Been awhile

Picked up spare parts for my RC helicopters for a good price"YAY"
Have not flown in about 5 months picked up after charging and was able to still hold a hover and circle around a few times guess it’s like a bicycle once you know how to fly you always know I am surely rusty but flew around on 2 batteries without a crash not bad!:)
I still love the hobby it keeps my mind clear but with all the shit going on right now it’s just not that fun.
Been playing Mass Effect and The Last Remnant on the new PC both games are fun. I should be spending all these hours being an adult and getting a job.
Would like to play more Left 4 Dead was awaiting some new DLC and the latest news was released of 2 new vs. maps and a survival mode? Where the fuck are the new campaigns Valve??!!
The whole thing that made L4D fun was co-op story mode they had very promising co-op maps but after so many months these maps have become stale.
Valve add more of the story content!!!! This is what the beef of the game is… add the bread as an after thought.
There are user made campaigns that are out but are not complete and require you to use console to start the map.