No smoking at all for me thank you:-) E-Cigs and side effects that made me quit earlier

After 28 years of smoking I no longer am smoking cigarettes or any other nicotine product. I had a 1 year quit plan I quit a little sooner
Partial thanks to E-Cig and my apparent allergy to either it’s liquid or metals from the cartomizer.
If you have read my blog before you know what device I was using to break the habit of cigarettes. If you haven’t I went to an electronic cigarette not the crappy big tobacco ones like Blu e-cig bottom line the e-cigs from big vendors are all junk and they will not help the majority of people that smoke a pack or more daily.
The blog posting is 2 down from this one.

What I am about to say will be contradictory because of the health issues the E-cig was causing me.
First let me say this the E-cig I was using is a little miracle device it really made the difference and allowed me to quit smoking pretty painlessly.
I seriously recommend the EVOD E-Cig to those who wish to break the nasty habit of smoking. It really works and several of my friends also went to the E-Cig and they are still using the E-Cig And have not touched a real cigarette since starting. DO NOT believe the bullshit BIG Tobacco is throwing around that 92% of people who buy these E-Cigs are still smoking! They are partially right the big outlet stores that sell the BLU E-cig and clones like it are crap I went back to smoking the same day I bought that brand and another clone like it. But using the E-Cig I posted in my blog I was not smoking at all.. Also don’t believe that E-Cigs are a safe method because that isn’t true either. There has been very little testing to confirm or deny that E-Cigs cause cancer or don’t or maybe worse.
Simple solution DO NOT use the E-Cig as a crutch or for cigarette replacement. Since the juices sold come without nicotine or in 24-6mg bottles. This means you can wean off nicotine without doing the old fashioned cold turkey method. And it works my friend was a 3 pack a day smoker he also hasn’t picked up a cigarette since moving to the EVOD style E-Cigs.
After cutting down on the E-Cig juice I put on a patch every other day. I am now on my 5th day have 0 cravings no cigarettes, No E-cigs, NO Patches! I am officially done I have no urge to smoke at all.

Now let me tell you the negative side effects of the E-Cig I got which doesn’t affect everyone but there are a lot of cases out there on forums that have had same issues I had. Mostly the acne I see reported most. My wife 4-5 friends and 7-8 people I’ve spoke with at the E-cig store all didn’t get any side effects. People at E-cig shops aren’t the most honest people so I can’t confirm them but my wife and friends I can.
Here are the issues that I got from the E-cig flaky skin on my face, especially inside the ears on the ear lobes and behind them, Dandruff got so bad it would bleed sometimes. Acne not the zit type that comes up you pop it it’s over no. It’s cystic acne where the infection grows inward so it never gets a white head just makes a huge lump full of infection on face and neck and is red as hell and are painful to the touch Seemed like I’d combat one infection with facial clensers and heat only to have 2 more appear the very next morning. Cysts behind the ears occurred as well very painful and they would seep puss but never go away. Some of the cystic acne was so bad they would be bigger than a quarter round and the lump was so large could see them when looking down with my eyes.
How do I know the E-cigs caused this? you may ask. Well 4-5 days after discontinuing the use of the E-Cig the acne started going away and flaky skin improved as well. And I don’t mean it was getting a bit better it was rapid. Within 7 days of stopping all the acne went away except 2 that were there for months they just recently went away. And a few of them caused damage to my skin and on my face so it’s bad news.

Was it worth it? Yes! But I will also note that I was using the E-Cig for 8 months. Think if you start reducing your nicotine and don’t go over 3 months then I doubt you will get these symptoms. I’m not a doctor it may occur faster on others so if you do go this route make a plan to try and quit with in 3-6 months time.

With all that said I strongly think all smokers should try this. I tried patches, cold turkey, gum & Chantix none of them worked for me.

All smokers out there if you are reading this and have questions just post them here I do not filter any comments or responses weather they are good or bad they get seen.

E-Cigarette Vivi-Nova Tanks & E-Cig Juice that breaks tanks.

My EVOD tank dumped yesterday. So I went ahead and purchased another Vivi-Nova tank.
I’ve used the standard EVOD tank also have used the ProTank and another tank not sure of brand.

Out of the few tanks I have used. The Vivi-Nova tank is my preferred tank.
Purchased the newest model and also decided to go with the smaller Vivi-Nova tank instead of the large tank which I purchased originally.
The tanks price was $14.95 it came with 3 coils compared to the EVOD standard tank that comes with 1-Coil and cost $9.95.
Wanted the smaller tank because the large Vivi-Nova tank takes a lot of juice to fill it up. And I don’t like my E-Cig juice festering for days.

Generic E-Cig tank
Generic E-Cig tank


Left: New Tank Smaller size Vivi-Nova. Right: Large Vivi-Nova tank.
Left: New Tank Smaller size Vivi-Nova.
Right: Large Vivi-Nova tank.

Standard EVOD Tanks
Standard EVOD Tanks

My preferred tanks

2-Standard EVOD
3-Generic Green tank
4-Pro Tank Note: Protank cracked from using a juice called Carousel.
Certain juices will crack plastic tanks be careful of the juices you use in plastic tanks.
I filled the tank with Carousel took first toke and the tank cracked draining the juice out and got in my mouth.
Have determined that there are some juices that will destroy tanks. When trying a new flavor use either a glass based tank or the standard EVOD tank.

