OMFG The X-Files laser disc arrived!!!!

Ordered the X-Files Season 1 Volume 1 Laser disc back on the 22nd and it finally arrived today:)

This was only a Asian release LD a very collectable item. While the one I ordered case was a little rough the disc’s are mint! I scored it on a bid for $11 shipped this LD usually goes for around $100.. The booklet that’s included is in all Japanese so I am unable to read the cool stuff included this is what really makes LD’s stand out DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s packaging just is not as slick as the Laser Discs are. Also ordered Pulp Fiction LD and it never arrived contacted the seller on Amazon and he said he shipped out the Japanese release of Pulp Fiction which is another great collector Laser Disc.

Hoping it gets here unlike the 1st one I ordered. Really can not say how fun it’s been collecting these LD’s I have them on DVD and even re-purchased some of the DVD’s I already have on BR. But the covers on these 12″ gems are just amazing it really just makes the recent DVD & Blu-Ray packages seem very generic in comparison. They may take up room but I am going to continue collecting. Right now i’m in search for Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nihm when I was a child this movie was my favorite cartoon it holds very good memories for me. Hoping to get one so I can pass this great movie on to my children.

Laser Disc Wants:


The Secret of Nimh

X-Files Seaon 1 vol.2, Season 2 Vol.1&2,Season3 Vol.1&2

The Lion King

James Bond Octopussy,For your Eyes only,A View to a Kill

Star Trek: The motion Picture,Wrath of Kahn,Search for Spock

Indiana Jones: 1&2


StarWars Trilogy the Collectors Box Edition…. No interest in the latest 1-3 StarWars

That’s it for now these are the ones I will watch for at this point in my collection.

On the Blu-Ray side 🙂

Pulp Fiction a Walt Disney release so it should be a solid reproduction. Release date postponed:( at this time. The imported version is out but decided to wait for a proper US /NTSC copy.

Band Of Brothers/Pacific.  There is a version floating around that includes both series

Supernatural Seasons 1-3

Spartacus: Blood & Sand complete 1st Season

X-Files :Fight For the Future

Spiderman 1&2 release date Nov 16th  Spiderman 3 is already released but won’t bother until I have 1 first.

Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead 1 is out and from what the reviews are saying it is the best quality version that can be had although the bonus content is no different than the collectors content on DVD…so nothing new on the bonus content:( Can’t imagine how they could dig up more though the movie is as old and through all th years they had plenty of time to dig it all up probably when the Laser Disc version was released.

PC: Digital Downloads

I remember when Halflife 2 was released and Valve anounced that they would be distributing games through thier new Steam service.

Instantly thought yep this is going to be an epic fail and will never work. Figured many people would rather have a hard copy DVD/Blu-ray even felt this way myself. Now 30 purchases later not including my sons account I really think Steam is great I like that I don’t have to dig through my messy desk to find some game on DVD I feel like playing.  After trying a few different apps for digital purchase like EA’s manager & M$ Live Steam is way ahead of these. 

The digital purchases and downloads will be the PC’s last saving grace. With developers blaming PC for rampant pirating many many games have either been canceled or simply stopped and made for consoles only. Anyone with half a brain and can surf the web will quickly conclude that it’s not just PC’s but the consoles are being pirated at a rate much higher than PC’s. They are getting released almost a month early on Console example Halo:Reach…. While Windows has a security for early releases and PC games do get pirated but are not 1st they are 2nd thought just like they are 2nd thought for developers. Hopefully this will turn the tides back to PC again.

And is an awesome place to get quality games at a low price Just bought Broken Sword The sleeping dragon & Overlord for under $10 not to bad they are older games but are good ones.

Repairing the 450

My Trex 450 a month or 2 back just stopped working?

After looking into it appears that the issue is with the ESC. Since the ESC I had was one that had the BEC built in I think it was weakened by the high end servo’s I was using.

My tail servo which is $40 and new along with the motor not spinning up it also has failed. Decided to Buy a new 30A ESC and a separate UBEC this way I can have my servo’s and reciever powered separately hopefully this will restore everything back in working order. 

My main concern is more weight now I will need another battery onboard for the BEC alone hope it was worth the spend.

Went with this UBEC:


Pictures & purchase are from

BoardWalk Empire

The new series of BoardWalk Empire premiered last night on HBO.
It started out great and has a great potential to become a great long running show.
Martin Scorsese was involved in the project  and get this Mark Whalberg is a producer of the show..pretty cool came a long way from Marky Mark and the funky bunch huh:)!?
Who would have ever guessed that this guy would one day be working with Martin Scorsese?
Tried posting the maiking of Boardwalk empire but it has been pulled continuously due to copyright.

