New ESC arrived

Along with the new ESC I recieved new paddles for the Mini spark heli and got the new program card.
Tested the new ESC first attempt I mixed wires so had to redo the connections.
After getting that correct I went ahead and programmed the ESC to play music when it confirms the checks and calibrates.
Pretty cool now my 450 & 250 both play music.
Would love to program in Slayer’s Reign in blood tune the checks:)

My next flyer/project

Moving my Wasp v3 Fixed pitch over to a full Metal & carbon Fiber frame.
This will also turn the Fixed pitch into a Collective pitch helicopter much better flyer than a FP.
Flying a Fixed Pitch these days is not so challenging and very limited in aerobatics.
Not as boring as a coax but boring none the less.
Wanted to move to the Skyartec Ninja 250 but it’s pricey in comparison to the Trex 250 clone.
Skyartec= 140$ and I would have to modify skids onto this helicopter The EXI is a superior frame in comparison and almost a dead match to the Trex 250.
Dropped my extra 450 size Belt-cp Helicopter on Ebay included with servo’s the motor and Electronic speed controller. Already got 8 watchers and a bid so I should do pretty good with that sale.
Plan on using the $$ from that on the new 250 frame.

My 450 build is complete!

Took alot of time got my new servos in the mail at 11:30 am.
Finished the build at 9:11 PM had issues with the servo for the pitch. Was reverse meaning if I were to go forward the swash plate would lift and tilt but the swash was dropping giving negative pitch whean it should have been giving positive. Without a programmable Radio I had to rack the brain and move around the servos to get it up and wroking properly.
finally brought it up for it’s maiden hover and the swash plate was way off and the tail was wagging very very badly.
Took it in again readjusted the tail gain and tail rod servo. Along with re-aligning the swash plate.
went out again for hover test #2 Nailed the tail it’s solid stable and can pretty much hover hands free.
Only issue I am finding at this point is on spool up there appears to be some type of binding it has some issue spooling up I did readjust motor placement and checked belt.
The belt tension is dead on and the Pinion was a little to snug I re-adjusted that and will test again tomorrow after a charge up.
Hoping my motor is not defective just got it 2 days ago.
Update: Was told since I have changed motors from my stock Belt that I may have to rebind the RX with the TX I went ahead and did a rebind hoping that the issue was the ESC did not recognise 0% throttle it may have been the reason for the spool up issue.
Really hoping this is the fix i’m in no mood to send the motor out for a RMA. 
Here’s some pics of my snazzy new rig:) YAy!!!!
Check that shiz out a full C&C metal head:)
Attached to the back it’s round black and purple that’s my head holding Gyro that eliminates the tail from moving when flying in wind or seraching from throttle changes.
Very cool and my very first kit build… i’m so proud right now feel like i’ve completed my jedi training.

Nose in-Nose out.

Stylish & Sexy pose.


All I can say is from the 2 minute #2 hover test I did . This thing blows away my old 450 by far it’s quick on response I love that shit.

Love that it’s DTS and none of that link to link swash setup the Belt-cp has.

Not that i’m gonna ditch my Belt-cp gonna rebuild it and have 2- 450’s ready for me to beat on.

Wolfenstein 2009

The game was released yesterday 08/18/2009
Have played through the first chapter and partially through the second..and it is right fun.
Uses a heavily modified Doom 3 engine so the polys are higher allowing for heads to be round instead of the Doom 3 block heads that were sadly apparent in the Doom 3 release.
The modifications to the game engine include depth of field effects, soft shadowing, post processing effects, Havok physics, as well as the addition of a supernatural realm, called The Veil. While in The Veil the player has access to certain special abilities, such as the power to slow down time, to get around obstacles that exist in the real world, or even to be able to defeat enemies that have an otherwise impenetrable shield.It’s your standard FPS but allows a 2nd dimension viewing (the veil) kind of like the game Prey that was released in 2007.
Game has the standard WWII weapons with a twist you can collect $$ through out the levels and visit weaponshops for modifications silencers ,bored out barrels pretty cool no doubt about it personally I love the silencer in any game for that matter. The silencer always feels more accurate when it’s attached to a weapon.
There is a multiplayer side to this game as well but can not comment because I have not played with that aspect of the game.
Since it uses the Doom 3 engine it is quite scalable so requirements should not be an issue.
Here’s the Games requirements a GF6800 or ATI x800 can be out performed by a $69 Geforce 9600.
Not to bad for a game these days when most require dual or quad cpu’s and a 8800 to get decent performance.
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon(TM) 64 3400+ processor
Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA(R) Geforce(R) 6800 GT or ATI Radeon(TM) X800
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
HDD Space: 8GB (Plus an additional 800MB for Windows swap file)
Media: 100% Microsoft Windows compatible DVD-ROM drive
Internet: Broadband connection and service required for multiplayer
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP or Windows Vista(R) (Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are unsupported)
Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0c (included & required for Windows XP & Vista)
I have this running on Windows7 64 without issues so windows 7 testers should not have any issues running this.

It looks good for the requirements it’s no Crysis but most importantly it’s fun.
So let IDtech 5 roll on in this coming year..
IDtech 5 looks insane can’t wait to play a Mad Max game always wanted something like that to play.

The new motor for my 450 arrived today!

It looks so sexy.
Now I wait for the new 30a ESC and 4 servos…Then I build me new sick ass Helicopter:)
Completed the Motor pins on the ESC soldered them on this afternoon:)
And mounted the motor to the frame. It’s really nice I love how the motor mounts underneath instead of ontop much better for COG already with the motor and ESC in place it sits properly instead of leaning on the tail fin. 

The New HOT ROD!..SwEeeTT!!!

The kit arrived today at 7 and I slapped it together to add the electronics later and to see it and take pictures of it:) Yes i’m a true geek.

Just waiting for the new servo’s to arrive hopefully next week it won’t be just a desk ornament.

I just want to fly it right now but a true model builder has patience…soon I will have constructed me own Helicopter like some stranger i’ve never met before me did.

…I can feel the ghz flowing through me.




1st RC helicopter kit build

Have the new Trex 450 v2 clone frame coming this week!
Can not wait this is my first kit build this is a must know for any true RC Helicopter pilot.(kind of like a Jedi knight they are not a jedi until they construct thier own light saber)…in this case a helicopter;)
After getting alot of feed back from the fine people at heliguy & RCdiscuss I was easily persuaded to purchase some Tower Pro SG 90 servos.
These servos I am told have more torque than the stock Esky ones and it appears to be the must have upgrade.
Since I am on a budget purchasing a programmable radio is not in the cards right now so I must use the Esky Belt-cp Ghz radio and RX.
Also taking the HH gyro and motor from the Belt as well to complete this awesome upgrade.
So after getting up the cash it will be much easier to build the Belt back into a working Helicopter it will leave the frame with servos and stock blades fully intact.
Will eventually purchase either the Spektrum dx6i or Futaba FUTK6900 for my Trex and replace the RX’s in all of my helicopters then i’ll be able to use 1 TX on all 3 helicopters.
The cost $199.99 with the rx included then to add the other helicopters to the specktrum setup it would cost an additional $100 this is the reason I must wait for this upgrade.
Once I get on the Spektrum setup upgrading helicopters will be much easier and alot more affordable…until better technology comes along anyhow.
Using the ghz system alone is great I do not miss the analog mhz what so ever…The one down side to flying my 250 it’s still on 72mhz. ..can’t fly this on a field with others.