Was gonna upgrade radio equipment for helicopters but…

Was going to upgrade radio equipment on my helicopters which would have cost a bit much.
So decided against it I have adecent radio now that is fully programmable and can be used on all 3 of my helicopters.
And went with buying a new HDTV Set.
Couldn’t resist the price tag!!
Went to Sams and they had only 2 left the Philips 52" LCD 1080P HDTV set. Nomally the price of the Philips TV set is $2,360 and I got it for much much less.
Really wanted to avoid a plasma by all posssible means and almost went there because they are much cheaper than thier LCD or LED counter parts.
A 47" LCD was going for around $900-$1200 While the 50"-52" Plasmas were at that same price range and sometimes cheaper by a few hundred dollars.
The down side was these TV’s were a max of 720P. 1366×900 or something like that.
Also should have mentioned that I wanted to stay away from any Sanyo products I have a 26 inch one I repaired and the quality of these TV’s are sub-par to other LCD HDTV sets or back lit LCD HDTV for that matter. I have a 53" Panasonic looks better than my Sanyo LCD HDTV.
Also took notice that the Sanyo TV’s get burn in very very easily this is problematic and requires constant monitoring of any still images including the channel banners that most broadcast networks keep on the corner of the shows that are on.
We all watch TNT and my Sanyo LCD ended up getting the round TNT image burned into the screen. The guide brighthouse uses is surely to cause terrible 4×3 image burns in your nice new 16×9 TV.
After testing my new LCDTV I notioced this is not the case it does not get burn in like my Sanyo does. 
The TV I had in my living room is a LCD projection and was getting old going on it’s 7th year. Not bad still going strong 53" 1080i no 720P option at all.
And getting a 47" LCD was just a super down grade in size after owning 52" tvs for the last 10-12 years it’s hard going back down in size because everything seems to small to see unless your right on top of it like a PC monitor.
Finding the Philips 52" HDLCD TV for $940 was just to hard to pass and also grabbed a 2 year warranty for $56 so for under $1000
 got the 52" LCD 1080P 120Hz tv that is just awesome… the picture quality is just sick watching Inglorius Basterds at 1080p and 5.1 DTS HD sound is just unbeleiveable.
Grabbed the new Star Trek Blueray gotta see that shit next!!!
Lucky we got there early like we did becuase there were only 2 left in the box and someone already grabbed the first box as I walked up to the display.
I couldn’t be happier
Except buying a stand what a joke I did not want a wall mount wanted a regular stand and at sears the cheapest was $179 went to Biglots forund a stand for $60 supposed to hold up to 250lbs and it broke with 10lbs.
Fianlly went to Walmart found a decent one for $119 but still ridiculous for a TV stand. 
What’s nuts is some stands were in the $400 price range I think not $400 for 6 pieces of metal a few bolts and screws with 2 thin plates of glass they must think people are retarded.
Here’s my dope ass HTLR

Mass Effect 2 !!!!!

Okay, I have had the opportunity to play the new Mass Effect 2 game on the PC..That’s right not the dulled down 360 but the PC!:)
If you have not played ME 1 then I suggest get to it you can import your leveled up character from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2.  I so wish I kept ME 1 installed or left my save games intact on my PC.
First the game play is great and fun as hell the leveling up is a bit different from 1 but works fine on the new system they have intact.
Graphically in my opinion the U3 engine has not looked better that’s right Gears 2 ain’t shit!
It’s no Crysis but it sure is purty:)
If you do not have Mass Effect 1 go ahead and download Steam and get it for $19.99 it’s worth the purchase I paid full price for it and do not regret doing so it’s a fantastic game that integrates leveling up,shooter and a good story and best of all it takes place in space with all kinds of planets to explore and alien species to meet.
You decide if your a paragon or a renegade.
Release date 01/26/10
In game screen

Friends ,Beer & Politics mix?!

