The Classics

After cleaning out the plastic storage containers i’ve had for years that go back to my child hood.
I decided to go ahead and rumage through them:lol
Found some classic consoles that have all the cords and actually work:O Kinda cool.
OF course some are not from my childhood and others are just plain old. 1992 was a long yime back..well I remember a time in 1992 that… blah..blah..blah
Even have some Atari 2600 cartriges and Nintendo carts along with Super Nintendo carts
And even have some PSone cd’s and Saturn cd’s lol I FEEL OLD:(
What’s silly is back when these tech marvels cost $200 a piece and they didn’t include anything but 1 controller and no game are about as worthless as a cardboard box that a bum lives in within the inner city.
And at the $200 price tag you would be very lucky to get the coax cable with it this would have cost ya another $25 to just hook it up to your over priced tube Tv that got a whopping 8 channels and only 3 of them channels were in color. And then you have that fine fuzz and the 5 or 6 guys holding the american flag ala WWII ohh say can you see. And then the smooth sounds of loud ass fuzzzz to follow shortly after wards. Thank god for technology I couldn’t bear not having  soft porn going on after some lame ass church preacher!
WHo said the space program was a waste?? Those people need to DIE!!! I an prfectly happy people die out in space to bring me skinamax everyday of the week praise the satellite!!!