Rooting & Flashing the Wonder Media Tablet WM8650

To start this tablet was my daughter friends and was in desperate need of a solid rom. The Stock was not user friendly and touch response was next to non existent.

The specs are as follows:

Product Features

  • Android 2.2 OS
  • Via WonderMedia 8650 CPU 800MHz
  • 256MB ram + 2GB hd
  • 7″ 2-point touch resistive touch screen

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  • Hardware Platform:Tablet
  • Processor:Unknown
  • RAM: 256 MB

Hard Drive

  • Size:2 GB
  • Type: Solid State

The WM8650 can be bought at Amazon for under $100 and includes it’s own app store no GApps on stock rom. And chinese apps can be found in the apps directory meaning there are many hardware revisions of this tablet floating around.

Best way to know if you have a WM8650 is to look in hardware info on the tablet after booting up. Again even though you may see that it is a WM 8650 this does NOT mean it has the same hardware as the next WM8650.

Which brings me right to rooting & flashing this fine? meagerly priced Tablet.

If you are not interested in flashing it with a new rom and just want to root it here’s how it’s done ” Those who want to rom flash should also root away:-)”

Cletus at posted this rooting guide. Guide is called A Complete Morons Guide to Rooting your WM8650. This is the link directly to the page if you want to see the replys on the forums where these instructions were posted.

1. Go to Settings i) applications ii)Unknown Sources – make sure there is a green tick (touch to change if not) Return to main menu

2.Go to Browser i) Search for Applanet ii) Download – the download will appear in ‘Notifications’ (black drop down bar at the top) iii) from Notifications, touch the download notification and Install iv) Run Applanet

3. Return to Browser Search i)  Search for z4root ii) Run z4root – it will give you 3 options, temporary root, permanent root or uninstall – take your pick.

4. There isn’t one – you’ve done it. Now you can download apps until you turn purple and explode. This Guide is NOT mine I did not create it and take no credit for doing so.


Now for the fun part flashing a custom rom please follow flashing instructions exact! If you brick your tablet don’t blame me I used the same guides and tools i’m posting and flashed the WM8650 tablet with success.

1st go to and register.

On this site you will find guides on how to flash the tablet. The guides will be in Tablet Rom Mods sction of the forums.

I used Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1 rom for flashing the 8650 I had. Since there is many variants of hardware for this tablet it may take you awhile to get the proper rom flashed it took me several tries before success.

I was 100% sure the tablet I had was VIA based and that would flash fine only to find that it would not boot up using that specific rom option. The Universal Rom has all the different hardware configs so you will have to try possibly all of them except the 8″ tablet options if you have the 7″ version as I was working with.

For me Option 7 was the answer others may be option 1 or 11 don’t give up during the process you may boot up and thnk your good to go only to find your screen is not working with that perticular option. No big deal go back in try another option and re-flash until you get the right one flashed. Once you have flashed the WM8650 successfully you will now have a much more zippy experience along with Gapps. MarketPlace is always welcome.

Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1 rom :

While it does have all the Gapps included on the rom Market Place is a dated version here’s the most recent. Market Place v3.4.4 :

Using the Market place I posted on the WM8650 works 100% no issues just install .apk after you get your tablet flashed.

I have linked the tools & rom needed to root & flash your WM8650 all these are the same I used on the tablet. They were all scanned with latest Avast AV with latest updates although they are clean for me every Anti-Virus is different if it comes up dirty please verify if it’s a false positive which it will most likely be.

Good luck:-) Any questions i’ll answer as quickly as possible.

This is the one I worked on Black on the front and the back side is all silver. The version had a green light w/black ear phone jack verifying these things  may help you during flash procedure.

G-Tablet Update

Flashed from Bootloader 1.1 to 1.2 it flashed great no issues unfortunately after flashing I accidently installed CWM 1.1BL version which semi software bricked the GTablet.

Now on Clemsyn_Caulkinver 8 final2 Rom it is Froyo based but fast as hell and am liking it quite a bit. It’s not honeycomb but to me speed & stability come before eye candy.

Make sure you understand how to use NVFlash this is a 100% way to come back from a softbrick. Fortunately I had NVFlash to save me or it would have been a return item:)  the GTablet is virtually impossible to 100% brick. From what I understand as long as there are roms for any Nvidia hardware based tablet you can use NVFlash to go back to stock as long as the tablet can be put in APX mode to flash a blank tablet drive.

The 10.1″ Viewsonic GTablet

Upgraded to the G-tablet from Viewsonic.

This tablet comes with Android 2.2 w/ Tap N Tap software which is absolutely horrendous if your looking for a tablet that is purchase and play well then skip the G-Tablet completely.

Now if you don’t mind putting time into it rooting then flashing a custom rom then this tablet can be awesome. There are many custom roms to choose from anything from 2.2-Honeycomb. The major bonus of this tablet is the hardware dual core Nvidia Tegra II w/16gb of space. along with blue tooth & a full size USB port and also can purchase a docking station that has HDMI out.  From the start I rooted it because as said the installed OS is not even workable constant app issues and very, very slow. Initially I started with TnT Lite 4.4.0 for Bootloader 1.1. This rom supported quite a bit and is based on the stock Tap N Tap rom but just much much improved speed and application support. I really wanted to move to a Honeycomb rom for my versioon Bootloader 1.1 tried Bottle Of Smoke and was unstable shutdowns and lockups. Then I went with Vegan-Tab 7.1.0 this is Gingerbread based and so far seems great has more app support than TnT Lite. Hulu-Plus a go very nice:)

Honeycomb Roms are stable on 1.2 bootloader from the reviews i’ve read. Unlike 1.1 Bootloader HC rom I used.

