Playstation 4 Uncharted 4 10 days and a wake up

I prefer posting about HTPC’s and stuff relating to them.
But the release of Uncharted 4 is news to post about. This is the 5th game of the series and the very 1st of the series to be made exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Uncharted 1-3 HD versions were released for the PS 4 back on October 7th 2015 titled The Nathan Drake Collection.
And then the Sony Vita hand held Uncharted release Golden Abyss. Which was also a new story and game exclusively for it’s PS Vita release.

Not many games turn my head but the Uncharted series does and has since I first played the original on the PlayStation 3 bundle I purchased about 2 years after the PlayStation 3 was released. I waited on this purchase since Sony had been a huge disappointment to me with regards to the PlayStation 2 release. They lied about the PlayStation 2’s capabilities and The PlayStation 3 was a huge surprise to me. It was everything they said it would be.
Fast forward to the PlayStation Vita and again Sony lied about it’s capabilities.
I so love the Uncharted series I still purchased the terrible hand held just so I could play Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
If you like Tomb Raider series at least the good ones that released then Uncharted will be welcomed greatly. Because to me it’s everything Tomb Raider failed to accomplish it is the better game by far. Even Tomb Raider’s best releases don’t touch any of the Uncharted titles with the exception of Golden Abyss.
They are 2 different games and should be judged separately but truth is it’s hard not to.

May 10th is release date so 10 days and a wake up!
Uncharted 4 is developed by Naughty Dog.

Nathan now looks a bit older. Just rendered better.



HD Antenna

Went ahead and ordered a HD Antenna to install. Will try and create some videos and take some pictures when installing.
This will be my first time installing an antenna. I have installed a few Direct TV dishes years ago so this will be a great way to know if a 1st time installer can do it without to much difficulty. Hopefully:-)
Maybe this will help others decide that are not sure of going with an antenna maybe thinking they are hard to install or the picture and sound quality may not be as good as cable or satellite.
Using an antenna alone will not cut it unless all you watch is locals. Bottom line you will need internet service to get TV shows and movies that are not going to be on local channels.

I went ahead and ordered an outdoor antenna: Support full 360°rotation using the infrared remote controller included in the package

  • Gain 20-28db – Channel: VHF1-12 UHF21-69
  • ” Installation Kit Includes: Coaxial Cable – 50 feet, (25) Cable Clips, (20) Cable Safety Ties “
  • Solid construction with water-proof capability.
  • Reception Range: up to 125 miles

    HD Antenna
    OTA Antenna HD/VHF/UHF

    Just have to make a few small purchases after I get the antenna.
    Need the J-Pole like is used with Satellite dishes. “Decided to go with a 40 ft pole instead of the J-Pole”
    Most importantly need to purchase a Coaxial Broadband In-Line Surge Suppressor.

    Went ahead and did a check on what channels I could possibly receive at TV FOOL.
    Got this listing using approximate height my antenna will be installed at. Estimated height would be between 16-18 ft. With using a pole that will be 35ft from ground it did not change any listing of channels that TV Fool pulled.

    Local channel listing OTA
    OTA Local signal. Antenna at an estimated height.


    After install will also note cost of all items along with time it took to setup & install.
    Hopefully this week or next weather will be nice and will have installation completed.

    Going to try and win a bid on a HDHomerun dual Tuner for OTA signals.
    See if I can setup 2- HDHomerun Prime along with the HDHomerun Dual OTA Tuner in Kodi and be able to successfully record on same guide using different tuners.
    Do not want to spend much for this so it’s a long shot. Did not get the latest HDHomerun Connect tuners which are better than the one I am bidding on.
    Is an older model HDHR3 (Discontinued) Replaced by the better model HDHomerun Connect.
    If I do not win I will then use the USB Tuner I already own. The KWorld KW-UB445-U2 Hybrid TV Stick.

Will be nice if I do win the bid on Hdhomerun OTA dual tuners will end up paying less for the dual tuner Hdhomerun than I paid for the USB OTA single tuner.

