Added smooth running game to Kodi

Found an older game on my smart TV in Gamefly application called Inversion from 2012.
Did the 10 minute test run on TV through Gamefly and liked it.

So went ahead and did a install on my HTPC and made menu logos to launch directly through Kodi. Using Advanced LAUNCHER app in Kodi to integrate Inversion into Kodi smoothly.
Using a Xbox 360 controller to play it. Can also use a XBone or PS3 or 4 controller as well or a standard PC gaming pad will do.
I have 6gb system ram 6 core 3.5ghz cpu and a AMD 6530 2gb Video card not exactly a gaming card but plays this game great and the game has some pretty sweet graphics!

Was only able to get screen shots using my Windows 10 phone taking shots at a TV screen is never the best way to show anything but it is better than notta.
Don’t know what’s up lately but all of a sudden I have been binge playing video games:-)

Kodi Home:

Kodi Main Menu Inversion highlighted

Inversion In game launched from Kodi

Inversion Main Menu
Inversion in game running maximum detail @ 1920×1080 no Anti-Aliasing.

I am very impressed how well this game runs on my media center will be great for 2 people playing in living room. No consoles needed PC game, Wii, PlayStation 2, Super Nintendo all on 1 box and can use Wiimote as well:-)

Old games have been revamped and are free

There are quite a few old games that have become unbearable to play due to either dated raphics or clunky menus and controls.
Sure you can get them on console but they won’t allow free graphical upgrades!

PC games can become dated in just 3-5 years because PC hardware changes rapidly . This is something consoles at this time don’t worry about their hardware cycle is anywhere from 5-8 years before a new console releases.
So this will leave some great older games in the dust. There is hope not all games have been revamped or remade but there are some good ones out there and most mods are free.
If you already own a PC game that is dated chances are it may be upgradable with community mods to improve graphics & gameplay.
I’ve done some internet lurking to find some worth while games that got solid upgrades.
The first one that comes to mind is Black Mesa. I have played this back in 2012 or 2013 and it really is a great game to play through.

The first part of Black Mesa, which included remakes of chapters “Black Mesa Inbound” to “Lambda Core”, was released as a standalone download on September 14, 2012. Valve Corporation, through public voting on the Steam Greenlight  program, approved Black Mesa for distribution on Steam, where it was released as early access on May 5, 2015.
Before Valve took over it was free unfortunately it is now $19.99 on Steam wait for a summer sale to get this. Although it is worth the $20.

Gameplay: Black Mesa is a first-person shooter that requires the player to perform combat tasks and puzzle solving to advance through the game. The core gameplay remains unchanged from the original Half-Life; the player can carry a number of weapons that they find through the course of the game, though they must also locate ammunition for most weapons. The player’s character is protected by a hazard suit that monitors the player’s health and can be charged as a shield, absorbing a limited amount of damage. Health and battery packs can be found scattered through the game, as well as stations that can recharge both.

Half-Life original comparison to Overhaul Mod Black Mesa AKA: Half-Life overhaul “This is showing the 2012 comparison it’s been improved since then”

Original Quake
This game is pretty damn old but was great fun in 1996 or 97 if you still own this like I do get ready for some MODDING! If you don’t own it grab it on Steam for $4.99 yes it can still be modded:-)
Honestly this game is hard to look at today in it’s day though it was a graphical master piece. Hard to see that now but after some mods you will be able to look at it much easier and play it without pixilation hell and working modern controls.
Go to and find quake then download the mod named Quake Definitive.
You will need broadband internet this mod is almost 4gb in size. Funny considering original Quake fit on a 600mb CD.
Once you download the mod just unzip with WinRAR and extract to the Quake install directory which will be directly on C:/ if you have the CD if you have the Steam version then will be located in the Steam folder on C drive in Program Files in the Steamapps folder then in the Common Folder.
This mod allows for Ultra wide resolutions as well and will fix controls so it controls like modern FPS games.

