USBJailBreak for the Playstation 3

Purchased the USBJailbreak from on October 2nd 2010 arrived on November 05 2010 terrible shipping time. Waited so long that I even put in a dispute with Paypal for a refund of my money.

Bacically DO NOT order from this site ship times are not excuseable and the item is a str8 klone so I doubt any newer flashed updates for this USB stick will be achiveable. I could be wrong and am only speculating so please do not take this current statement as a true one.

It came in a small package and the USBthumb drive was packages in a plastcic case pretty well secured like a ring in a box if I were to compare it to something. For thos ethat have 0 computer skills do not expect any paperwork because it doesn’t cpme with any what so ever nor does it come with a serial of authentication=CLONE. What do I expect for a $25 and change purchase?

Have not tested any of the backups but did install backup-manager 1.1 and am ripping Dantes Inferno to the internal drive since at this time I do not have a 2tb extrenal HDD to use…this is a must for those that plan on using this because the games are huge and even the 250gb PS3 like the one I have is no where near enough spoace for ripping full games to. do not bother with anything less than 2tb I am warning you in advance.

After installing manager on PS3 and then installing Dantes Inferno my own legit copy tried to boot it and it judt frooze the screen  triex 3x more and still same outcome this game atleast is non-working.

Decided to visit thier homepage : and go ahead and look for a manual to go over  at this link :

And clicked on Click here for User’s Manual. only to be brought to a page that says :

“The page cannot be found

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Wow what great support and what a great piece of USB hardware LOL:)
Plan on looking further into this to maybe find a fix to all these issue from the so called just plug into PS3 USB port  intsall manager and back ups LOL so far not so good you may want to look else where and spend your hard earned money even $25 for a useless USB thumb drive is a bit much for nothing that can get you and a couple of buds a few 12 packs and a buzz playing games on a very working hacked Wii or 360:)

Here’s some pics of the 25$ ornament.

Update: After further testing it appears that if the game you plan on backing up has a update installed on the console you will need to uninstall that update prior to playing the game off the harddrive.

To clear the game update go to Game/Game data utility/ And delete the update for the game you have added to your internal or external drive when starting the game up it will then ask again to update be sure to decline if you accept the update will fail anyhow.

Hopefully after doing further invetigation I will find some updates that allow smoother use of the UsbBreak.