1- $2 Soldering tip 1-$1.35 35v 320uf capcitor= Fixed Widescreen LCD Monitor

My Acer 19″ LCD monitor started getting horizontal white lines running through it yesterday.
Contacted Acer to check warranty of course it was expired 1 year ago.
For giggles I asked for an estimate $250!!!
1-$2 Soldering tip and 1-$1.35 35v 320uf capacitor and 15 minutes of my time and the monitor is now working.
The cap required was 25v 220uf but more can’t hurt…. less can:)
There are 3 other capacitors that require replacement as well I went ahead and ordered them online and will replace all of them to eliminate issues later on.
 I could see the 2 they replaced from a warranty claim about 1 year ago they left the others unchanged unreal imagine people pay $200+ for $1 worth of parts and they don’t bother to replace all of them to eliminate issues later on. Most consumers wouldn’t know this or consider checking the capacitors and it’s a down right shame that these companys rip off millions of people a year with BS extended warrantys and BS charges. Seriously blown caps should have a 10 yr manufacturers warranty as a company policy for penny parts and next to no labor.
Can’t help but wonder how these company’s get off charging these insane prices? Especially considering that 90% of the time when an LCD monitor goes bad it’s crap capacitors..This includes those nice big LCD Televisions as well.
Looking into all the monitors and remotes i’ve repaired from bad caps I can’t help but think these companys do this purposely for early upgrades and after warranty charges.
I should mention I purchased the 1 capacitor that was needed to get it working at the shack paid $1.35 for it there.
But for the rest I ordered online got some 25v 220uf and 25v 1000uf caps each for $0.01 a piece plus $1.25 shipping so if you have quite a few LCD panels or even plasma or any other electronic may as well order a bunch and have them as spares you never know when you’ll need em even mainboards have bad caps Biostar is one board I have replaced caps on to avoid buying a whole new mainboard after the manufacturer warranty expired.
Now all I need is a DeLorean and Radio Shack to sell me the Flux Capacitor!!!!!

Einstein’s relativity law sucks or does light speed suck?

I realize I will probably never see any human travel at light speed. The inertia would really suck!
Particals still haven’t moved beyond 99.99% speed of light..Einsteins law seems to hold us right there:(
This bums me more knowing that galaxys far away move away at light speed galaxys farther than that are moving away faster than light. Which means only space can break the law of relativity. Since the Universe is expanding I doubt we may see any speed of light travel and even if so galaxy’s that are trillions of light years away light speed still couldn’t get us there:( atleast not in a human lifetime.
Point is it sucks knowing all we can do is look upon the stars and never discover more than what scientists hypothesise.
Just a thought woke up dreaming of this and figured I should drop it in writing…Yep I just woke from a few hour nap not even 3 minutes ago. Some reason this really seemed to bother the shit out of me.
Seems when ever i’m in this state I have very vivid strange dreams.
Once had a dream about people in my room with my legs straight up in the air and numb from the waist down felt like a nice humming tingling through my whole body and then they started pulling tubes out of my nut sack?? A whole other strange ,strange dream of mine although I felt like I was awake?.
There was more to this strange dream I should really write them down after because they are somewhat frequent. Not the tube and nut sack dream that only happened once.LOL