And plan to split line at box to use as a FM antenna as well. At a radius of up to 125 miles around figure I should get channels from Orlando, Gainesville and possibly Ft Myers  .
Will be cool to see what radio stations I will be able to pull. Thinking Myers may be 20-40 miles out of range.

Kodi skin Phenomenal

Introducing PHENOMENAL! 
I installed this skin on my daughters HTPC in her bedroom yesterday.
She had been using the default Confluence skin for the last 2 years or so. I wanted something new and easy to navigate for her. And mostly wanted something more catchy something a 17 year old would enjoy looking at and using.

The skin is pretty awesome I am considering changing my living room HTPC skin out for this one. At this time I’m using the Eminence 2.0 which is a awesome skin.
My daughter hasn’t praised the skin but she also hasn’t complained which means the change out was a success!

It’s a nice clean skin that also looks kick ass. Just a perfect mix.
And can easily link the HDHomerun View app to the Live TV logo in the bottom bar in the skin. Like that don’t have to remove the built in LiveTV icon to replace it.

LiveTV icon stays!
HDHomerun play
HDHomerun in action😉

Some screens I took while it was in use on my daughters 32″ HD television in her bedroom.
TV went from never used to being used sometimes.

In Kodi using the Phenomenal skin. Bottom of screen is the icons for different selections. Weather it be music ,movies or television.
Music add-ons were selected. This is for watching music videos or just playing any kind of music you like . Includes Radio stations as well.
She chose the Biebs:-(

If your tired of the same old skin you may have been using for the last few years or if you are new to the whole HTPC thing.
Give this skin a try it is clean and has plenty of options to customize the way you like.



PC Gaming screen shots. It’s Personal

Posting some of my favorite screens of games I very much enjoy playing or have finished playing.
Something about PC gaming that consoles just can’t touch.
Ryse Son Of Rome:EFCEE2A6CF8B1DF82E432A1F34A33C3751D721B5 (1920×1080)
5D2B0C8A3A7D1912431E8769C310087B7D8B1740 (1920×1080)
D6C3263AD26D9226C237E17AF37B08F19C80DEFF (1920×1080)
Rise Of The Tomb Raider:
Batman Arkham Knight:
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier:
489CB7DBD50DF5DC8BE65DFFD21EBA23C4F1AF9D (1920×1080)
Max Payne 3:
FE5848EBE8C2BC15659A2350AC2EFF1226893C27 (1920×1080)
5780665A4BEDABAA70D3CD416925E55334864956 (1920×1080)
04A587897F93F907B7AA17FB1856A5062E86CA58 (1920×1080)
C455F4F4206E31DD2ADE12B1AED20D7DAEF3B4A5 (1920×1080)
Crysis 2:
44E6CD885C9D0CB303819A1D71ED56F1BB1FA378 (1920×1080)
E0910EE8FD75D208DA12606C25C4D32181EE7B86 (1920×1080)
770F590C556E2BA9517553704B6BFC32DF1EA513 (1920×1080)
BF5921A9D96B8829AF343F0F38EBDEDC67AA615E (640×360)
EF2F664A0E288E5A4A1DF040BED5717700DD6435 (1920×1080)
Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC:
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (1)

As much as I look forward to PlayStation 4’s Uncharted 4 release I still love playing on a personal computer above all.

It’s not just because the better graphics a PC can do or higher resolutions. Or the fact can play games above 60 frames per second.
Mostly it’s because when your playing on a PC it is a personal experience that just isn’t there on consoles.