I’m not sure how many other juices do this I do know it is bothersome. If the Vaped juice is breaking plastic tanks on first use what would this be doing to my lungs?
This didn’t just happen 1x I tried 2 other plastic based tanks and they also cracked and broke upon use of Carousel. My friend and his wife weren’t convinced I was correct so they went and tried Carousel juice in a plastic tank and theirs broke on use as well.
I tried all the tested tanks with 2 other flavors of juice prior to adding Carousel. Also tried a new generic plastic tank not used before and the Carousel juice broke it.

We will not use Carousel again in any tank.

Tried a few new E-cig batteries.

I’m going to talk about the 1st Spinner/Variable Voltage E-Cig battery I purchased. The VISION Spinner.
Very simple review this battery sucks! Every person I know has had to return the battery not once but up to 3-4 times. I went for my 2nd return and said no more I want a completely different battery that is not a VISION battery.
Seriously this battery is terrible it would go dead and when I put it on charge it would finish charging in less than 5 minutes. The sales lady at the E-Cig store I purchased it from said well even if it turns green right away still charge the battery for 4 hours. So I went ahead and did that the battery would go dead in under 5 hours I was charging it 3x daily.
I wouldn’t give this piece of junk to someone no less spend $35 for it.

So I then got the EVOD VV 1000Mah battery. It’s VV as in Variable Voltage not a W:-)
This battery lasts right around 24hours when smoking heavy. If your not a heavy smoker this would easily last a few days.
Plus the variable voltage is nice to have I like a strong hit and the variable batteries do that for me.
This battery locally costs $25 I would recommend this battery.

I use the standard EVOD tank on the EVOD VV battery.
Also have another tank which I do prefer over the EVOD tank. It’s the Vivi-Nova Tank.
The cartomizer is a bit different than the standard EVOD tank and does hit a lot harder than the EVOD tank as well.
The mouth piece is interchangeable as you can tell mine isn’t the stock mouth piece.
The Vivi-Nova tank can be purchased for $12-$15 can get cheaper online but after shipping it’s going to cost about the same to buy locally.
The cartomizers are same price as EVOD’s $10 for 5 of them. And if you are the build your own type then the Vivi-Nova will be even better for you.
I really like the Vivi-Nova it’s worth the $15.

Lastly I purchased iTaste 800Mah Variable Voltage battery.
This battery has a small digital reader on the front. It shows what Voltage,Wattage Ohm meter & Battery level indicator and even tells how many puffs you have taken.
When the button is green your charge is full Yellow=Warning Red means charge me!
I like this battery it’s become my favorite out of the 4 batteries I have.
This battery locally costs $40 i’m sure you can get it cheaper online somewhere.

Vivi-Nova Tank w/custom mouth piece.
Vivi-Nova Tank w/custom mouth piece.

Vivi-Nova Carto.
Vivi-Nova Carto.

EVOD Variable Voltage Battery
EVOD Variable Voltage Battery

VISION EGO Spinner-1200mah. Junk
VISION EGO Spinner-1200mah. Junk

iTaste Variable Voltage 800Mah battery.
iTaste Variable Voltage 800Mah battery.

It’s October Pitbull awareness month!

October is Pitbull awareness month and the 27th was Awareness day. I’ve always had American Staffordshire Terriers since I was a young lad. After having to give up my pup Killian in the mid-late 90’s I never wanted another dog again That was until my daughter found Sammy walking the streets. He had bite marks all over his face and was very thin and missing alot of hair on his back end and parts of his back. As it turned out a friend of ours had found him on the streets and took him in to help him but he ended up leaving there. And that’s when my daughter found him. It really is a small world.

The Pit breed of dogs are the most abused & mistreated of all dogs and the news loves a good story so we all hear how a pitbull has mauled a baby or killed someone. It leaves alot of people not liking them not because they have had one as a companion at one time but because the media will spin the pitbull attacks every chance they get. Even if the dog that attacked wasn’t a pitbull or Staffy just happened to look like one. Back in WWI the Staffordshire terrier was the poster dog of the day an all american hero that saved soldiers lives in combat.

From my own personal experience they are loving,playful and energetic as hell. The breed does require a certain type person to  have a well behaved Staffy. I’ve only had 1 staff that wasn’t fond of children and that was because she was raised as a show dog and mostly spent time in the kennel or with the trainer. She never bit a child but because of that persoanlity defect we decided she had to go back with the breeder that showed her in AKC competitions. Otherwise all of my buddys were awesome with my children and are the most loving dog i’ve ever owned. Everything they do is full throttle 100% play & love.

He’s beautiful




Sammy OldE Writing

Finally after many years of smoking I have decided to really try and kick the habit w/Chantix

Been smoking for 20+ years and am just tired of smoking. I don’t even enjoy smoking anymore a cigarette never tastes good and at almost $5 a pack here in Florida I’ll pass. I have better things to use my money on like helping my daughter get her 1st car and other things that are much more healthy to spend my cash on. And my health isn’t all that great would love to be able to be more active without passing out from my smokers lung.

1st day taking Chantix i’ve seen others that smoked for many years and Chantix helped them greatly they no longer smoke. I want to quit so that should help it along. I’ve heard of people getting depressed from it even suicide..I guess that means i’d still be quitting 😉 j/k .

Wish me luck!

On a serious note

Usually I only post about things of non-importance.
But I have decided to speak about my addiction to opiates which has been an ongoing fight for years now.
In 2005 I went into a methadone maintenance treatment facility and was there until mid to late 2007. I then went to a doctor for a lower dose which has been pretty good so far but I have decided to try and quit myself starting tomorrow Monday the 14th I will be posting my days here the good and the sick.
Most likely very sick.