It doesn’t bring the graphics to todays level but makes the game much more tolerable especially with the control fixes. It’s worth revisiting or even better if this was before your time and you never played it.
This was a great game in it’s day.

Quake Unmodded
Quake Classic unmodded


Quake Modded
Quake modded @ Ultrawide resolution 2560×1080. ills the whole monitor unlike the un-modded original version.

Half -Life 2: The game is now 12 years old and at it’s time was graphically amazing with Physics and character facial expressions never seen before in a video game.
If you missed this game that is a shame! But it has been graphically updated with an almost complete overhaul.
The mod is free if you own the game just install on Steam and download the free mod  in Steam called Half-Life 2:update.
If you do not own this it can be purchased on Steam for $9.99
Here’s a video for you to check out.
Half:life 2 update Introduction video:

Or you can go with the Cinematic Half-Life 2 MOD located here:
The Cinematic MOD is insane and requires all 3 Half-Life 2 game Half-Life 2, Ep1 & Ep2 and a beefy computer to run it. Just take a look at the comparison screens on the web page to see.
Check out the comparison video

I haven’t tried this MOD but after seeing the vast improvement makes me want to install the MOD and replay HL2 and both episodes.

I did not like Elder Scrolls third chapter known as Morrowind but it got a whole lot of praise from the RPG community in it’s day.
Released in 2002 to PC and original Xbox it was a hit and a beautiful sight to be seen  then…
Fast forward 14 years it looks clunky.
Thanks to the vast modding community it has been overhauled.
If you already own it the upgrade is free if you do not Steam has gold edition for $14.99 that will have everything needed for the mod.
The Mod is named Morrowind: Overhaul 3.0 it does improve more than the graphics.
Go to this webpage to download the mod:

It’s very simple to install unzip its contents into your Morrowind directory, and run the “MO Installer” executable. If you’ve acquired Morrowind by way of Steam, the game will be in the Steam folder, under steamapps/common/Morrowind.

It is 2gb in size or a bit more.
Here is a video  to take a look-see at the game after mod.

Thief: The Dark Project is a game I have praised just recently it is an old game but some mods have done a total remake of this game using the Doom 3 engine.
Once a Mod that required Doom 3 to be installed it is now open source and a stand alone game.
The game is called the Dark Mod download here:
If you can’t bare the old 1998 graphics of the original then this will be the answer to try this game.
The Doom 3 engine is now considered dated but it’s graphics are easy on the eyes compared to the original. And since Thief is based on hiding in darkness the Doom 3 engine handles this fantastic. It’s the one thing Doom 3 was made to do handle lighting very well.
I have played this and it is damn good!

The Dark MOD Video Preview

DOOM 3 released to PC in August of 2004 this game was the game you showed people why PC gaming was the best.
2016 not so stellar Doom3 was re-released again with improvements but named BFG Edition.
If you already own the original non-BFG like I do don’t bother buying it because the mods available are a much better graphical overhaul than the BFG Edition.
If you don’t own either you can get the Original Doom 3 on Steam for $4.99 or the BFG Edition for $19.99 seriously don’t bother with the $20 version get the $5 one and do the graphical Mods.

This version of Doom is not fast paced like previous games or like the latest 2016 version it’s more about atmosphere you move through very dark areas so baddies can pop out when you least expect it. Switching between weapon and flash light was a big complaint people made you can add a mod that connects a flash light to your weapons.
I wouldn’t personally because it ruins the suspense it was made to give you.
The MOD to download is called DOOM 3 AbsoluteHD it has graphics adjustments galore to improve it’s looks. This is a seriously awesome MOD. Download it from Here:

DOOM 3 Absolute HD screenshots Click to enlarge
If you own DOOM 3 BFG version it also has an HD MOD upgrade can be located here:

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway This game is just awesome released to Windows on Oct 2008 at that time using the latest and greatest Unreal engine 3 now that Unreal 4 engine is out this makes U3 engine dated. Is a WWII shooter but not a run n gun this game requires tactical thinking.
It is different than you are most likely thinking if you did not play this game you should!
The graphics were great back then and still decent today but with the BiAH Reshade mod it improves the graphics quite a bit.
Grab the MOD here:
Very easy to install just extract to the Brothers in Arms Hells Highway directory should be located in C:/Program files (x86) if on Windows 7 C:/program files.

