Municipal Waste & Bio-Cancer

I found it interesting how close these 2 bands cover art is.
Both are great albums and both bands are Thrash.

Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying released in 2007.
Bio-Cancer Ear Piercing Thrash released in 2013.  Six years apart but very similar.
Don’t let the cover art leave you thinking they sound the same to because they don’t. While the art is alike they are very different like oil is to water.
The bands have different attacks on playing and singing but both are fast n heavy.

Municipal Waste Art Of Partying Cover
Bio-Cancer Ear Piercing Thrash

Wretched Cannibal

Wretched is an American extreme metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina[1] founded by Marshall Wieczorek and Steven Fundenburk in 2005. Wretched’s musical style incorporates elements of melodic death metaldeathcore, and technical death metal.

Wr‏etched Cannibal- Cover
I found a seller on Amazon selling this LP fuckin excellent album.
A Must have for any Vinyl collector of  the Heavy Metal genre and sub-genres.
This is a Death/Thrash/ Technical sounding album but is more Death Metal than anything else but does have that Thrash/Technical Death Metal sound good shit! Even has some melodic metal a testament to how badass they are.

Only 555 total were pressed 113 on  Clear with Black Smoke and 442 pressed on Red.
And I am positive at least 1 Test Print is floating about as well maybe more?
Love this album it is bad ass!

Right now my 3 fav albums that are seeing TT and CD in Car is Obituary (2017) , Vile Stench Of The Deceased (1999) & Wretched Cannibal (2014) All just insane.


Thrash or Thrashed

With Thrash winding up and strong in Europe it’s not made much of a squeak here in the states.
Thrash is NOT dead the new wave is amazing but there are also some old ones that never got any attention things were just different back in the 80s’ and 90s’ it took a whole lot of work and a bunch of luck to get noticed on a scale that would be lucrative enough to support yourself. Most play because they love it but the bills still got to get paid.

Thanks to the higher speed internets and Napster for kicking off shared music via the nets now bands can be noticed and heard from any where in the world.
But for LP’s aka: Vinyl that isn’t always the case some you still have to ship old skool snail mail from all over the world. Shipping media mail in the states alone can take weeks no less from Italy or Greece.
Vinyl is a love that isn’t just the sound it’s the killer cover art the awesome 12″ disc that sounds so fucking awesome and the inserts they can be full color and the lyrics are readable because they aren’t squeezed on a CD pamphlet that is using 8 sized lettering on it maybe smaller.
Sometimes they come with extras like posters or stickers even MP3 cards and CD’s. Then there’s the Vinyl it can be different colors, mixed in a variety of splatters and splashes or waves, they can glow in the dark be picture discs even have fluid in them. They can be standard weight, 180g, 200g, 240g.
Yes Vinyl is cool.

Thrash on vinyl is why I am here.
I have hunted down a few older LP’s one at least 15 years old or more and the other 5 or 6 years old.
Both are thrash albums.

The 1st is Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying
They do crossover style of D.R.I., S.O.D. and Agnostic Front early on but this album is a pure thrash piece of work.
Everyone should listen to these guys. Or at least give them a chance.
I grabbed this one up pnm Vinyl right from amazon online.
This album was released in 2007.
Municipal Waste Art Of Partying Cover

Then there is Deathhammer Evil Power.
Word is they were active since 05 but did not release their 1st LP till 2015 and then this one.
These guys have a love of 80s’ Thrash and this album sounds like it and it is a good thing.
Check them out they are good.
Don’t let the name or title fool you.
Deathhammer Evil Power LP Cover


Vile Stench Of The Deceased

Vile Stench Of The Deceased-cover0

When I got word that Stench of The Deceased was coming to vinyl I was pretty stoked.
Vile formed in 1996 located @  Concord, California Stench Of the Deceased was their 1st full album was self released in 1999 they had 2 previous Demos in 1996 Unearthed, 1997 Vile-ation also self released.
What made this album a must have not only because it is a fuckin solid Death Metal album but never released to Vinyl until Feb 27th 2020.
I really wanted the Green/Black marble pressing but unfortunately I was late to the release news.
Was lucky enough to get the standard Black version all limited 1 time releases.