To get Roms that are still supported or being worked on Ice Cream Sandwich is in Alpha testing now you must flash to bootloader 1.2 which can cause a software brick I have yet to do this but do plan on the change once ICS is out and stable.

From what i’ve read it’s pretty hard to brick the G-tablet as long as you do your homework and understand how to use NVFlash. I’ve started getting to know this and eventually will move from bootloader 1.1 to BL 1.2. Of course I will post these things as i do them once I find something that I am 100% setteled with i’ll post links and info on how to flash easiest and painless as possible for now though the 1.1 BL roms are easy as long as you do a system backup for recovery you can try all the 1.1 roms you want.

The screen is 10.1″ and the viewing angles are not that great that aside  this tablet really is cool easy to flash hard to brick and plenty of roms to try.

So far apps that work 100% with Vegan that matter to me atleast are:



HBOGo, MaxGo

Pretty much all the Tegra games work except one called Shadowgun.(From what i’ve read Shadowgun works on 1.2 BL & HC Rom.)

Also have been working on using Google Voice and Bluetooth Headset to make & recieve calls using the G-Tablet i’ll post update when I get it 100% working. At this time I can make calls out but can not hear any voices:( I know if you already have a cell why? Easy just because it would be cool to have the Wifi Tablet take and make phone calls texting is great but I wanna go for the full on cheeeze! 🙂

Hobbies & More hobbies:)

First thing first Need 4 Speed :The Run= AWESOME! And yes I scream that out loud FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

Running it on NON-Console goodness on a Kick ass PC that’s right a PC and proud of it;) It’s craziness you drive & sometimes get caught up running on foot jumping fences fighting off police officers it’s a great game the Frostbite 2 engine did this game justice. Then again it did Battlefield 3 justice as well the fact the engine is so versitile I think it has a good future ahead. The newest Call Of Juarez also used the Frostbite 2 engine but it did not use it properly and was a bad example of what Frostbite 2 can do.

The running on foot parts are  quick time type events but it does not ruin the pace of the game in any way if anything the quicktime makes it move at pace. Okay I do use a Xbox 360 controller to play it on PC:)

On to the Helicopter repairs 😦 very sad still has a vibration that would cause it to shake apart I think I found the issue but decided to order a new head assembly anyhow the Trex Head is normally in the range of $150-$200 but due to black Friday sales was able to get one at a super low price of only $40. I use Gun metal CnC metal for my head assemby unfortunately the only head left was the blue color CnC heads. Going to put it on anyhow hopefully wont look to bad with black &Silver Frame/Boom and White Canopy.

May have to change my boom back to silver color and replace canopy with some blue in it. Always said I wouldn’t buy the blue head parts guess when your in a pinch and need the fix and the gun metal is out of stock you get what you can. Maybe a change of color is due.

On to the Tablet jones i’ve been on let’s just say i’ve been wanting a better tablet since the purchase of my Coby Kyros MID-8024- 8″ I work at HSN part time have been for 9  months now they have a decent selection of  tablets on hand that I have looked at off and on for quite some time. Not to mention I get kick ass employee discounts on some items and the Gtablet happened to be one of em:) And also can do the handy Flexpay which breaks the price into 3-5 monthly payments it’s great no interest just good old payments. Time for my work placement statement “Only at HSN can you get Flex payments and still get your item delivered quickly via UPS”

Wanted a tablet that has some decent hardware dual core with Nvidia tegra II. I have been into the ViewSonic Gtab & the Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ Dual core ,TegraII,16gb SSD & Bluetooth.

The Toshiba Thrive comes with Android 3.1  and has the hardware I want at the cost of $379.96 of course when I went to ask questions about the product it was gone sold out in less than a few hours:(

The ViewSonic Gtablet comes with Android 2.2 Has identical hardware as the Toshiba Thrive minus the Android 3.1 aka:Honeycomb. There was also another tablet I was looking into called the ACER 7″ with Android 3.2 and also has same specs as the Gtab &Thrive but the Acer has a smaller screen and newer version of Honeycomb. The Acer 7″ cost is $319.95 and could not get an employee discount due to item already being at rock bottom pricing.

So by the end of weeks tossing in the air about the Gtablet I finally bit the bullet and bought. There are tons of Roms available for it that can get it into Honeycomb 3.3 but the issue is almost all I have seen lack hardware acceleration. There is one rom called illuminate which uses 3.01 Honeycomb and appears to have Hardware acceleration but is very vague on what is working and what is not. Looking at the Froyo 2.2 roms these seem much more promising seems to lose nothing and gets gains in speed.

Gtablet was shipped out yesterday 12/2 and is due for delivery on 12/5 Monday it’s just a waiting game until I recieve the tablet and actually see what can be  done wish me luck because I need it. Very confusing situation when it comes to all the different Rom versions available and it’s like pulling teeth to get someone in forums to point you in the right direction.

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