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway comparison Video

Took me a few days to decide which games I wanted to put up on my blog.
Decided on the 7 games I thought are well worth playing again with mods or playing with mods if you never had the opportunity to play these great titles on PC.


Keep in mind all the modifications were NOT created by myself these were created by many of the talented people in the PC community who are kind enough to share their hard work with everyone.



DOOM 2016 Remembering the mid to late 1990’s PC FPS games

DOOM 2016
DOOM 2016

The new DOOM is fantastic! I lost interest in first person shooter games for some time.
After playing the new DOOM on PC it made me reminisce playing PC FPS games in the mid to late 1990’s.

Gaming on the PC in the 90’s was a great time for PC.  3d hardware was a monster in the gaming arena when next to the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 and a PC could emulate all the consoles and look better doing it.
It was a time when games didn’t have Dolby surround sound only Laserdisc did and that required a very expensive player with a very expensive receiver and surround decoder.
But PC did have 3d sound and it was awesome! I was rocking a Pentium 133mhz PC with 32mb of ram a 3DFX Voodoo2 w/12mb memory if you had the $$ you could run 2 Voodoo2’s in SLI yes that is right 3dfx did SLI first not Nvidia and a 56k modem with a Creative 3d sound card .The 1990’s really was the golden age of computer gaming. If you were to young or just didn’t have a PC back then you really did miss out.
Not to mention internet was free! that’s right baby NetZero it had banners for promos but was 100% F-R-E-E!
There wasn’t any broadband all the rage was a 56k connection and if your service could pull it.

I remember buying Duke Nukem and Quake from EB games.
Couldn’t believe my eyes this stuff made the PlayStation look like an Atari 2600.
And Windows 95 was so amazing I thought. Until Windows 98SE came about.
Duke Nukem -1996
dukenukem3d 1996

FPS gaming on PC is the only place to do it at!
because a PC can run games faster than 60 frames per second and mouse and keyboard is the only way to frag a mofo into gibs!
Not only was FPS games coming to age but so were MMORpgs on the personal computer.
Meridian59 (1996 or 97) was out before Ever Quest which hit PC in 1999 and it brought on Ebaying digital content and a bunch of online romance and divorces. EQ coined as Ever Crack brought on the rise of all the MMO’s we see today. Amazingly 17 years later and people are still playing EQ talk about longevity I do think they are playing on servers not provided by Sony any longer. World Of Warcraft brought EQ subscriptions down.
I did not forget about Ultima online 1997 or 98:-)

The 90’s were great and so were the early 2000’s with FPS games that were amazing
Like Medal Of Honor Allied Assault 2002.
medal-of-honor-allied-assault 2002Storming the beach of Normandy on D-Day was pretty amazing. Killing the dreaded Nazi’s  on the online multiplayer made this game last over a year. And the single player was just as good.

1999 Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament PC 1999Spent quite a few drunken weekends playing this with 5-6 friends at the house we would connect to the ole HUB pull out tables and would fill my living room with computers and monitors and play this games capture the flag  LAN style until wee hours in the morning.
I had never saw a game that looked and played like this at that time it was smooth and fast as hell fragging!
The MODS and skins were never ending the community for this game was staggering.
Remember being Nude Lara from Tomb Raider could even skin your own face if you wanted to.
This game kicked major ass. LAN gaming was a great event something that made me love computers even more.

