Kodi “Jarvis” 16.0 RC-1 Eminence 2.0 Skin

Have been using XBMC now Kodi for around 3 years. And out of the many skins I have used I prefer Eminence over all others.

With the latest  Kodi RC-1-RC=Release Candidate the skin Eminence will half work for a bit after installing the latest Kodi.

Noticed some issues did arise after a bit so went and installed the beta of Eminence 2.0 while it isn’t finished I can use it.
It lacks the finesse of the full release that works for previous Kodi version 15.2.

Go ahead give it a try the beta is not in any repository as of yet. So will require a manual install and download.
It is 5-6 files that will need installed.