from 650 model and up.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes:
Harmony 1000 (Discontinued by manufacturer) used starts at $90 Ebay. Replaces up to 15 separate remotes.
Harmony 1100  new starts at $250 Ebay. Replaces up to 15 remotes.

Harmony Elite New starts at $349.
Harmony Companion New starts at $149
Harmony Ultimate One New starts at $249
Harmony 650 New starts at $69 Lists 8 but reviews state 5.
Harmony 350 New starts at $49 up to 5 remotes

I have pushed this off for a long time now. Really did not want to spend money on a remote control especially if it would cost me a $100.
But looking at my coffee table in living room would convince anyone to just do it!
And there are 1-2 remotes that aren’t on top of the table.


Update 03/07/2016

After much reading and shopping around decided to go ahead and get the Logitech Harmony 1100. Was leaning towards the 1000 model but reviews said go for 1100 and I did.
Also was considering the Harmony Ultimate One this remote is a normal shaped remote control with the difference of a touch screen LCD panel.
But the price of the 1100 was less than the Harmony Ultimate One which left me with the simple choice. CHEAPER:-)

It seems like a hell of a remote with custom configuration.
Plus who doesn’t like a color touch screen? That supports TV icons!
Spending a $100 on a remote control wasn’t taken lightly. Took me 4-5 years of sifting through 7-8 remotes on the coffee table to finally decide on this.
That said the Universal Remote was retailed new for $499 back in 2010 or 2011 so getting at a $100 in the box with all paperwork and parts was a no brainer. Even if it’s discontinued by manufacturer.

My only concern about getting a LCD remote is everyone drops their remotes. Have seen posts stating drops haven’t cracked their screens. But it’s an LCD screen they crack eventually.
Harmony 1100