Another great game to LAN on was Serious Sam (2001)
Serious Sam PC 2001

The difference between Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam was Serious had a seriously huge amount of enemies on screen at 1 time coming to kill you it was a non stop frag fest.
The more players you had on the LAN the more enemies there would be on screen to kill you.
The Bosses on this game were tremendous! They were so damn big that the buildings that were huge appeared tiny. And if you had 6 people in game with you it was needed.
This game was kind of like Duke and DOOM but could render almost a unlimited number of enemies on screen at 1 time you would see 100’s of them crawling over walls at a time and they seemed to keep coming non-stop for 20 minutes at a time. Was frantic and fast and the fire power you had made it unforgettable.
Seriously you missed a serious kick ass game if you didn’t play this on PC.
Serious excuse me for all this seriousness business.  It was that serious.

People praise Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell don’t get me wrong I loved the original Splinter on PC.
But before that there was a game not many heard of on PC it was 1998 and the game is Thief:
Thief DP PC 1998
This game is the first true sneak/stealth game I ever played It had amazing graphics and supported 3d sound.
The atmosphere haunting i’d play this at night with the lights out and holy shit it creeped the hell out of me.
I’d be in a castle filled with guards trying to get the prized possession I was there for.
Hidden in shadows can hear foot steps coming from behind me the echoing of the steps from clapping the brick to the softer tap of walking on carpet at the same time can hear the 2 guards talking in front of me but can’t get them in view yet. They know someone is lurking! They start searching for me I hope i’m in the shadows and in a far corner far enough away they will lose interest.
The game had atmosphere unlike any other game I had ever played.
And this was no 4 hour game by any means you could drop 20 hours on this game easily.
To this day no game has had me on the edge of my seat like this game did another great 90’s PC game that so many missed because consoles were all the craze back then.

Half Life was a so,so game to me but it was loved by the online community for it’s tactical gameplay.(Counter Strike)
While I did not like Half Life I did love Half Life 2 and it’s 2 Episodes that came after.
Half Life 2 (2004) Not the 90’s but it’s a worth while mention.
Half Life 2 2004

This game introduced actual working physics something no other game did before well not this good.
And was a all new engine Valve created from the ground up. Also brought on the ever popular Steam that every PC gamer has for digital downloading games. At first only Valve games could be purchased on Steam.
HL2 had a rough start since the game was stolen from a hack to their servers and released to the nets for download Valve had to start over again.
I only have fond memories of playing the single player game and it was a great game the 2 Episodes after were even better.
After so many years of PC gaming I was seeing the things that were brought to PC and being implemented into 1 game. Half Life 2 was ushering in new visuals and physics unseen by anyone prior.
The Xbox and PlayStation 2 just could not compete. A year or 2 later 360,PS3 released and they still couldn’t play this game like a PC could.

The 90’s were the beginning of 3d gaming on PC and also the standard of gaming.
2000-2009 had some great strides in gaming as well.

2007’s Crysis:
Crysis-PC 2007
This game introduced Physics, lighting and tonnes of other tech in a wide open world. Plus who doesn’t want to kill Aliens bent of destroying the human race?
It’s 2016 and to this day the game looks even better at 4k @ 60+ Fps maxed out details 8x AA and 16x AF.
Still holds up to todays graphics being done on hardware that is 20x more powerful than it was in 2007.
The game looks amazing gunning down enemies in a full forest with grass that sways and sand that pops up with tress that sway in the wind and drop leaves all while gunning down enemies as the bullets level down trees at the same time.
I think every game released by developers today look at Crysis for inspiration and ideas.
The Cryengine is excellent. I swear to this day Killzone 2 & 3 Developers played Crysis and ran with it. Made an engine that was almost identical to the Cryengine.

I’m done going down memory lane it’s time to play some DOOM!

Last 5 weeks of Laserdisc Wednesday

Only reason I even keep Facebook up and running is for my Family, Wife & children to see what they have going on through the day. And to post the weekly Laserdisc movie.
I’ve closed out FB before but decided to keep for that reason. I find it to be intrusive and people/jobs/government can go back and use the things you may have said on FB against you.

