LG 50″HDTV 50LN5400 No picture With sound repair

Last week went outside to see neighbor throwing away a 50″ LED/LCD Television that appeared to be in excellent shape.
After asking if it was okay to take and observing the TV it was basically like new “Manufactured late 2014” with exception that it did not get a picture when the TV was powered on.
It powered on fine and even had sound just no picture.
First thing you do is try to force start it.
This requires you to press buttons on the TV at same time which in this case was pressing both the ok & Power button at the same time for about 15 -30 seconds then power off TV and restart if all is well the TV will then power up with picture & sound.
Every TV is different some require the remote and the TV buttons to do the force power up.
Read manufacturers info to get this combo. Some don’t offer the force power up option I know Vizio televisions do not. Atleast the Vizio’s I’ve worked on don’t there may be some that do.
If nothing changes after force power up you will need to go right into the TV and start checking currents.

If it does power on with picture. Look at the picture is it dim in some areas are there lines or any discoloration?
How long does the TV stay on? watch these things it helps with troubleshooting the issue or issues.
After this unplug from the wall wait 15 minutes plug back in and power on TV should be no picture with sound again. Grab a flash light or cell phone flash light works just fine.
With TV on hit the menu button on TV remote or the menu button on the TV and flash the light on the screen. Do you see the TV’s menu when you flash the light on screen?
If you do chances are you have some backlights blown out if you don’t see the TV menu you may have a LED driver issue or a Timing issue. ” These are common issues and are not always the cause”

Backlight replacement requires a complete breakdown of the television and requires moderate skill to repair. Mostly due to the LCD panel being so delicate if you crack this the TV is no longer affordable or worth repairing. Even cracking a tiny edge off will render the panel useless.

The LED backlights can be purchased in strips or if you have the skill and tools you can individually repair each LED on the strip.
How many LED’s are in a TV depends on type and size. There is full array lighting which is where the LEDs are from top to bottom. Edge lit LED TV’s is when the LED’s are only around the edge of the television and the light disperses across the panel to illuminate the center of the LCD panel.
There is also CCFL back lighting this was used mostly before LED became the next thing.
CCFL= Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting. These can also be replaced. I actually prefer CCFL it’s much brighter and with the right technology blacks can be almost as good as LED based televisions.

This is the TV forced on here

I did not see anything wrong with picture at this point. ” Looking at the picture now I can see one of the LEDs out on the  R1 strip.”
After testing it appeared that the Timing board was the issue it wasn’t it also had a bad LED on Strip R1.
looks like it caught fire!
I did not buy this TV I also do not have the right heating tools to replace individual LEDs.
there are 2 strips in each row total of 12 strips.
1 Strip costs $14.95 plus shipping the TV is 100% apart 1 light is bad chances are more will follow may as well replace them all.
can get all 12 strips for $64.95 plus shipping @  https://www.shopjimmy.com/
First order and get the replacement LED strips. Then carefully pull up old LED strips.

The LED strips new in package.

I used a small thin pocket knife to go under the strips and slowly pry up the strips.
make sure to disconnect the 1st strip after loosening and continue down until you get to the LED power connector board carefully pry and remove.

Add the new lights and place the cover and the lock picks.

Once that is complete then add the panels that go between the LEDs and the LCD panel.
These panels must stay in order so make sure you remove them together and replace them all together.
After these panels are added then place the plastic edge that locks the covers in place this clips on no screws are on this bezel.
Once you lock the 1st bezel down you then place the LCD panel on and add the metal casing that locks the LCD panel in place this will have screws be very careful not to force them on if you even crack a small piece of the LCD panel it’s all over. May as well just scrap it for parts.
Wear plastic gloves when handling the LCD panel if you do not have these then use micro fiber towels to handle it. Once the LCD panel is locked in place you should clean the screen.
Always use water ton a microfiber cloth to clean the screen also a microfiber to dry.
If screen is really bad and from a smokers home like this one was you can use Screen Clean it is ammonia & alcohol free.
As you can see this needed the screen clean.
Was nicotine stained badly when I tried using just water it actually got worse.
Had to use the screen clean agent on this one. Keep in mind smoking in your home cuts a lot of life off of today electronics. They are much more sensitive than the TV’s from the 70s’ -90s’.

Now that the screen is cleaned it’s time to connect the panel back to the timing board and verify that the TV is working.
If it powers on then turn it off unplug and pop the last plastic bezel on front of TV. Flip it over make sure nothing is under TV that can crack the screen and verify speakers are plugged in as well as other wires are in place and taped down.
Left side board-Mainboard  Center brown board-LCD Driver & Power supply Top covered with metal plate -Timing control board.