I just love the late 80s’ through to 1999 DM sound. Thanks to Tampa Bay’s kick ass Death Metal homebase and Roadrunner and Scot Burns who was a fucking master at producing Death Metal albums. And I happen to live in the Tampa Bay surrounding area.
I lived a few miles from Glen Benton of Deicide. Pretty cool.
This is pure Death Metal not technical not melodic just good ole fuckin we came to punch a hole in the stratosphere hard hitting shit.
While this wasn’t a RR or Scot Burns release it was still in that era that had such a sic sound.

Take a listen.

Upgrading the Audio Technica LP-60 Turntable.


I use the AudioTechnica LP-60 in my Computer room where I can listen somewhat undisturbed.
Prefer playing Vinyl in the Living room using the Rega Turntable but this isn’t always possible with everyone home on quarantine and working from home as well.

There isn’t really much that can be upgraded on the LP-60 due to the cartridge being soldered or one piece with the  arm.
It’s not meant to be that type of Turntable but it is a good sounding one that can sound better by upgrading the belt and the needle. “Not the Cartridge”

Over at they have the upgrade kit which includes the belt and needle for $39.99. Which is a really cheap upgrade considering the belt upgrade for my Rega Turntable was $50 and the Cart/Needle was $250. So a bit over $40 shipped is a good deal.
And supposedly it is a great improvement over the stock belt and needle.
Soon I will see and once I get the kit 1st I will play a chosen album on the stock belt and needle then I will upgrade said parts and play the same album on it again to see if there is any improvement at all or if it’s as great as reviews claim.
Then I’ll update this post with what I heard or didn’t for my $46 upgrade after shipping.

Audio Technica LP-60

Some of my favorite Vinyl

I collected Vinyl in the mid 80s’ to the early 90s’ but my collection was not huge maybe 50 or so.
After losing a number of them I managed to salvage a few here and there from that time that luckily didn’t get given away or lost.
And I started buying Vinyl again in the early 2000’s off and on which brought my Vinyl collection back to the 30-40 mark that was buying rarely here and there for quite a few years.
Eventually I purchased a new turntable the Audio Technica LP-60 it reignited my love for Vinyl all over again.
but again I still bought Vinyl here and there and said I wouldn’t upgrade to a really nice turntable until I had over 100 LPs.
Low and behold by 2018 I had went well over the 100 mark I set and ended up buying the Rega Planar 2 and purchased the Ortofon M2 Blue Cart/needle early 2019 .

Now I’m breaking the 400 mark I think. And have collected quite a few rares and favs of mine not because they are worth most or because they are hard to get but because they are just great albums that some happen to be both expensive now and hard to get ahold of at least at the price I originally paid which was most likely $20 or less at the time..
here it goes this one is actually one I purchased fairly recently.
Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army 1987 1st press

Such a kick ass album it had to be my 1st listed not because it’s a recent find but because I forgot how badass this album really was and still is.

This is really cool it’s a rare 7″ 45RPM Executioner Metal Up Your Ass.
This is Obituary before they were Obituary or Xecutioner. And it’s actually good they look to be in their teens at the time of this recording story is these became ultra rare because one of the members threw away a whole bunch of these. The version I have is NOT an original but still not easy to find. I’d love to get my hands on an actual original.

Since we are on Obituary while I do have Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death pressings these are rare but not as rare as Darkest Day this album was only released on LP 1x by Back on Black in 2009 the version I got is the clear Vinyl version.
Only came limited in Clear and Black Vinyl.
Great album cool find if you see it at a decent price grab it!


This band never made a huge splash in the Thrash scene.  But they were actually really good.
And now have a cult following and their Vinyl is rare.

I love it honestly it’s a shame bands like Metallica or Megadeth stole so much of the spotlight. These guys Thrashed much harder. To bad Internet wasn’t the norm in the late 80s’ because things may not of turned out so well for the big 4 Thrash bands of that day .

This band is from the new wave of Trash metal. Europe has a huge surge there in Thrash bands Ultra-Violence Privilege To Overcome is their debut full album from 2013. They did a EP release Wildcrash in 2012.
Ultra-Violence hails from Turin, Italy. Unfortunately you won’t find this in America and the album was a double LP release only pressed one time and only 250 were pressed.
This is an excellent album you can find the CD at Amazon possibly.