That said here is the list of the latest 5 weeks of LD movies I have watched or my daughter and I have watched together.

#6-Posted on FB 07-06-16: 11:36aMy daughter Valerie picked today’s movie.
The Nutty Professor released to theater in 1996 is a remake of same name in 1963 starring Jerry Lewis.

Released to Laserdisc the same year by MCA/Universal.

Nutty Prof LD
Nutty Professor Laserdisc DTS version.

#7-Posted on FB 07-13-16:11:04  This week I pulled a horror classic off the shelf. This is the 1st time I have ever watched this movie on Laserdisc Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn. Evil Dead 2 brought comedy & horror together many horror/comedy movies and Television have appeared since.
Have watched it on Cable,VHS,DVD,Bluray and now on Laserdisc. I even watched the latest 25th anniversary edition Bluray which was a completely different print compared to 1st Bluray version.
And was surprised to find the Laserdisc version is the best version to watch. Sure the 25th anniversary Bluray edition is amazing but the clarity just ruins the movie. The LD version has a fantastic sharp picture it is perfect for this movies age.
The version I got a hold of is the limited edition Blood Red disc version with a misprint of 1976.
Read a review on the Red disc release complaint of speckling and gave a B rating for picture quality. What they know now is not all Laserdisc players could play the Red disc properly for some reason “was it the red dye?” I did not have speckling the picture quality is excellent.
Elite Entertainment handled LD release, Starz/AnchorBay handled the DVD/Bluray releases. Evil Dead 2 25th Anniversary edition was released by LionsGate.
When watching any Sam Raimi movie you will see the Evil Dead car in them. Even makes appearance in Spider-man ” Peter Parkers Uncle drives it”.

Movie was released to theaters on March 13th 1987. The Laserdisc version I watched today is the digitally mastered version released on 1/27/1999 now out of print.
I can still sit and watch this whole movie through I love this film!
Still loved by many check out
Now that the series is out makes the Evil Dead movies great to go back and watch again.

“Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premieres on Sept. 23rd”
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Blu-ray Metalpak releases on 08/23/2016 $42!

Evil Dead LD
Evil Dead rare Red Disc first 1500 manufactured were pressed with red Dye.

#8-Posted on FB 07-21-16: 1:31p Late post LD Wednesday.
X-Files the original movie it is. Notice: Original 1st release is not named The XFiles Fight the future.
DVD Release name change: Released in all sound formats Standard, AC3 & DTS each version sold separately.

Released to theaters on June 19th 1998 the Laserdisc and VCR versions were released the same year.
The film made its first appearance on DVD on January 24, 2000 in Region 2 and in early 2001 in Region 1.

X-Files Original LD print. DTS version
XFiles FFF DVD cover
This is the X-Files Movie DVD cover with name change from X-Files to X-Files Fight The Future.

#9-Posted on FB 07-27-16: 4:45p
This week picked classic comedy whodunit?! Murder By Death.
The cast is an ensemble of British and American actors playing send-ups of well-known fictional sleuths, including Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Charlie Chan, Nick and Nora Charles, and Sam Spade.
Released to Theater June 26th 1976>
Laserdisc release is dated 1979 long before digital audio couldn’t get sound to work at all through optical cable had to go old skool composite to TV.
Great movie loved this as a kid.

Murder By Death
Murder By Death Non-Digital sound track.

