A few clips I like check em out

The bully should have left when he still looked tough: LOL
This dude gets owned to funny lesson learned for the bully and fast.
One more this dude should have read the safety manual for his new RC helicopter they all think it’s just a toy.
And he was only flying a 400 size he’s lucky he didn’t think he could fly a larger one.
Guessing he either walked into the blades when it was on the ground idle up or crashed it into his leg either way OUCH!
Speaking of 400 size helicopter I ordered the metal head upgrade for my new 400 on the 11th of this month on the fleabay todays the 25th still no delivery:(
And Xheli has the full metal tail upgrade for my 450 and it’s only $14.95 i’m seriously debating on this I already have the metal head upgrade why not make it complete with the tail as well.
I just upped the power on my 450 it’s brutal ripping at 3200 rpm on spool up and holds a solid 3800-4000 rpms in full swing nice!
My 250 was upped to 4200 rpms and it handles pretty heavy winds nicely and its half the size of my bigger ones.
Really want to fly the new 400 can’t wait..but don’t want it striking my body. 
Went ahead and ordered the upgrade:)

The repair is still on

Found yet more issues with the used HElicopter I have rebuilt.
LAst night around 11 I found that the tail shaft was bent as well on the damn helicopter so took it apart and straightened with a hammer.
Up till 2am fixing yet another bum part. The dude that owned this prior must have crashed the hell out of it.
And of course the new head didn’t show in the mail today nor did the new battery ordered.

Completing the #36

Almost done building the #36 Dragonfly 400 size have pretty much replaced everything Frame,Head,shft,boom,landing gear.
Although I ordered the white landing gear with blue aluminum I was sent yellow skids.
Atleast it’s getting finished.
Almost done awiting for the delivery of the new battery & metal head to connect the blades then I can fly it:)
Total cost from pocket $140 if I were to buy it RTF $300…good deal.

Another fine build by Sal

Ordered the new frame for my new 400 Helicopter on Saturday. Amazing it arrived via USPS on Monday fast shipping purchased on ebay and was $2 cheaper than where I normally shop.
Since the used frame was complete toast I just cut it down grabbed the gears and the head and bearings then tossed the rest in the garbage.
Should have know better that in this hobby they don’t sell the parts with all required parts like the screws needed to put the frame together:(
Now have to add another $8 just for the screw set.
Still not to bad I guess still managed to save some $$$ instead of buying RTF building is better anyhow atleast I know everything that’s been done is by my own doing not some shop in taiwan.
Here’s some of it still gotta order some things to complete it.

Got the Used Helicopter yesterday

Wow it was in very,very rough shape.
The frame was absolutely useless the landing skids were broken and part of the head was glued on just like the frame was glued together.
Luckily I still made good paid $89 for it the Motor,ESC,Head holding Gyro alone were worth much more than $89 if these parts were not included in the deal i’d have been returning it and wanting my $$ back.
Decided that the cost to rebuild it was not bad at all.
Need a Ushape connector $5.60,Frame $12.40,Flybar $3.90,Landing skids $4,Servo holder $3.90,Tail fin holder $3.90,Canopy 9.70.
I already purchased the frame and upgraded the head to C&C metal for $9.89 excellent deal.
Luckily he did include extra head parts spare tail boom and belt these parts alone saved me some $$.
A new all platic,canned brused motor Walkera Dragonfly 36 or Exceed G2 costs anywhere from $169-$189.
So for approximately $132.40 I got a very upgraded version of the G2 which is great considering a version of this build costs almost $300 that’s not with a top of the line Align made motor or ESC. And even the upgraded version includes a plastic canopy this one will be fiber glass much better quality.
Hopefully in 2 weeks i’ll have it in the air:) 

New Heli added to the fleet

Was on Ebay a few nights ago and found a 400 size Walkera Dragonfly #36 starting at $89.
I went ahead and put in my whopping bid of $90 no one else bid so I won it for the listed $89 + $13.95 shipping.
For a grand total of $102.95 I got a fully upgraded helicopter with Align 420 Brushless motor and 25 A ESC and 2000 Mah Lipo battery+stock motor,Stock Battery and the charger w extra parts.
I’m sure at this price it needs some trimming and possible part or frame replacement.
People are saying this model is discontinued . But I did the homework prior and the Exceed Raptor G2 Helicopter is a identical clone.
The Align 420 motor +ESC+2000 Mah lipo is worth $160 alone. The helicopter only retails for $189 so I got a pretty solid deal on it.
Hopefully will get it some time next week i’ll post  video of it out of the box and Hover test on my youtube channel.
Of course won’t do any air tests until I do the normal flight checks plus more since this is a second hand Helicopter.
It had it’s down side like it uses a Rate Gyro not a Head locking gyro this I found to be the only negative thing about the purchase but at the price I got this at I will buy a HH.gyro from Max at a later date.
Been using a Head lock even on my small 250 Fixed Pitch will feel sloppy using a rate gyro.
Atleast it’s belt driven I just can’t go back to motor driven tails I like tail authority and a ETRM tail don’t have that.
I’ve only flown the Walkera Dragonfly 4#1 (ETRM) which is a fixed pitch bird this is a Collective model and while I know Walkera has improved this last year in quality.
The #36 I purchased looks to be a 06 or 07 model which means this is Walkera’s bad quality years.
Also this model is using mhz technology again this tech was dumped for the more widely used and popular 2.4 ghz radio & Reciever.
Luckily i’m a fan of Exceed RC and thier clone Raptor parts will work on this model so I am sure I will be replacing parts as I go along.
Not only is Exceeds quality better they are much cheaper I can replace the Helicopters Frame with the Exceed Raptor frame which is identical for $14.
ETRM=Electronic tail rotor motor.
Stock Specifications: 
  • Main rotor diameter: Approx. 630mm (Changing to carbon fiber 325mm blades =650mm)
  • Tail rotor diameter: Approx. 145mm  (Changing to Carbon Fiber)
  • Overall length: Approx. 610mm
  • Overall height: Approx. 195mm
  • All-up weight: Approx. 580g (battery included)
  • Driven system: 380SD carbon brush motor  (upgraded to Align 420lf Brushless)
  • Battery: Ni-MH 12V 650mAh (Upgraded to 11.1v 2000Mah Lipo Battery)
  • The changes that were made will most likely remove weight w/electronics and Battery onboard) Hopefully get All-up weight down to the low 500g mark
For $50 this includes shipping I could over haul it’s look and replace the frame and it would look like this: 
This is the Exceed Raptor G2 clone of the Walkera Dragonfly #36