LaserDisc or DiscoVision…It’s still Groovy

Decided to start hunting down the classic LaserDisc movies and ofcourse a Player to enjoy them here and there as well.:)
I found the 1994 Industrial model on Ebay the Pioneer CLD-V2400 this was used in educational facilities and hospitals and boardrooms around the US.
While there are better players that were manufactured in 2001 that supported optical out & DVD compatibility these are few and far between and can cost more than what one is worth atleast to me at this point..Maybe later I will change my mind on this.
These newer model (1990s)are not compatible with the classic Dragons Lair or Space Ace arcade Laser Discs that were used in the old Magnavox LD players.
And I beleive that the last Laserdisc player to be manufactured in the USA was in 2001.
I wanted to get some of the must have LD’s alot of the extras and commentary and even some movies will never be released on DVD or any other media because they were a exclusive deal with Pioneer indefinately.
Ebay is a great place to start looking if your interested I got my LD player working for $24 and have bought a few movies for under $1.
SO far ordered Bram Stokers Dracula,Pulp Fiction,Good Fellas,Scream uncut.
I also went hunting at the fleamarket which turned up with 0 and decided Goodwil and sure enough found Terminator 2 in Excellent condition the Jacket has no wear and the discs are in excellent shape. Was bought for $5
The picture quality is still great considering this technology was originally released in 1978 I was in pure amazement at the quality I did not expect it to be this good of quality since even the movie I got is 1year away from it’s 20th Birthday.
It’s not Blu-ray quality but it’s really close to DVD this is a huge deal especially since the VCR took out LaserDisc in the format battle.
If changing discs or flipping them isn’ta bother to you then I suggest giving LaserDisc a try because very soon there will no longer be collectors willing to let them go so easily.
Note: there are players that play both sides of the disc so not all players are the same.
For more info check out the Wiki page on LaserDisc and find out how it started and how it ended.
LaserDisc may no longer be produced but it is NOT dead:)
Compared to Blu-Ray ofcourse there is no comparison Blu-Ray has the best Picture and sound out today so it’s not really something to compare LaserDisc to.
Now comparing it to DVD I have to say it’s damn close and would really take some constant watching to see the slight differences.
Put it up against broadcast HD again Broadcast HD will over come LaserDisc.
LaserDisc compared to standard definition broadcast or even 480P broadcast LaserDisc is the better quality.
After collecting a few more movies and a few I have on BR,DVD and soon LD I will compare them side by side DVD and LD and will even make a conection to my TV so I can record and take screenshots so others can see if they notice DVD from LD.
I would of liked to post some screens of the movie but I just don’t think doing all that work is needed with only the Terminator 2 if I had another T2 DVD maybe then. Take my word for it it will not disappoint in it’s quality even if it is analog video.
I took some pictures of the Disc and player from my Android the pics aren’t the best but they work.
Update: Even if a LD Player does have a Optical output it will still require you to purchase a S/PDiF Demodulator.
What the demodulator does is converts the analoge stream into Digital so your reciever can use the sound source.
Some high end Recievers will have a  input for demodulating you will not miss this input will be labeled : AC3 RF input not to be confused with the standard optical input.
The Lexicon LDD-1 Demodulator was widely used. Still today these demodulators will cost you between $100-$250 used.


Also if you would be interested in using the LD Player as a arcade player for the Space Ace Don Bluth Games that were in the early to mid 1980’s the newer players from the late 80’s-2001 would require a  conversion kit which would allow these classic/collectible LaserDisc games to be played in a newer unit.Newer Unit meaning made in the 90’s:)

Check out these links:’s_Lair

Emulator Link:

If you look you can & will find Laserdisc games on the nets that will work using Mame or Daphne.



Playstation 3 Jailbreak

After 4 years the PS3 has finally been cracked.
The going price for the USB dongle is almost $200 completely out of thier minds I think they forget that the Playstation 3 is at the end of it’s 5 year life cycle.
Not to mention When and it will happen Sony makes a firmware to combat this so called golden $200 USB Thumb drive.
Anyhow since the PS3 has been hacked there will be a real solution "eventually" that will not cost you a penny…Be patient.
Here’s an article regarding the software answer.

With the steep price of PSJailbreak , and the possibility of the USB being useless/blocked after a firmware update, many are eagerly waiting for an alternative solution. While we wait for the devs to get in their units, has tweeted encouraging news on his Twitter a few hours ago:

The exact chip for the dongle has been identified, looks like dumping it will be easy.

We encourage all of you to wait before spending money on buying the USB dongle, it is only a matter of time before we get a free/alternative version.


Upcoming show this month:)
My favorite shows are about to start thier season premieres.
With True-Bloods last episode of the season on Sunday September 5th atleast shortly after some new seasons begin.
Supernatural Season 6 there is a conflict of this starting date it’s either the 10th or 24th of September?
This on Fridays the 10th & 24th both fall on a Friday so which one is it guess i’ll tune in on the 10th to be sure on the CW at 9PM eastern time.
Dexter Season 5 premiere is coming September 26th this show is on Showtime at 10PM Eastern time. After season 4s season finale pretty pumped to see what can happen next.
Californication this show kicks ass and is on Showtime as well season premiere is on Sundays this September no released date yet but will post as soon as I know.
Although not this month or even the next few keeping an eye out for Breaking Bad this show is amazing on AMC movie channel.
On the video game side I grabbed Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 console I think it’s great so far picked up the controller last night and took a break just now to post on me blog:) Also can play on the Playstation 3 entertainment system.