Windows 10 latest insider build. And Windows gaming

Major change in experience from prior post regarding Windows 10. All good very pleased today to report my personal experience.
Prior to the last Windows Insider update fast track build gaming performance was not up to speed when compared to Windows 7, 8/8.1. Noticed framerate issues across the board on all newer/latest games on RTM release of Windows 10.
Latest Insider build “Fast” : Build 10525 which stated changes Updated color options, memory management improvements and I’m sure a few other tweeks.
And there was one more update after this build not 100% sure exactly what changes were made. Will look into this a bit more later.
I use a Radeon R9 290x graphics card which also had updated beta drivers AMD Catalyst™ 15.8 Beta Driver released on the 1st of September .

Games I played at max resolution 2560×1080 full detail. AA set low and Super sampling set to lowest on Windows 7/8.1. Played smooth but not pushed to full detail in options offered in game.
Example Crysis 3, Ryse Son Of Rome, Batman Arkham Knight.
These same setting on Windows 10 RTM were almost unplayable major slowdown micro stuttering and even occasional lockups.
After Latest Insider update Build 10525 “fast” combined with AMD’s latest Beta drivers Catalyst™ 15.8 Not only will they play smoothly on old settings I can now crank up AA, Super sampling at full detail and resolution and get better framerates.

Amazing! If you prefer gaming on a PC over a console this is a really nice push from all parties to support the PC gaming community. If things continue to improve like this. Windows gaming will be on top again in no time. Keep it up!!

Side note: Batman Arkham Knight was riddled with issues on release and as of yesterday September 3rd they released a patch to rectify issues. So the improvement and quality of this game is only due to games patch.
Game released on June 23, 2015 and patch released September 03, 2015. Game was in such bad shape they actually pulled sales of it on PC days after release.
Before saying WOW! I’ll not buy that game you may want to reconsider while it had some issues on launch the game is amazing. In my opinion it’s best of series.

Windows 10

I adopted Windows 10 about 3 weeks prior to RTM. Still am apart of the Windows Insider program and do keep on fast track.
Last night received update on fast track TH2 update which is first preview build since RTM release.

I personally had issues with initial install of 10 which lead me to various possibilities either hardware or just Windows 10 plain did not play well with my hardware.
Had decompression issue when installing apps or games. PC would not boot up 3 out of 5 times.
After changing HDD to the SSD seemed to fix issues. Which leads to another strange outcome the 500gb mechanical drive I used shows up healthy after 3 tests now. Not one bad sector.

Know of 3-4 others that moved to 10 without issue.
Gaming wise Windows 10 is not on par with 8.1 by any means. Gaming performance has dropped a bit games now get stutter when they did not on 8.1. I’m using the 4gb Radeon  R9 290x. Hoping after some Windows patches and driver improvements over the next few months will smooth this out.

If I had to do it over again I would and will stick with 10 until things improve. I personally like change when it comes to operating systems.

Do I recommend others to upgrade no i’d wait a bit.

Crucial BX100 SSD 500gb

Haven’t posted to blog for a while.

This is just a post to report on the Crucial BX100 series SSD drive for desktop PC’s.

It has given great benefits as far as boot up times and apps launching faster.
Game wise not much to be said since games use up Video cards for performance. Some games are more CPU dependent but In general it’s all Video card power that makes the difference.
1 benefit to gaming is load times there does seem to be a bit of performance improvement there. But not actual game play.
The Crucial MX200 series is the better option at a bit more cost.

I’m a bit late into the performance SSD adoption but I like. Better late than never:-)

Crucial BX100 SSD
Crucial BX100 SSD

My best friend

I love the time we spend together. He is loyal, loving and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He’s never jealous or spiteful.
Just my best friend.

Just played disc catch for a long while. He hasn’t played like that in a long time. Amazes me he hurt his right leg playing yesterday never cried or anything and today went playing never stopping and played for a long time.
Shows how loyal he is and how much he wants to please me even if it hurts.
Side note I would rather we not played when he’s hurt but he just bugs me non-stop until I play.

20150320_115051Sammy my true friend and best pal. I Love you!

Always said Drones are perv tools.

But have since changed my mind. Sure the one I like has a camera built on but that’s not what I like Don’t like cameras at all on any small flying object. Main reason I never added a camera to any of my helicopters is because of the creepy factor.
The Drone is edge lit with LED lighting front one color back another to be able to tell front from back. Plus can night fly that is cool:-)
To light up a RC Helicopter is a bit costly and requires extra power meaning another battery. Once you move into 450 and larger they are heavy enough without extra lights or battery.

Model i’m looking at is a starter model but comes ready to fly and is able to flip in flight.
Hero RC XQ-5 V626 UFO Drone
HERO Drone

From what I see it’s a good starter and comes with spare blades and battery and is only $105.95.

Align T-Rex 450 back up AGAIN

Lost my 450’s functionality meaning no flight or if it did lift tail spun or shook so bad caused minor earth quakes in it’s flight path.
It’s an older model I’ve been flying them for about 7-8 years. Now they have much better equipment namely flybarless technology. I thought the jump from MHz to Ghz was huge it was in it’s time. But flybarless is just amazing.

Thinking in a year or 2 moving to a 500 or larger when I do flybarless will be at top of my list.

New tail assembly


I did a few minute hover test seemed solid no shakes tail locked nicely. Have to go over everything 1 more time verify integrity and use locktite where needed.

450 next to my collective 250