Little Sal’s Birthday & New Fixed Pitch Helicopter

My son had his 10th Birthday last week he got a few Gamestop gift cards. Which was great he loves that place and since Killzone 3 was to be released 2 days after. We went ahead and prepaid the game in advance.

Gamestop had a midnight openimg for the release of Killzone 3 my son woke me at 12:30 to remind me so I went ahead “at 12:30 am” and brought him to his 1 st midnight release partys at the gamestop in Port Richey Fl. I do not think it was all he thought it was going to be I tried explaining this but he had to see for himself. It is a really an excellent game though. I played Killzone 2 and beat it and that was a good game Killzone 3 is actually better I am a bit way in now .My son already beat the game within 2-3 days:) And he also beat BulletStorm in a day or 2 as well. Just couldn’t play BulletStorm on the 360 waited to play on my PC at full 1920x1080p if Killzone 3 were to hit PC i;s have waited to play that on the PC as well.

Also ended up getting a new Fixed Pitch Rc Helicopter the new Transmitter & tail the motor is a large improvent.Hopefully the larger tail motor is going to last longer than the old. As far as the tx goes it seems more solid and has a LCD screen for battery monitoring and trimming pecentages.

Old TX:

New tx

Here I am doing the maiden flight after balancing $ trimming the new Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter. /Only change i’ve made is added a steel flybar for a little ,ore weight and better stability in the wind since the FP heli’s are tyraining/practice RC’s

KillZone 3 Screens from Playstation 3 Gamestop

BulletStorm PC Screens from Gamestop

The $24 3 channel heli:)

You can actually control it unlike the $40-$50 Havoc Heli that is all foam.

This helicopter is a 3-channel and all plastic and the plastic is very durable. Purchased at Sports Autority and didn’t expect any thing from it. Was only suprised that I could actually fly it!

Made by a company called Sud Aviation,Price $24.95, 3-channel.

Decided to let a few different people try to fly the little 3 channel only to discover that it may be completely uncontrollable for a person with no rc helicopter flying experience.  So it would take practice for a 1st time heli flyer to actually fly this thing.

It Works!