Once all wires are verified put the back of TV on and screw down and lastly install the stand.

Turn on and enjoy your under $100  50″ HDTV:-)
First time on TV is at default picture values. Set at ECO.

The LG 50LN5400 is not a smart TV it’s just a standard 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p 24hz/60hz with 120 Refresh.

Repairing the Wireless Gaming Receiver For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and PC windows

MS Wireless receiver

The Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for PC windows have a flaw they stop working after some time.
I had purchased 2 of them about 5 years or so back and they lasted probably 2 years then stopped working. I saved the broken adapters figuring 1 day I would attempt to repair well 2 years later and I have.
This seems to be an issue that everyone runs into with these adapters.

I like using a 360 controller on some PC games so when it went I was a bit disappointed.

What you will need to repair this is a low wattage Soldering Pen one from Radio Shack will do with a fine tip. Small screw drivers watch type preferred to remove the board and pry the receiver apart. A small pocket knife.


A wire that can be cut this is for the repair. Very thin wire needed.
A lighted magnifier to see the points on board to solder them unless you have really, really good eyes. Soldering experience if you don’t have that then do a few practice runs on some broken boards that have points about the same size that is on the Microsoft receiver.

First you will take the small flat head screw driver and start where the cord goes into the receiver and slowly pry around until the top pops off the board will then be exposed.

You can see where I started to pry this is where you will start to as well.

Here is the unit with the top off>
Take a look at the board there are 2 Philips head screws that hold the board down use the small watch Philips head to remove both screws and then lift the board out.

Once the board is out you will need the small wire stripped at the end make sure to add a thin coat of solder on the wire.

Flip the board over and look for F1 on the board circled red in picture with arrow pointing to it.
F1 board

If you look closely under F1 there are 2 solder points this is where you will solder the small wire to both points bridging them together. This is what will fix the receiver.
Once you complete the solder do not put back together right away plug into PC and verify it gets the green light and windows makes the sound that new hardware has been found.
Once you see the green light and hear Windows you have fixed your wireless controller receiver go ahead and put it back together.

Have fun using your wireless Xbox 360 controller on your PC games again. Why go spend $20+ on a generic receiver when you may have a Microsoft made one that can easily be repaired with a wire solder and a soldering pen and 10 minutes of your time.

Once soldered will look something like this. This is very sloppy on my part was my 1st attempt. Can tell it’s been some time since I’ve soldered anything. But it works.

Vizio VX42L Repair

Received this TV as repair. Issue when taken in no power wouldn’t turn on by remote or by hard panel button. “No picture or Sound”

Power cord was good and fuse was okay as well.
First place TV on a flat surface with a blanket underneath to protect screen from unwanted scratches. Also be sure there isn’t any screws or small objects on the surface your laying the TV down on. Missing a small screw or object can and most likely will result in cracking the LCD panel once this is done may as well toss the TV and/or pay customer for your mistake. The cost for panel is much more than just buying a new TV set. Especially if your repairing a 42″ or smaller.

Remove the back off television first remove the 8-screws that hold the stand on TV. Then there is about 20 more screws on back of the television after removing all of them use a plastic card or any non metal pry tool to pop the back off.  It’s small snap latches that hold back on after removing the screws.

This tool is perfect for popping the lock rivets. They are sold online can be used on tablets and cell phones as well. Cost $5 and will not damage the plastic around the TV set.
Once back is off the Power supply is in plain sight. Be sure to label the wires on right side it’s important that they be plugged back into correct slots.
Vizio vx42l PSU back off

Normally I would do some testing but this issue was heard. When turning on the TV could hear the PSU clicking. Which means the PSU is bad there are Repair Kits for Power Board and Inverter Boards but this cost is right at $30. May as well shop around and just buy the whole PSU which can start at $40 and go up to $65.

Old PSU looks nice but it is bad:-(
While sure you can save $10-$20 by purchasing the kit but remember more time means more labor costs so spending a bit more on whole PSU may save you from charging customer a few more hours labor. In the end could save or break even either way both you and the customer benefit.

Always make sure your grounded and be careful these power supply’s hold enough power to knock you to the coffin. If you don’t know much about these things get help or just pay someone to do it for you.

Finished product

Keep looking I may be taking in a Mitsubishi 60″ DLP HDTV. From what I was described as issue was white specks or stars. These can also be black as well. Means the mirrors are sticking and will require chip replacement. When I take it in I will go ahead and post details of issue and cost & repair.

