E-Cigarette Vivi-Nova Tanks & E-Cig Juice that breaks tanks.

My EVOD tank dumped yesterday. So I went ahead and purchased another Vivi-Nova tank.
I’ve used the standard EVOD tank also have used the ProTank and another tank not sure of brand.

Out of the few tanks I have used. The Vivi-Nova tank is my preferred tank.
Purchased the newest model and also decided to go with the smaller Vivi-Nova tank instead of the large tank which I purchased originally.
The tanks price was $14.95 it came with 3 coils compared to the EVOD standard tank that comes with 1-Coil and cost $9.95.
Wanted the smaller tank because the large Vivi-Nova tank takes a lot of juice to fill it up. And I don’t like my E-Cig juice festering for days.

Generic E-Cig tank
Generic E-Cig tank


Left: New Tank Smaller size Vivi-Nova. Right: Large Vivi-Nova tank.
Left: New Tank Smaller size Vivi-Nova.
Right: Large Vivi-Nova tank.

Standard EVOD Tanks
Standard EVOD Tanks

My preferred tanks

2-Standard EVOD
3-Generic Green tank
4-Pro Tank Note: Protank cracked from using a juice called Carousel.
Certain juices will crack plastic tanks be careful of the juices you use in plastic tanks.
I filled the tank with Carousel took first toke and the tank cracked draining the juice out and got in my mouth.
Have determined that there are some juices that will destroy tanks. When trying a new flavor use either a glass based tank or the standard EVOD tank.

I’m not sure how many other juices do this I do know it is bothersome. If the Vaped juice is breaking plastic tanks on first use what would this be doing to my lungs?
This didn’t just happen 1x I tried 2 other plastic based tanks and they also cracked and broke upon use of Carousel. My friend and his wife weren’t convinced I was correct so they went and tried Carousel juice in a plastic tank and theirs broke on use as well.
I tried all the tested tanks with 2 other flavors of juice prior to adding Carousel. Also tried a new generic plastic tank not used before and the Carousel juice broke it.

We will not use Carousel again in any tank.