Best KODI plugins

The plugins I will list here are what I feel are the best plugins available.
There are many plugins available- for me to say I’ve tried every one of them would be an out right lie.
With that said should also mention that some of these plugins are considered pirate streaming.
KODI does not endorse these plugins nor condone the use of them. Only use the plugins that fit you.
So you now understand that these plugins are not supported by KODI and that KODI was NOT made for pirating TV or movies and you use some of these plugins at your own risk.
Meaning if you run into issues with these plugins KODI homepage/forums is not a support page for these plugins so DO NOT go there looking and asking!
The Plug- ins in RED are considered pirate streaming. Next to the plug-in name will be names of repositories that are needed to use that plugin.

There are different types of plugins located in the repositories you install. They are listed under Video add-ons, Information Providers, Lyrics, Add-On Repository, Picture add-ons, Program add-ons, PVR Clients, Services, Music Add-ons and quite a few others.

The ones I most use and search through are Video add-ons, Music add-ons, Program Add-ons & Services.
Most content I will post will be of the Video add-ons category variety.
Best bet on installing these plug-ins without issue is to install as many repositories as possible.
SuperRepo, Fusion, Zeus, Xfinity once these are in make sure to install every repo listed in each of these.
Go here to follow procedure on how to install these repositories.

Video Add-ons:
Genesis-   install Fusion, SuperRepo  then install lambda Add-on Watch Older to latest television and movies. Quality of video can be poor to 1080. Expect average quality regularly.
Exodus- Install Fusion then go into video addon and install exodus. -Same as Genesis except Exodus is the upgraded version of the application Genesis.
Pheonix- Install Fusion then repository xbmchub This app performs same as Genesis and Exodus except it is different in the way it categorizes. Give it a try Video quality on Pheonix is usually Average to 1080.
USTV NOW -SuperRepo then install USTV NOW. This is a legit application video quality is average to HD.
1-Channel –This is same as Genesis, Exodus & Pheonix. Except this will have more older television and movies available to watch. Still has latest TV and movies as well. Expect video quality to be poor to DVD.

ABC Family- As listed watch ABC family programming.
ABC iView
EarthCam -This is one cool app check out video feed from camera’s all over the world.
Hallmark Channel
HD Trailers
Howard Stern- Love Stern? This allows you to stream yesterdays show and once in a while can listen live as well.
IMDb Trailers
Sports Devil –This app allows you to watch any sports game around the world. Must have for people who love to watch sports.

USTV VOD- Video on Demand US broadcasts another legit app for streaming television. Expect quality to be average to HD. My experience has been good video quality is always high.

Program Add-ons:
Addon Installer
Advanced Launcher- For Windows/Kodi based setup.- This is great allows you to integrate Windows games right into KODI and also other executables.
Artist Slideshow
ArtWork Downloader
Global Search
Maintenance Tool
MCE Remote- For remote control config. No Remote control you no need! Need this to customize your remote.
ROM Collection Browser- This is marked red due to some of the copyright laws that still exist for some game roms or .iso’s available.- Allows you to install and use emulators in KODI. Supports MAME, NES,Snes,N64, Nintendo Wii, Dreamcast, PlayStation 1 & 2 and many others. Why not make your Home theater PC a multiplatform gaming system as well? I play Wii games on my HTPC here and there myself love New Super Mario & Punch Out!!

In the future will add a procedure on installing emulators and using ROM Collection Browser.

USTV VOD Library auto update
XBMC Library Auto Update This is great when you add music and Movies to your collection it will always auto update the latest ones you add.

Music Add-ons:
Apple iTunes Podcasts
iHeart Radio- This application speaks for it self:-)
ABC Radio National
Metal Video

Only one to install for this and is great if you like to read lyrics when listening to music on your HTPC.
CU LRC Lyrics




KODI Jarvis 16.1 RC2 Released

Team KODI/XBMC has released latest Jarvis 16.1 Release candidate #2.
RC versions are generally stable but always use your best judgement if unsure install on a test box.

Me personally I use the RC versions.
You can grab it up at the KODI site here .
Or feel free to grab from my Dropbox account here . It is virus free but as always scan anything you download from the internets. Even if it’s direct from site.
I use the windows.exe so this is what is available for download on the Dropbox link.