Repairing the 42″ Olevia 242-T11 HDTV

Obtained this Television from a friend who got it from a customer that was throwing it away because it no longer powered on. If it did turn on it would just turn off & on repeatedly not getting a picture at all. After testing in different temperature environments I was able to get it to power on finally but the next day temp changed in the house and it would no longer power back on.

The main things to go over in power issues is taking the LCD ore Plasma TV apart and checking the Capacitors. Caps bulge and can leak when this happens this is most likely the cause of it to no longer power on or flicker.
The power board isn’t very large.

First thing to do is take the stand off bottom very simple only a few long screws. Should get help when removing this. Best way I found to remove the stand is to leave it standing up unscrew the bolts and have some one help lift the TV off the stand.
You have to have the stand loose all screws removed in order to remove the Speakers that are attached to bottom base of TV.
Once the Stand is loose it’s time to go ahead and unplug speaker wires and remove speakers from the TV. It’s only like 2-4 screws to remove the speakers. Save screws that are for speakers put in bag and tape to speakers.
Move stand away save the screws in a bag and tape to the stand. Place TV face down on a clean counter top. Make sure there is nothing on the surface a screw or hard item will crack the screen if you do that may as well toss it at that point. Repairing a screen isn’t worth it.

With the Television face down its time to pull all the screws that are holding the frame of TV together. There will be quite a few make sure you save all of them. Once all are removed you will need a hard thin flat plastic pry tool or thin knife to unlock the back. Start at top right or left of the TV once you pop the first one just gently slide knife along the crease until the next lock and give the knife a push & slight pry upwards that will pop the lock every time do this around the whole frame until you take the back off. Take your time don’t just pull it open make sure no wire harnesses are taped or attached to the back plate of TV.

Now the back panel of the LEDTV is off and mainboard is exposed. You will be removing the Powerboard.
You will be removing the 4 screws that are on each corner of the larger aluminum-plate. Also go ahead and remove the small plate as well 2-screws on that plate.
I went ahead and circled the 6-screws in total.

Marked screws olevia_psupply

Now that the Powerboard is out and the 2 plates are removed. Make sure to save the 6 screws you removed you will want to be putting the plates back on after repair is complete.
If you have a magnifying glass handy it will help. You will want to inspect the capacitors for buldging or leakage.
Circled is the capacitors you will want to look over.

Total of 10 capacitors to go over. All are circled in RED.
Total of 10 capacitors to go over. All are circled in RED.

You can also purchase a Ohm/capacitor tester. They cost anywhere from $50 & up.

If you don’t have one then you can look at capacitors by eye leakage or bulging capacitors are bad.
You can replace just the bad ones you see or you can just go ahead and replace every cap on the board 10-total.
If your not sure what a bad capacitor looks like these pictures will give you a good idea.

exploding caps

To remove capacitors you’ll need a Desoldering tool.
I purchased mine quite a few years back at Radio Shack for $14.99.

It's cheap but works perfect for cap removal.
It’s cheap but works perfect for cap removal.

First you will look and see uF and Voltage they are “This is when a magnifying glass will come in handy”. They will not all be the same. It’s important to always get the right Voltage and uF.
Radio shack will not have capacitors of these values. You must buy from a parts repair shop or online.
have paper and pen handy to write down the values to bring with you when you are buying locally.

Once you have the right capacitors in hand at home. It’s now time to remove the caps. Remove 1 capacitor at a time and replace. The capacitors have a plus and minus> Positive will have the longer leg. When in the board they are both cut so you must look at the cap before pulling it to identify the negative it will be on the side of capacitor. The board will also most likely label the positive or negative hole. It’s very important you do not reverse them. Just observe the caps when in the board you should be able to find on the cap and board where the positive and negative are.

Weather you decided to replace just the bad ones or all of them. It’s time to put the board back in and connect the wires to the power board.
I left the back off when I tested if it came on after repair. Just hold the tv up on the plastic part when powering up if it comes on you have repaired your television “congratulations!!”

Once you confirmed TV is repaired unplug from outlet and put the back on listen for the clicks that means the locks snapped in place. Go ahead and put all the screws back in. Put speakers & stand back on. If you mount is to wall then just put speakers on and mount.

Here is the Olevia 42″ 242-T11 working after repairing.



Happy New Year to all:-)
Hope this helps anyone out there who has this issue & Make /Model HDTV.
This kind of issue happens with all kinds of electronics. Keep your eye out.

Only issue still at hand is sound. Unfortunately the sound board is bad so have to use either a HT-Receiver or a sound bar for sound.

Dell N4010 Laptop repaired

Haven’t been feeling well last few days so I didn’t do any pictures to look at.

It is a fairly easy repair.

