The Google Nexus 7

Ordered the google¬† Nexus 7 on Saturday and received it today the 18th of December. My initial feeling of it was “wow!” it’s a nice solid build quality.¬† I love the size. My 10″ g_tablet was just to big not for using on the go like this thin ,light 7″ tablet. I’ve had no issues with any slowdown very snappy especially for an android device. I know there are die hard android lovers out there. But Android is isn’t the greatest os. Plays all the Tegra 3 enhanced games very smoothly so it does pack enough punch to game on it as well. Since it has no Sdcard slot for future space I suggest buying the 32gb version. With in 2 hours of owning it I had a little over 17gb of free space left. Hopefully Google releases a 64gb version shortly with no sdcard slot they really need to.only ports on the Nexus 7 is the ear phone jack & mini USB connector for charging and moving files to and from PC. While its not a perfect tablet it is capable and fast. Not to mention its light weighing in at 0.75lb not as light as the iPad mini but still light enough and easy to hold in one hand for very long periods. The screen gets great clarity and good viewing angles. Easy and very sharp for reading. Matter a fact I’m posting this using the Nexus. It comes pre-installed with Google chrome browser which doesn’t support flash.The AOSP browser that ships with pretty much all android devices is not present on this one. You can install the standard browser that supports flash nativley but will require it to be rooted. I have decided to hold off on rooting it as of now and using Mozilla Firefox 17.0 which I side loaded onto the Nexus. And Firefox does support flash. Since it is a Google tablet I’m hoping this means they will support it and get regular updates like in new OS releases “hopefully”. I noticed with my other tablets they only get 1 OS update then they are abandoned and require the mod community to keep them alive. The mod community is not a bad thing by any means. If it wasn’t for them a lot of tablets would be long dead. If you have the $249 for the 32gb get it.I really like the Nexus and can honestly say its a good solid tablet.