Today went to the USA Fleamarket with the wife and children and walked around for an hour or so the ate a Taco Bell:)
It’s my Daughter Valeries 9th B-Day..Happy Birthday Val!
Got home and decided to go on the green PC.
And played a few new games not far into either of them but so far I am enjoying Lost: Via Domus PC version.
I am one of those people that pick up a game and know within the first hour whether it will be interesting enough to continue on.
Alo wanted to mention a game called The_Experience also known as Experience112 both games are adventure games which I love to play.
The Experience PC game is different one a adventure gamers may like this lot faster than a action/FPS gamer.
Here is a screen shot of Lost: Via Domus,LOST_Via_Domu_PC.Screen
Here is The _ExperienceThe_Experiment PC screen
Both games were screen shot on my green machine.
Note:The Experience does get a lil slow down here and there I run it maxed at 1680×1050.
On a adventure game like this though the little slowdowns do not hurt the quality of this game at all.

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