The new 14″ LED screen cost $74 at Amazon. Shop around maybe you can find a better deal.

Tools needed a small PC philips screw driver and that’s it seriosuly it’s not a bad full on laptops in pieces repair.

Step 1: Open the screen be sure to leave it leaning back a bit. Using your fingers lightly pull on the edge of the screen you may need a thin tweezer to squeeze between the screen and the outer plate of the laptop. The outer plate that covers the edges around the LCD screen just lightly pull it away from the LCD panel you should hear it click and feel some glue pulling away work your way around until the front bezel is completely removed.

Step 2: There are 2 screws at the top take those out one on the upper right and left. After taking those out there are 3 screws on the bottom of each corner that’s 6 in total. Don’t take those completely out just losen them up a bit so the LCD panel can pull away from the outer panel. Don’t pull it all the way out just pull it slightly out and on the inside edge of the LCD screen on both sidesUntil you see 3 small philips screws “Black” These screws are what holds the screen in remove all 6 screws “Black” 3 on each side.

Step 3: After the small black screws have been removed from the LCD frame. You can now slowly move the LCD panel face down on the Key board there is only one connector here and it’s for the monitor gently pull away the label from the connector at that point you will be able to gently pull the ribbon out and the LCD Screen will now be completely removed from your Dell.

Step 4: Reverse the process to put the new LCD/LED panel in.

Have some scotch tape only will need a small strip to put over the the label that went over the connector on the LCD/LED panel.

Tips: Before handling your new LCD/LED Panel. Make sure you are static free if you don’t have a wrist strap just touch the back of a power supply on a PC tower. Don’t work on carpet or be wearing that winter jacket;-).

Hope this helps others. It worked wonders for me better to spend $74 on a repair than to be charged a percentage on top of the retail panel cost & labor from over paid Tech at your local PC shop or worse yet from some corporate electronics store.



It’s terrible lighting and phone camera but as you can see it’s working again.

Vizio 32″ Plasma HDTV Repair Model:VP322

Neighbor gave me the 32″ Vizio because it no longer powered on. At that price I immediately went to work on it. After pulling off the back panel & speaker panel. first thing to check is the power board which in almost all cases has bad capacitors.

Unfortunately i’m unable to check every cap on the board because my meter is no longer working so I could only go by condition of the capacitors that were on the board.

1st thing to look for is swollen capacitors they sometimes look as if they are leaking & the top of the capacitor is where the swelling is very noticable. Having a  multimeter that works is truly the best way for cap checking. Fortunately only 2 of the caps were swollen so went to local electronics depot that sells TV parts and bought 2- 16v 3300UF capacitors for $3 a piece. Story ends with I got a 32″ Plasma HDTV for $6 and about 30  minutes labor not to shabby:-)

Always keep an eye out for LCD or Plasma televisions sitting on road side in garbage almost 90% of the time they won’t power up and will only require a few capacitors that cost a few $$ a piece and a few hours of your time.

Required knowlege & searching or waiting to do these fixes

1: Soldering skills “If ya never have soldered buy the Pencil Solderer from Radio Shack great for circuit boards” & only cost ya $10 for the pencil Just practice on broken old boards before attempting a real fix.

2: Finding these TV’s or Monitors patience is key just keep your eyes open. No broken or cracked screens these are a lost cause the cost for the screen is not worth the fix unless you happen to have 2 of the same model and can use the parts from 1 to fix the other.


1: 15w soldering pencil again Radio Shack no more than $15.

2: High quality solder for electronic and electrical work. 60% tin and 40% lead with flux in the core for a strong, long lasting bond.  Cost $10-$20

3: TV that either has lines running through the picture “Not Cracked” Actual vertical or horizontal lines running through Picture when it’s powered on or a TV don’t power on at all. Again any cracked screen Televisions don’t bother.

4: Multimeter is always recommended going by eye is always a risk you may miss a bad one not all bad caps swell that are bad. Multimeter Starts at $10- $1,000+ I had a $30 worked great for a very long time.

5: Make sure the capacitor your buying matches the Voltage and uf of the capacitor your replacing on the Television.

6:Patience and do some google searching on the TV you wanna fix.  Find whatproblems the perticular model your working on have. Most of the time specific brands all have the same hardware failure very good starting point.

Here is the $6 Television

Here’s the Powerboard The Caps circled Red were the ones causing it to no longer power on. The ones circled in Yellow are important to check as well the pink circles are showing that the stuff you see on top are not from a bursted capacitor the substance you see circled pink is just an adhesive used to keep the caps separated from touching each other so they don’t over heat.

