Xbox360 Internet browser

Was looking around and found that the Xbox360 can surf the web using a app called MCEBrowser it only works on Vista 32 bit and of course the old Media Center edition as well.But 64 bit OSes are not supported at this time.
I thought kinda cool Youtube on the big TV.
Go to it’s free and just requires install on PC that is assossiated with your Xbox360 Media Center.
There are other cool plugins at the page I listed as well. I saw a netflix plugin that allows you to order there or play watch now movies on your Xbox360.
Take a look at the NES emulator that runs through MCE as well it is using Java to accomplish this.
All of these are working with NON-modded Xbox360’s
The location they have listed is for MCE05 for Vista the location should be C:/programdata/media center programs/NES
And you need your own ROMS remember it does not emulate the games it emulates the hardware.
I should mention the only one I played with was the Internet browser and is not working with vista 64 as is appears and that is what I use.
Although I am sure I will play with the NES emualator at some point but with all the no working 64bit apps it is strongly possible it will not work either! 
Also took a look at Internet Explorer 8 it is in beta 2 release. Public beta.
Reminds me of a mixture of Mozilla FF and Google Chrome. It seems stable in beta 2 and all plugins I have tested worked flawlessly.
And last week Heroes season 3 started! The Japanese Hero needs to die he gets on my nerves! And what an idiot to boot.
And this Sunday Showtimes Californication and Dexter started!
Should not forget TruBlood another great HBO series.
Hopefully soon LOST will start as well.
Metallica Death Magnetic was released good album reminds me of the old shit.
This album makes me angry to kill my family animals and and curb stomp peoples teeth out then praise Satan that is how I know this is a good album:)
Gotta respect the fact they have 5 albums that sold #1 no other band or musician has ever accomplished that not even the Beatles.


I have been going crazy trying to figure out why and how our electric bill always seems to be over $300 a month.
At first I thought it was our old house because our bill there was never under 300 it even broke $400 at times.
This month we got a bill for half a month and again was $218! OK I know my brother’s E-bill was that with the back door open all the time for 1 month not half.
The only thing different at my house than others "people I know" is I have 5 computers running constantly I did not include appliances,televisions, monitors, laptops or game consoles into these numbers. We do use all LCD monitors for the PC’s so I am sure that saves some Power consumption instead of using CRT.
We average 107 Kilowatts a day.
Here is the figures I came up with At Idle 1 computer consumes 145 watts at idle I did not add any real power consumption from gaming and timed at a half hour so I doubled that up for 1 hour which equals 290.
290×5= 1450 watts an hour 1000 watts = a kilowatt.
Which means that we average 1.5 Kilowatts an hour and 48 kilowatts a day in computers alone that is almost half of our power consumption alone!
I did not add the Xbox 360 that at idle averages 157.5 again that does not run 24/7 either but if played in game for 1 hour it consumes average 185 watts x2 and peaks at 186 x2. x2 is for the hour the numbers I listed was for a half hour strain.
Again I am sure the numbers are not dead on because I did not count in the peak consumption from computer strain and of course each PC may have different results in power so the numbers are not exact but I am pretty sure it’s close.
We do use energy efficient light bulbs I suggest it to anyone they saved us quite a bit in the first month I started using them about a year ago and have not went back to the old ones since.
They cost a little more but you will make back that in the 1st month plus some.
there are more affordable ones so shop around you won’t regret it.
I try to make sure and get under 20w 13w is a good# and Illuminosity is equivalent to 60 watt standard.

Hey too funny atleast to me

This pic looks just like my old supervisor at my last job.
The best part is his name is Travis!
Check it out I fixed a LCD TV little expensive but I did it the one hanging on the wall I fixed:) The front was smashed with a hammer and due to that some resistors popped so I replaced all tested power supply and I then fixed it took a few hours but I did it. I laugh at the geeks who actually read books to fix this stuff!
Creepy the Poltergeist show was on that is the little girly that died staring at me with her death look.
I’m finally moved in and am comfy took almost a month have some small work to do like the wires hanging from the ceiling but that is little stuff
Like this where I have my Modems and routers it looks like shit I have to clean this stuff up it bothers me. I did clean it up some but I no like.
router wall 