Posted on FB: 10-08-03-16: 8:38p

Last Action Hero. Released to theaters on June 18th 1993 was a summer blockbuster. Remember going to see this at the Holiday drive in theater.
Movie had quite a few Cameo appearances Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick appear outside the front door as Catherine Tramell (from Basic Instinct) and the T-1000 (from Terminator 2: Judgment Day) And Stone was his wife in the movie Total Recall.
Sylvester Stallone as the Terminator on a poster promoting Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Inside the video store. LOL Video stores. What’s a video store?
Maria Shriver, Little Richard, Entertainment Tonight host Leeza Gibbons, James Belushi (who starred with Schwarzenegger in Red Heat), Damon Wayans, Chevy Chase, Nicolas Cage at the counter when Jack asks where he is sitting, Timothy Dalton (James Bond at that time) and Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Danny DeVito did voice of Whiskers the animated cat in the precinct and there are quite a few others . Should mention Art Carney who played Slaters uncle Frank.
Last Action Hero was first to use Sony’s SDDS (Sony Dynamic Sound) as with most of Sony’s products it was CRAP! Even Sony LD’s are prone to Laser rot. Sony did get Playstation right and Bluray. So many issues with this Sony tech. Paramount called SDDS “Still Doesn’t DO SHIT!”

Is a multi disc Laserdisc requires 2-flips and a disc swap out. Laserdisc version was released late 93 or early 1994. Laserdisc was the only version to present Last action Hero in it’s original widescreen format until the January 2010 Bluray release.

Last Action Hero LD
Last Action Hero LD Original Theatrical.





What options are there after cutting the cord?

There are many reasons people watch television some for news others for seasonal programming and the biggest one sports.
After you cut cable off and are now on local antenna with internet access how can you get the specific things you are interested in that antenna broadcast may not or just does not cover?

There are options most will cost you a monthly fee.
Movies and TV you can pay monthly for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and for live streaming television you have Sling TV, USTVnow.
The costs vary across the board Netflix standard streaming as of May 2016 is $9.99 a month if you want UltraHD you need the Platinum plan that is $12.99 a month.
Hulu- $7.99 monthly
Amazon if you have a prime membership which is $99 a year you get unlimited streaming of pretty much all their library.
Amazon now offers a monthly fee that is less than Netflix coming at you for $8.99 monthly. This allows you to watch the majority of Amazon’s selections excluding the absolute latest movies and TV these will probably not be available.

I have used every service listed so far. While Amazon does pull some amazing exclusive Movies or short series out of their sleeves like Mad Dogs. Not sure it competes with Netflix or Hulu’s excellent interfaces. Is it just about what they have to watch? Yes and no a nice user interface makes the difference of finding what you want a whole lot easier and faster.
Netflix and Hulu have this down Amazon needs to follow the standard these 2 have set.

Live streaming Television
This is where it gets costly and pretty much works against you and the reason you cut the cord.
There is not 1 service available that offers you to only pay for the channels you want.
Doesn’t matter if you go with Verizon, Bright house, Time Warner, USTVnow or Sling they all shove packages down your throat.
The first company or persons who start a Live Streaming TV service or standard service for that matter where you can either pay for the 1 channel you want or the 10 you want is going to be the winner.
Bottom line packages are bullshit! No one wants em we only get stuck selecting packages because we are forced to. If you don’t get their bundles they punish you by charging more!
These companies love to shove services down your throat you don’t need or will ever use like the hard telephone line that is forced on you to get a cheaper cable ,internet package they know that the hardline will never get used but they love getting paid for it.

Lets start with USTVnow this is used in Kodi quite often and they do offer a free package that will give you a few local channels most you get with the antenna you just installed but most of the time the locals they give you are from different time zones so the programming can sometimes be different.
The free package offers you a whopping 7 channels ABC,CBS, The CW, FOX,NBC, PBS & My 9. This is fine if you don’t have cable or an antenna some channels are better than none.
As of now on my Antenna eastern time zone in Florida on The CW  Ceasar Millan and MYTV or My9 Whacked out Sports.
On USTVnow The CW showing Same as local antenna but MYTV or my9 is showing What went down.
Is the free USTVnow useful? Not really if you have an antenna up so that means you have to pay for a package to get the channels you don’t get on the antenna.
The thing that USTV now does offer is when you buy a certain package you get DVR capabilities and don’t need to buy the hardware if you are using a HTPC or media box that has hard drive space already.
The 1st package is the All channels package this starts at $19 a month for 1st 4 months then goes to $29 a month. You get Limited DVR with referral credits, HD channels included, 28 channels total.
The 28 you get for $29 a month-ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX, Fox News, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT, USA, AMC.

