RC upgrades

Decided to add a new blog already I have been working on my HoneyBee FP R/C Helicopter.
The changes I have made from the stock model are pretty significant.
First I have upgraded the boom to titanium and also upgraded the skids using super skids. http://www.super-skids.com/
Also have left the 8.4 V Ni-Mh stock battery for the 7.4v Li-po 900 Mah.
I then dumpped the stock tail and main rotor motor for the main I purchased a Slo-max Motor and for the tail I have purchased a DD tail.(DD-Direct Drive)
Then decided to go with wooden blades and also changed the canopy from yellow to black.
Right now I have had it out of the air for about 1 week:(
Have been using my full stock Exceed Falcon 40 Heli.
I am also in the wit for my first collective pitch Heli should be here by Wed the latest!
Since I am not a pro and am still a newbie in flight it will probably see noting but hovering for the 1st month.
Here’s a pic of my new Heli!!! So excited!
Here is the Pic of my Honeybee FP  missing blades awaiting the wooden ones and new motors and 4 in1 it dumped on me out of the blue.
Under the tail boom you will see my lil Havok Bug fun to fly inside I chase the wife and kids with it:)
HB missing main blades
Hopefully by the 2nd week of March I should have the HB completely overhauled and in the air atleast if I don’t crash it.

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