Old papers and life

I found this to be pretty cool so I will tell.
Jenn went to her grandmothers to clean and she had found some very old news papers and old hair Dryers from the 50’s
Anyway the News paper was dated 1785! I exclaimed" Holy SHIT!" that was 9 years after America became independant! 
Needless to say she brought home the hair dryer and not the news paper WTF! Just like a women although I did find the old hairdryer pretty cool I tried it on:) GE model HD8 and still working after 50 years. I am guessing is the 8th generation of this thing it is big and funny looking. My Camera is dead charging the batteries now will post pics of Hairdryer and News paper when I get that.
She said the paper was in really bad shape from being over 200 years old it is falling apart all over but the print was still very ledgable. The Boston Ledger 1785
Appears that paper floated through the family because one of her late family members worked as a print press back then. 
I tried to explain everything that happened back then and it hit her and now she is going back for the paper Just the thought that the 1st President was alive and the treaties that took place pretty neat.
What I find funny is I could remember things I read about in high school on history and things but when I am working on my PC’s at home and I walk away I can’t remember which one I was working on???
Looks like my short term memory is shot out not so good. Really bothers me is it age? or the fact I never took care of my body like I should have through the years?
I am quite confident my nasty life style for so many years is finally taking it’s toll . As long as I live long enough to see my kids grow up I am ok and think I can go easily after that.
I had to add more to my final comment.
My whole point is this have you ever known anyone that is terminaly ill? No I don’t think I am. They are told by some Dr they do not even know that they maybe have 6 months to a year to live and this disease they have had for the last 10 -20 what I find insane is how once this person knows this it’s like the mind accepts this fate and they are now full blown sick dying.
Of course this is after they start pumping test drugs in and every other thing in your body because they figure this person is dying anyhow. 
The mind, body and spirit are one atleast that is what I think and once a person hears this thier spirit breaks thier mind accepts this and the body shuts down.
Me I don’t want a stranger telling me anything about myself I will let death come when it does.
Plus allowing some asshole to take my blood and then take it away bothers me that’s a whole other thing .

Here’s the pics of the old Hair Dryer


Google Chrome is it GOOD?

Decided to install and try it and also post here with it after the some what scary end user agreement.
1st I noticed that quite a few plug-ins do not work.
Also some pages work ok and others do not when I first went to my page it was showing with RSS feed very strange had to change and save even after I did already before.
And the end user agreement pretty scary which I kinda knew anyhow Google tracks everything word to the wise if you plan on doing something bad don’t search it on google because they will have all searches there on your court day. "My paranoia"
-1 Google reserves the right to automatically update and install Chrome.
-2 By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services."

I did copy and paste this is not my wording as you can tell it’s nice and proper:)
Anyhow I still installed anyhow wanted to see what it was and how it works it is fast…like lightning FFAAssTTT….Probably because no plug-ins work at all or even properly maybe in a month that may change.

What I did do on this fine Saturday

1-Played lame ass Mercs 2 =Ghey as hell don’t bother…no really don’t
2-finally after 6 months I packed up my 19" widescreen monitor and had the wife mail it out..I did do the packing:)
3-Clean the pool change the filter was green now is blue with the foggy look getting there!
4-I Fixed my sons PC locking up lame ass Windows Xp SP3 doing it tha bastard.
5-Said I was gonna work on neighbors laptop never got to it because of what I did #4
6- I wrote on this lame ass blog of mine.

Internet connectivity in new house

Ok, I know there is wireless now I appreciate that and am using it all the children run on wireless but for some of my equipment wireless is just not an option.
Example my PC and my everyday runing PC must be hooked wired same with 360. Running that wireless is not worth it at all #1 the price at $100. I can do lots more with it than use that on a connection for my Xbox 360. Plus why settle for under 100 mbps with the wireless adapter.
So for my son he still plays his PS2 and it requires a network connection as well but I did not want the same wire mess I had at the old place.
Since he is wireless I simply bridged his wireless adapter to his net adapter then ran a cable from PC ethernet adapter to PS2 ethernet adapter and bam he is now conected PC and Playstation 2 simple solution. 
X360 is in the living room and my routers and switches are on my wall in my room across from my Computer desk. But I do have a switch on my desk I ran 1 Cable up to the ceiling into the garage through the wall behind my entertainment center I connected another switch there and connected 360 through that.
Here are pics of my setup kinda messy right now this is our 1st week in the new house. Yes setting up connectivity was 1st thing on my mind almost but the rest is a wholeother story.
Little Sal connected.
Jess And Amber Connected
Xbox 360 connected plus other ports for more connectivity I had to run 1 line throuigh the ceiling from my desk switch to the garage through the wall for this action!
And finally my room where everything connects through.
Here’s my wall of routers and switches,Phone jacks all through closet and inside.
MyDesk that also has a switch which powers the switch in the living room,and other PC’s under my desk:)
 Ohh yes moving is fun:)..NOT! while the wife worries about the simple things like arrangement I have to wire everything from Network,PC’s and home stereo equipment she thinks this is easy stuff?
Takes hours and then days to make a good configuration without to much drilling and holes in the wall.
Think I did well ojnly 1 hole drilled and everyone is connected Living room bedrooms and family room… Not to bad if I say so my self!
Off the subject I had hung my 7.1 surround sound speakers on the walls this time around I wanted to use stands and only use 5.1 instead went to the Home Depot to get the plastic walkway wire cover and they want $25 for 8ft of the stuff so ridiculous so I have only hooked the sub, 2 front surrounds and center since the house sits differently the sub is on opposite side had to purchase a new sub cable (Longer) that alone is $20 gotta get gold plated for some solid bass ya know.
BASS in yo face in yo face in yo face bass,bass,bass in yo face in yo face!!!