Next package All Channels + DVR This starts at $29 a month for 1st 4 months then goes to a whopping $39 a month!
What you get: Unlimited DVR, HD included and 28 channels total same as listed in prior package.
Then there is the Premium service this is 200 channels includes HBO & Showtime and starts at $99 per month!!!
Lets go over this why did we cut the cable company off? Bottom line this is not a sound option. I should mention that you can watch USTVnow package on any device.
Want more info?

Sling TV offers a 7 day trial.
They push packages on you as well. And offer 3 different packages the 1st base package to be compared to USTVnow is $9 a month cheaper and offers 25+ channels. This is Slings 1st package the $20 a month package.
Channels you get ESPN, AMC, CNN, HGTV, Comedy channel, Cartoon Network, History, Disney, ESPN2, TNT, FOOD, TBS, BBC AM, Free Form, Adult Swim, A&E, IFC, Elrey, Viceland, Lifetime, Travel, Newsy, Bloomberg, Local Now, Polaris, Maker, FLAMA & Galavision

25$ month package 40+ channels

40$ month package all channels.
To get a better picture of what you get for your money  go to:
My opinion this actually is not that bad $20 month package would compliment the antenna perfectly.
Down side you will not be able to DVR any of the channels you get through this service.
Also if you use Kodi as your media center this does not have any plugin to smoothly integrate into it.

As with Netflix, Amazon & Hulu I have also tried USTVnow & SlingTV. So my input is not just read off of a webpage I have used these services. Some I still pay for monthly others I only did a trial run. Out of the 5 I have listed I only pay for 2 of them monthly.
SlingTV is heavily on my watch list.
Word on the webs is SlingTV will be releasing an app to some smart Televisions so far Samsung & LG have been named. I have a 2015 LG and still no Sling TV App I have seen. Supposedly was to be released on LG smartTV’s st quarter of 2015.  Either it came and failed or they failed to make the slated release time frame? Or have been stuck in the never ending Roku, Android updates and releases to cover any other platforms.

Sports this is something I do not bother with. Plain and simple I don’t like sports. I love watching my kids play on a league or at school other than that I could careless about sports or the channels they are on. Or the events that are being held.
I’m a tiny portion so I have did some looking into this.
I have followed some web pages regarding sports.
With some investigation and lots of reading I was able to not only get NFL network but also NBA, MLB, Boxing, Racing, UK Sports and many, many more including Euro Football and Ireland games.

Was also are able to get Expanded channels TNT,TBS, ID channel, AMC and many others.
On top of that I am getting channels from all around the world.
I went from paying $230 a month for 380 channels to only paying $96 a month for Internet and now get so many channels I could never watch all of them.
I have absolutely became a fan of U.K TV these people have an outlook much different than US. IN US our TV is littered with consumerism commercial every 10 minutes buy, buy, buy!!! Over in U.K sure they have commercials but nothing like here in the states they are not as materialistic as we are and the commercials are about what’s going on or what’s coming up next and when shows are airing they do not have a commercial even once during a show.

I will not show you how to get access to all these channels that will be for you to figure out. But it’s out there!

CBS Action UK


UK TV Guide






Sky Movies


NFL Network


Local Antenna


Kodi Front Dash


OTA Radio


Terrible Video I did of being in Kodi dash running channels and other things.

Keep looking on the nets do your homework all the services are free and anyone can do this as long as you can read it can be done.

Cutting the Cord update

Back on May 8th this year I posted on mounting our antenna to get free over the air television.
In that post I covered the mounting and what channels I was able to pull from over the air.
This post is not about that.

