325s carbon Fiber

Decided to go and order the Align 325 carbon fiber blades people were raving about them.
After having to add 4 spacers total 2 on each side I went out for a test these blades are a bit larger than the stock woodies.
Took notice although a bit more stable it does bog head speed down a bit which I do not think is a good thing for inverted flying.
While I don’t mind stability at my stage of progress it’s not that much of a difference compared to the stock blades.
The blades were superb needed no balancing and was dead even right out of the package that’s a rare thing indeed.
But due to the head speed issue I decided to order the Align 315 pro Carbon fibers (White/Red not so matching w/Green) as well i’ll continue forward for a while to see if these 325’s grow on me:(
Hate spending money on some thing only to find I don’t like it.

My Daughter Amber LOL:)

My #2 daughter Amber… she is a trip!
She has wanted to get her belly button pierced for the last year but due to having Evans syndrom she was unable to get the okay from the doctor to get it done.
Evan’s syndrom is a blood disorder that causes her to bleed very easily and bruise easily as well.
Few week ago she went in for her 6 month checkup and her platelet count was in the normal range and the doctor okay’d the piercing.
So today Saturday July18,2009 my wife brought her in for the piercing. Being the dad I am I can’t bear to see my kids get hurt but Jenny took took the pictures. 

This one is classic it made me laugh
I know but wait I couldn’t be there because I can’t see the kids get hurt it’s true I can’t be there but seeing this picture alone put a smile on my face from ear to ear…Classic!
Didn’t think she would go through with it.

Helicopter size difference

Took a pic of a top side angle to show size difference from what I was flying to what I now upgraded to.
The white one was the one I have been flying for about 2 months now but that’s the basic size i’ve been using for a few years now.
While the new helicopter is not as big as they get it’s a good step up for me until I get confident flying 3d.
Then I will move to a 500 or 600 TRex.  
A 600 makes my new one look like my white one if they were next to each other.

Selling my Falconbee 300

No longer selling my falconbee it’s been sold:(
Decided to put my falconbee up for sale it includes many many extras.
2-x380 motors one is unused in the package.
A total of 8-Woooden blades half 8 degree the other half 10 degree.
4 sets of plastic blades.
A spare Esky 4in1 and a Esky TX spares w/Carbon Fiber farme w/head and gear attached.
Also other spares incliding another main shaft and gear in package w/3- 7.4v 900mah batteries.
The box for the Falconbee is included.
There are 4 sets of canopys black white and red.
everything in Picture is included plus more looking for $160 for the lot there is over $400 worth of parts and helicopters here.
The helicopters tail motor is a bit weak will fix before shipping.
Will throw in a set of training gear as well.
Reason for selling this is not because it has any issues it is because I have out grown this helicopter and would like to use the $$ I get from this on a spektrum dx6i Radio.
Or I would also be willing to trade for a dx6i radio.
Video of me flying this heli is on this page I have only flown the helicopter once since then.
Any questions email me at smiseks@hotmail.com 
Is also listed on craigs list and will be on Ebay after 1 week if I get no buyers.

Ordered my new 450 acrobat heli AKA:3d Helicopter

Finally went for it and ordered a 450 size Helicopter and it will be my 3d practice heli for when I do the final purchase of a Trex Helicopter almost there!
After years of practice I’m ready to start acrobatic training with the real deal have in 3 months of 3d flight with Blade 400 model on flight sim as well.
Moving from `18-20 inch to almost 30 inch helicopter much larger and more powerful. matter o fact last time I was near a 450 the blade knicked my arm and it blew up like a ballon and left a nasty scar but my noob days are over and this mistake will not take place again:)
Here she is yay!
Always wanted to get a boat to try out as well so I found this slick lookin dude that does 30+ mph.
Got it on order as well plus the kids can do this as well better fun for us since we live 2 doors down from a full size lake.
Watched a video of this boat go and was fast for stock had to have it. 
It’s big almost 3ft long and requires 2 -380 motors to power it although I think dual props is the standard not sure on motors though i’m new to the whole rc boat deal.


Dolphin_3661 SVN a Gamecube & Wii Emulator for the PC

Have not looked into the Emulation world in years figured the only thing worth emulating as far as consoles go is the GC or Wii and to my suprise the emulation scene for the GC and Wii are well on thier way…Another plus the Dolphin runs both Wii and GC commercial games:)
All other games for x360 or PS3 all come to PC anyhow and always look and run better.
Started with dolphin SVN_3404 moved to SVN_3661 and have tested Mario Galaxy_Wii,Resident Evil Remake and Luigis mansion GameCube Used these games only because I own them using downloaded ISO’s is breaking the law_ all work flawlessly at full speed for the most part and look better than thier console counter part because with emulation you can up the Resolution and also use high res textures. The GC or Wii hardware only support 480P.
The emulator is CPU dependant having a Dual or quad core CPU is a must if you want full speed.
Earlier revisions I beleive that dual & quad support is broken or only supports dual cores latest 2 revisions recognise the quad core cpu.
Also took note that there is support for the Wiimote and other Wii hardware as long as your PC has bluetooth you can hook up the Wiimote.
If ya wanna try using the Wiimote or other hardware and don’t have Bt on your Desktop PC at newegg they have a USB bluetooth for $9.99 my desktop did not have Bt plus you can find a 3rd party Wii mote at Sears for around $30 I have not tried yet but put in the order for the $9.99 BT USB. 
Dolphin a Gamecube and Wii emulator
Here a link to use the Wiimote as a mouse if you would like.
$9.99 Bluetooth USB at Newegg