Florida’s Pill Epidemic

What is an Epidemic? Answer: –adjective


Also, ep·i·dem·i·cal. (of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.

extremely prevalent; widespread.
So we can safely say that the U/S government and the great people of the United states have claimed war on the Gun epidemic and the Drug epidemic even gang epidemics.
Pretty intersesting that people are the crusaders of such wars.
April 1, 1789: House of Representatives first achieved a quorum and elected its officers. This I would say could be seen as a gang of people aimed at the same goal? Which I must add so do street gangs they are all out for the same goal.
Pharaceutical drugs even illegal drugs are created by no other than people.
Who distributes these drugs? Easy answer. People
The gun epidemic:  The Puckle Gun: created in 1718 by James Puckle of London,England Demonstarted this new invention known as the “Puckle Gun” A tripod-mounted,single barreled flintlock gun fitted with a multishot revolving cylinder.
Gun powder & Hand cannons go back to 1247.
Once again people make the guns and people distribute guns to no other than? PEOPLE !!!!
When you look at the word Epidemic is it really Gangs? Drugs? or Guns? I don’t think so people are the epidemic we are the ones that shoot people. Guns don’t point ,aim and pull thier own triggers.
If you look at drugs in general especially prescribed drugs these help millions of people a day live thier lives. But as with anything else people are the ones to abuse these drugs. The drugs do not force them onto you do they? Of course not Doctors prescribe them. Friends at party’s are doing them it’s people that push these things and people that abuse them.
So again here we are at the same place we started PEOPLE.
Without gangs of people there would not be liberty and the pursuit of happiness there would not be a constitution to protect U.S citizens.
Make no mistake all gangs operate under 1 goal and it’s the goal they set when starting the gang. So If this gang starts and something good comes from it it is a cause. If a gang of criminals get together and decide to kill $ rob in the name of $$ this is against the law.
And rightfully should be. But although the differences of these gangs are huge they are still gangs none the less.
The people are the ones who make these choices to claim an inanimate object is a epidemic is a grave mistake and usually only seen as one by those who don’t truly see what the human being is truly capable of or is just in a sad state of denial.

The Coby Kyros MID8024 Tablet

Received the Tablet a few weeks back wanted to play with it quite a bit before saying anything about it.

The Look & feel of the tablet.

It is actually very slick looking not cheap feeling either has a bit of weight to it not to heavy but not to light to make it feel like a chepo tablet.

Actually it took a dump and hit the ground cement flooring that is tiled and while it did get a tiny dent on the corner of the casing which is not noticable unless you are right up on it and looking for it. still works like a charm so appears to be quite tough.

The screen is 8.0 inch touch screen not dual touch unfortunately but it works well and the color is fantastic. Uses Resistive touchscreen.

Android 2.2

1.0 Ghz  Samsung S5PV210 (Cortex A8)

Built-in 4GB/Expandable up to 32GB using a Micro SDcard

8.0″ Resistive touchscreen “800×600” Resolution

WiFi 802.11 b/g

Audio Input Mic
Audio Output 3.5mm Headphone Jack & Built-in Speaker
Video Output High Speed HDMI, type C (mini), Supports 1080P and 720P
USB Port 2.0 Hi-Speed

Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, 7 or higher and Mac OS or Linux in mass storage mode.

Weights, Measurements & UPC
Unit Dimension (WHD) 8.11″ x 0.55″ x 6.22″
Unit Weight (LB) 1.17
Package Dimension (WHD) 10.94″ x 2.28″ x 8.78″
Package Weight (LB) 2.19
Master Carton Qty 4

If you shop around it can be found for $199.99.

It is sold at HSN for $199.95 and you can put it on 4 Flexpayments so your initial payment will only be  49.98 + S&H and taxes. Then after that only 3 more monthly payments of $49.98. And yes you get the tablet after you pay the 1st payment of 49.98$ + S&H & taxes.  I did the Flexpayments myself and after calling it in I received my tablet 7 days later:) With a 30 day money back gurantee at HSN it’s well worth the purchase and to try. I don’t think 1 person will return it after actually getting it though.

I can say it works well plays all videos,runs office apps great, Reads E-books of all kinds and i’ve even downloaded a Comic book reader and read all of the Walking Dead comics 1-84:)

Played a few games without issue even old playstation games Final Fantasy 7 and Crono Cross & Installed n64droid and played Mario64 and Zelda at full frame rate:) Pretty cool for a device a little over $200!

Connected to my 52″ LCD Television through HDMI and it displayed at 1080p as stated in the manual and it played smoothly. The battery holds up quite well I haven’t timed it or anything but I know i’ve watched a movie read 20 comics and surfed the nets without having to charge it until I went to bed. I also downloaded a Battery application to save on battery useage. Seriously I recommend this to anyone who is unsure about spending $500+ on a Ipad. I can only say that the Coby Kyros does everything I need it to do and more without issue well worth the price and I don’t think you’ll get anything better at this price point & quality.

The one downside to the Coby is there’s no MarketPlace they use a application called AppsLibrary. But if your feeling up to it there are instructions at Coby’s site on how to root it. Then you can go ahead and install Market Place.

Here’s some Pictures of my Coby Kyros.

Click on picture to view larger images.

I can’t say enough about the Coby Kyros it really is great for it’s price point.

At night I lay in bed and read, surf the nets. Even monitor my security cameras on it and I have even used teamviewer to troubleshoot a PC. And can keep it on my livingroom coffee table so I can continually monitor my emails and have all my messengers running Skype,MSN &AOL.

Not to forget Angry Birds it’s a blast to play on a 8″ screen and it plays smoothly.

Since this post I have gotten a few replies that there is no longer any listing of rooting the Kyros I do apologize for this incorrect post regarding the rooting of the MID8024.

New games from PC – Consoles what do they score?

I personally have always used Gamespot as my choice place to review new or old games. Why? well before it changed drastically once upon a time they had the best reviews and they reviewed games that went back to the Atari 2600.

Back to the scores. Personally the games I have played from March 2011 until this month May 2011 are as listed.

Crysis 2 PC

L.A Noire Xbox 360

Hydrophobia Prophecy (Steam) PC

The Witcher 2 PC

Killzone 3 PS3

I’ll leave my personal thoughts out of the games i’ve been playing. Only to say i’ve enjoyed them all some I have completed others still playing them.  Just started Playing DiRT 3 on the PC last night May 24th. I love the McRae games loved them before the franchise changed it’s name to DiRT. And still love em today:) So far only completed very little on DiRT 3 but it’s fun and on the PC with everything cranked up at 1920x1080p it looks insane! And handles well controls are fantastic use the 360 controller if you can.

Game scores

The Witcher 2 PC =9.0  The Witcher 2 is TBA for consoles as of today.

L.A Noire 360 & PS3 =9.0

Fable 3 PC =7.0 Don’t let the low score throw you off the game IS fun!

Fable 3  Xbox 360 =7.5

Dirt 3 Xbox 360 = 9.0 at this time only the 360 version has been reviewed

Portal 2 PC = 9.0 , The Xbox 360 & PS3 also received the same score of 9.0

The Highest rated games according to Gamespot

1. 9.5
2. 9.5
3. 9.5
4. 9.5
7. 9.0
8. 9.0