While the antenna was mounted and working our cable television access stayed active until late June.
Not sure on exact date know it’s been a few weeks now with no cable TV access only the Antenna and Internet access.
I was all for getting the antenna up and pulling in free TV but letting go of cable was a little harder than I expected. First I said we will see how it goes during bad weather.
Some pretty bad weather came our way and no issue at all with reception. Then it was how much am I really saving here? Then next excuse was I can’t let go of my HDHomerun TV Tuner Cable card boxes.
I had been so programmed over the years to think the only way to watch TV was to have cable I kept making excuses to keep it on.
Even read the interwebs to see what others were saying about cord cutting and found there were people making the same excuses I had been making even main question how much am I really saving?

It then hit me it’s going to be saving over $120 a month even if it would of ended up only saving $40 or $50 a month by cutting cable package down why give that to the cable company when the stuff I watch regularly can be had for absolutely free! Why give them $50 a month? Why give them even $5 a month they have been sucking the public dry for years with no real competition. It became clear all the years of cable pushing their BS that the only way to get clear TV and more channels was to have cable.
Little did they know technology changed this and the internet they were charging people for was slowly killing their cable television services. And with the change to Digital OTA signals that not only are better quality HD but you only have to buy an antenna has officially made cable TV the outdated service.
I can’t praise the antenna enough the picture quality we get is far superior so many times I am watching TV thinking it’s a HD channel and it’s regular 480i resolution.
The HD channels are so much better there is no comparison even to cables best HD channels. I’ve had Fios and Bright House neither are close.

Ended up just buying the new HDhomerun OTA tuners that were ATSC compatible to make sure all rooms got TV and we could still DVR/PVR our regularly watched programs. Gave Bright House the call to disconnect our cable TV service and home phone service but kept our internet service with exception of cutting the bandwidth package we had in half to 100mbps.

2 weeks in and I have not missed cable even in the slightest. It’s funny because I really thought it would be missed.

While I don’t miss cable I will admit I like TNT,TBS & ID channel. Luckily there are ways to watch these channels absolutely free .




Selling Pioneer CLD-V2400 Laserdisc Player
Have it listed on Craigslist and not Ebay. Even though I got the unit via FedEx or USPS I prefer to sell locally and avoid Ebay and chancing that it gets damaged in shipping.

It is of course a used player but I did take care of it.

When it comes to Laserdisc players. Pioneer is the only make Laserdisc player you want to own. They made the best players available. This model is an industrial model meant for learning and Job  training /orientation connected to computers and barcode scanner connection. Although it is an industrial model it plays movies without any problem.
It has been well taken care of in a non-smoking home before that it was in a school library.
It does have writing on top of the Unit but in a rack system or under a TV is not noticeable. “Magic eraser will probably remove the writing”
The Remote control is included and working.

Pioneer CLD-V2400 features:
• Playback of LaserDiscs (LDs), compact audio discs (CDs) and compact
disc video (CDVs). The CLD-V2400 does not playback CD-ROM discs.
• Playback of digital audio or analog audio playback from LaserDiscs.
• RS-232C interface, compatible with the Pioneer LD-V8000, LD-V2200,
LD-V4400 and the LD-V4200 (discontinued), LC-V330 Autochanger, the
LD-V4100 (PAL player), and the CLD-V2300D & LD-V4300 (Dual Standard
NTSC/PAL players).
• Built-in LaserBarcode™, LaserBarcode 2™, and Barcode-CD™ capability,
using the Pioneer barcode reader UC-V108 BC or UC-V109BC.
• Wireless/wired remote control with the CU-V113 or the RU-V103.
• Fully automatic disc loading system

Laserdisc players stopped being manufactured in the United States in 2001 and 2009 in Japan.
The Model I’m selling CLD-V2400 was manufactured in Feb 1994.

While it is used It was not used heavily. This player still has many years left in it if well taken care of.
Only the Laserdisc Player , Remote control & A/V Plug are being sold.
Barcode scanner, cables for PC all sold separately on internet.