Selling Pioneer CLD-V2400 Laserdisc Player
Have it listed on Craigslist and not Ebay. Even though I got the unit via FedEx or USPS I prefer to sell locally and avoid Ebay and chancing that it gets damaged in shipping.

It is of course a used player but I did take care of it.

When it comes to Laserdisc players. Pioneer is the only make Laserdisc player you want to own. They made the best players available. This model is an industrial model meant for learning and Job  training /orientation connected to computers and barcode scanner connection. Although it is an industrial model it plays movies without any problem.
It has been well taken care of in a non-smoking home before that it was in a school library.
It does have writing on top of the Unit but in a rack system or under a TV is not noticeable. “Magic eraser will probably remove the writing”
The Remote control is included and working.

Pioneer CLD-V2400 features:
• Playback of LaserDiscs (LDs), compact audio discs (CDs) and compact
disc video (CDVs). The CLD-V2400 does not playback CD-ROM discs.
• Playback of digital audio or analog audio playback from LaserDiscs.
• RS-232C interface, compatible with the Pioneer LD-V8000, LD-V2200,
LD-V4400 and the LD-V4200 (discontinued), LC-V330 Autochanger, the
LD-V4100 (PAL player), and the CLD-V2300D & LD-V4300 (Dual Standard
NTSC/PAL players).
• Built-in LaserBarcode™, LaserBarcode 2™, and Barcode-CD™ capability,
using the Pioneer barcode reader UC-V108 BC or UC-V109BC.
• Wireless/wired remote control with the CU-V113 or the RU-V103.
• Fully automatic disc loading system

Laserdisc players stopped being manufactured in the United States in 2001 and 2009 in Japan.
The Model I’m selling CLD-V2400 was manufactured in Feb 1994.

While it is used It was not used heavily. This player still has many years left in it if well taken care of.
Only the Laserdisc Player , Remote control & A/V Plug are being sold.
Barcode scanner, cables for PC all sold separately on internet.