Rings Of Saturn ‎– Dingir I love this band they coined the sub-genre Aliencore from these guys.
The band is heavy as hell and fucking great Dingir is an awesome album many prefer Lugal Ki En but both have that same feel and extreme sound that makes Rings a rare and cool band.
Dingir was only pressed at 550 copies total.  250 in Cosmic Blue and 300 in Green.
Pressed in 2013 it has never been re-pressed again and according to Rings it won’t. Seems they only do a 1x pressing of all their albums so far they have 5 full album releases Gidim is their latest. I have all their LP’s except for Lugal Ki En have that on CD. My favorite Rings album is their 4th Ultu Ulla.

That’s it for now I am adding these here as not just an archive for others to read but maybe a guide to help you find new bands to listen to. Some are old some are new but they all have 1 thing in common even if they are completely different styles they are all great albums and great bands.
Don’t just be stale and listen to what you know is good get out there find shit you never heard that is good.

Love sharing these not because I want to show them off and be cool but to share what I know is great music especially if extreme music is your thing.


Half -Life: Alyx & Vader Immortal VR

HL Alyx name logo

Haven’t posted in a while about much or Virtual Reality.
With the release of Alyx on Steam from Valve it has brought me back into VR at the right time. A time when a pandemic has damned the whole world to imprisonment to their own homes.
Only way out truly today is VR.
If this had happened 30 years ago people would never have been able to just sit at home for a few months they wouldn’t be able to work from home or entertain themselves in VR. Not everyone has VR but they should.

Back to the games Half-Life Alyx is THE best FPS game ever made on VR there was a few contenders but none play or feel like Alyx.
If you have played HL 2 then you know about the zero point energy field manipulator aka: gravity gun is no more in Alyx now she uses gloves to manipulate gravity we should call then Grav- Gloves.
And it is a blast you can interact with almost everything in the environment by using your grav-gloves or by just picking it up with your hand or hands..
Another pretty cool thing I find entertaining and cool if you see something behind a glass window or pane you can use your gun to break the window and the edges so you can go through.

Your weapons are upgradable using a machine but the upgrades require resin.
Resin is throughout the whole game you have to look for it they can be hidden behind boxes or under them they can be in cabinets, closets ,filing cabinets even inside freezers and refrigerators.
All the resin ,ammo you collect can be put in your back pack just reach behind you and let go and you’ll feel a little rumble in the controller to let you know it’s stored. To get them out you just reach behind you and pull it out when needed.

Using weapons is cool you have to reload and cock your weapons so be smart or try to be really quick when your in a gun fight.

All I can say is it’s a must play game I don’t want to say to much because this isn’t a review or anything just a great game to talk about and even better to play it.

Now onto Vader Immortal.
vader_immortal_episode_i_ name label

First entrance into a  Star Wars game in VR and it’s pretty awesome your in the cockpit of your ship with what appears to be your partner android.
And almost immediately your asked to engage in warp drive.
Okay geek love here it’s really cool being in the ship and watching as you warp right above a planet., Really amazing feeling it really is some super awesome Star Wars geek coolness.

It’s controls are much like Half-Life Alyx but not quite as smooth or clean but still done well enough.
You are immediately caught by an Imperial Star Destroyer let me tell you seeing one to scale it would be a very shit your pants moment.  To make matter worse your brought directly to lord Vader. Fuckin scary shit Vader is an imposing dude.
He asks you to solve a puzzle right there you do and apparently this is where your story begins after a short but cool escape you get to training with a light saber.
The task you realize you are on is to stop Vader from learning to cheat death it self to hold immortality.

Again this is no review it’s just me saying this is a cool ass VR game and one worth getting into it is $9.99 an episode in the Oculus store and there are 3 episodes in total.
As I stated before with things going on in the real world with being self quarantined or some forced. And an un-curable virus running amuck in the real world getting away to a Star Wars one is nice even if it’s only a few hours a day. Helps me cope a little better hopefully will you as well once you read this.
Vader-facing Vader 1