Not only does the capacitor issue arise in Televisions these issues can appear in almost anything electronic From TV remotes “yes i’ve actually fixed a TV remote with a bad cap” to PC monitors. Fixed many Dell monitors with capacitor replacement. When your TV stops powering on for no apparent reason remember to look up the common issues your model has & replace those capacitors before you call your local TV repair man because he’s gonna charge you no less than $100 for the fix yep that’s right $100+ for a possible $6 fix. In all reality most likely would be charged much more than $100 and a Television that’s 32″ or smaller just are not worth paying for to get repaired since 32″ LED/LCD HDTV’s can be found for $210 and they will do 1080p and will have a spankin new warranty with manufacturer or store.

Update: Plasma TV was on all night until almost 11Am this morning:) I really expected another cap to go since I couldn’t test them with a proper meter.  Also keep in mind you can make some decent $$ from this even though the fix may of only costed you $5-$10 you can still sell the TV or monitor you fixed at a price that’s fair for the size TV you repaired. Spend $10 make 200$ or more selling or charge for repair. My wife gets mad I take in these broken TV’s and we end up with more than we need but in the end no one can complain about a sizeable profit. Right now have a 17″ Westinghouse HDTV/Computer monitor i’m waiting on the circuit board to become available while its a Westinghouse and only maybe will make $50 on it after Labor and $26 cost for part i’ll end up with a solid profit. Cool thing about the Westinghouse it’s a perfect Multimedia Monitor for your PC has HDTV tuner built in.

It’s no way to make a solid living you will still need to keep your day job;) It’s a fun hobby & cool way to make extra $$$ or you may end up w/ a $6- 32″ plasma HDTV you wanna use in one of your rooms. Or if your really lucky a 50″ or larger may show up one day.

1- $2 Soldering tip 1-$1.35 35v 320uf capcitor= Fixed Widescreen LCD Monitor

My Acer 19″ LCD monitor started getting horizontal white lines running through it yesterday.
Contacted Acer to check warranty of course it was expired 1 year ago.
For giggles I asked for an estimate $250!!!
1-$2 Soldering tip and 1-$1.35 35v 320uf capacitor and 15 minutes of my time and the monitor is now working.
The cap required was 25v 220uf but more can’t hurt…. less can:)
There are 3 other capacitors that require replacement as well I went ahead and ordered them online and will replace all of them to eliminate issues later on.
 I could see the 2 they replaced from a warranty claim about 1 year ago they left the others unchanged unreal imagine people pay $200+ for $1 worth of parts and they don’t bother to replace all of them to eliminate issues later on. Most consumers wouldn’t know this or consider checking the capacitors and it’s a down right shame that these companys rip off millions of people a year with BS extended warrantys and BS charges. Seriously blown caps should have a 10 yr manufacturers warranty as a company policy for penny parts and next to no labor.
Can’t help but wonder how these company’s get off charging these insane prices? Especially considering that 90% of the time when an LCD monitor goes bad it’s crap capacitors..This includes those nice big LCD Televisions as well.
Looking into all the monitors and remotes i’ve repaired from bad caps I can’t help but think these companys do this purposely for early upgrades and after warranty charges.
I should mention I purchased the 1 capacitor that was needed to get it working at the shack paid $1.35 for it there.
But for the rest I ordered online got some 25v 220uf and 25v 1000uf caps each for $0.01 a piece plus $1.25 shipping so if you have quite a few LCD panels or even plasma or any other electronic may as well order a bunch and have them as spares you never know when you’ll need em even mainboards have bad caps Biostar is one board I have replaced caps on to avoid buying a whole new mainboard after the manufacturer warranty expired.
Now all I need is a DeLorean and Radio Shack to sell me the Flux Capacitor!!!!!

LCD Monitor repair

On Friday I got the transistors in the mail to repair my daughters Dell 17″ LCD monitor.
Awoke Sunday with a slight hang over and went to work to repair her monitor after 15 minutes work desoldering the old transistors and soldering on the newly mailed ones.
There is a total of 4 transistors they blow out in 2’s but I just did all 4 made better sense to me. Each transistors has 3 legs yep you put in the resistors backward and you will surely have issues.
It works like a charm just like new!
$8 for shipping and parts is a whole lot better than Dell’s out of warranty repair price of $190+ dollars that was not including me shipping to them.
I also have a Acer 15″ that is behaving the same way I will attempt to repair that as well better than the going prices for 15″ monitors today.
Here’s a pic of the transistior from the Acer 15″ Identical in all areas of the Dell Monitor
It’s blurry I used my phone camera to take the pic. My camera battery is dead.