Before reading keep in mind the Cash flow listed is not an exact or even the truth but are there to make a point and honestly these #’s have been spent on so called campaign budgets..pretty scarry.
Went to a buds house for MLK day …yep were all white 🙂
The arguments or discussion regarding why to vote or caring for other nations to drug laws in the USA.
First lets take a look at history it shows that the US people were much more innocent before WWI and today we’re much more ignorant or maybe just happy putting on blind folds?..ignorance is bliss an american past time.
Before/during WW1 The USA were isolationist and we were asked to help in the WW1 Conflict Wilson declined.. when dud bombs that were dropped and failed to detonate were called Wilsons because they were upset the US would not interfere. Before the US ego of our Gov  THINKING were the world police. Everyone should think and live like us…scratch my head sound familiar??..Hitler.
Another example our vote counts:? Does it..really? DO you think any president or state elected official from Independant to Republican or democrat really implements what the people want? or need for that matter. I’d say no they implement what works best for thier pockets or next election. Flash back G.Bush Jr. vs Gore, George Bush decided to go ahead and pardon all non violent felons giving the right to vote again ..take note no other rights were re-established like the right to work a government job or to carry a gun like our constitution says we can. Yep they couldn’t even tally votes right HUH?! Or did good ole Jeb help big bro out?
Nope he only wanted votes this is what I call a gain move… it benefits the big wigs that need votes on election day. 
During this conversation I was told only dumb fucks did not vote??!! But I can’t help but to think the opposite the ignorant that vote and think they help or actually believe that if all people stopped voting a president wouldn’t be elected anyhow. The truth is voters are our issue they believe in the BS and beleive they are making a difference boy that’s what they want you to think the false feeling of change or participation and not one elected official does anything they talk or help anyone but thier fellow congressman or thier campaign funding ass kissing they do inbetween election day. Most americans are so caught up in the BS they truly beleive were free. The best way to control a nation is to throw them scraps and claim freedom while they control every aspect of our lives including being numbered for thier tax collections. Our politicians are illusionists and many of the lamb follow willingly and obediently…the VOTER. The voters are the ones that keep this sad cycle we call America today shame all of them.
So when I hear every vote counts it makes me sick so we can vote for the next self serving politician that has his own agenda at hand not whats best for the people of the USA.
Sure Haiti was a nightmare but who gives a fuck ..fuck them where is the money for our fellow americans that are homeless on the streets from this shit economy…That’s right they bailed out the banks which highered long time members interest or cut thier credit completely and Obama /Gov/senate now has stranglehold on who’s handling the bank our government can fire a bank exec if they deem fit is this the Free US dream we were told about or do they throw thier lies for the fools to hope for this change? "The Obama Change " You know the one "Change" What change name anything! LOL .So the senate/ house has gladly shifted funds to wasted campaign to fight drugs or to open a new shit section with a budget of 1.2 billion dollars.
It’s all about budgets who gets them and how much.
Not one of the largely budgeted campaigns help any americans they feed the propoganda it’s thier cause but later down the road it’s unheard of like the failing drug war the 1+trillion dollar drug was that was lost because our gov used that to help shift these products into the US.
Today United states is over run by meth homes and these numbers are growing daily. Over in Amsterdam they have no clue what that is! Why?? Because only America criminalizes drug use and uses that to make false wars and gain large budgets to fill the system with non -violent drug users not murderers or dealers but drug users..Pretty sad if you ask me.
Our system is broken My great grandfather fought in WW1 my Grand father in WWII,Father in Nam,Brother after the rag head started bombing our boats and stuff in the 90’s.
I’m saddened that my distain for this country has grown but I think if our four-fathers looked at this today they would turn in thier graves.
Americans have become self absorded and think in thier Hitler type mentality that we can change those that don’t want it.
History shows every great nation falls lets hope when we do we get it right the 2nd time. Maybe a good smack in our faces is needed. I’m not talking about terrorists but a truly in your face challenge that knocks reality into these american people and our hitler minded government. 

The $58 and change 450

A RC RTF Fixed pitch helicopter for starters costs $100.
Collective Pitch helicopter rarely cost less than $200 for starters.
I built from the ground up a $58 bird and it flies pretty damn good for the price it’s not a high performer but just awesome for the $$ spent.
Here it is 1st test flight nothing dialed in yet pitch is off and gain is off and I think the pinion is meshing a little to hard.

No PS3 Anywhere!

Went looking to buy a PS3 last night.
First hit Gamestop not 1 in stock unless we went to Jacksonville or somewhere like that.
Then off to Target again not any in stock Best Buy same story all out and yet again next door Sears nothing…Who said the Sony PS3 wasn’t selling well? Or maybe they don’t and never bothered to restock and it ended up selling well on the holidays?
Walmart NPR,PR,Hudson,Spring Hill not one instock Kmart Husdon no go there:(
Finally call Kmart New Port Richey and they have them and not the small ones like we wanted but the full size version 160gb hard drive.
Beggars can’t be choosers and it came with Uncharted Drakes Fortune whats funny decided to buy it at Gamestop when we were there figured Target or Bestbuy would have one.
Ended up with 2 Uncharted games luckily Jenn called Gamestop and they agreed to take the game back it was a used version anyhow so no big deal.
Was happy to find it fully supports DTS Surround Sound in game something I wish the 360 supported they support Dolby Digital SS but true surround is DTS you can hear the difference it’s night & day. Playing Killzone 2 in DTS loudly is a great experience the sound I found more amazing than the game it self. PS3 found my Computer movies right away not as nice as the Xbox360 media center but it works none the less. If you have Pulp Fiction and a sound system that supports DTS it’s a whole new movie a must own.
And Uncharted is a pretty cool game I played all the way to chapter 4 may even try playing all the way through:)
The main reason for the Playstation 3 purchase is because to get a nice Blueray player that has wireless and netflix built in came to $300 or more.
I was looking for specific things like Divx support as well and the PS3 was the only BR player that supported all the things I wanted and was in the same price range but you get to play games with it as well just made sense to me and so the desicion on the PS3 was made. If I was going to get a BR player it had to support certain functions…Just wish the smaller version was in the cards but it was not:(
And Here it is my $58 and change 450 size RC helicopter it’s not quite flyable yet but electronics,Gyro & motor are installed.
This weather just stinks I have no urge to go outside to tune the helicopter maybe later this week…BUUuuRRrr to chilly with that wind chopping through me like a razor. Feels like that anyhow. 
It has very little metal on it and can tell the frame is not like my other 450 it’s much more thin and one good crash will require it to be broke down taken apart and straightened out this is my opinion not fact could handle impact well who knows..But I won’t expect much since I paid $35 for the frame kit.
But I will get this helicopter flying nicely this is for sure.

I just can’t stop!

One of the guys on the forums posted this thought it fit the heli addiction:LOL

Update: Ordered the EXI Plastic 450 on Dec 23rd and today the 4th of January it shows up only took 10 days fucking holdidays suck ass!

Wanted to build the cheapest 450 and managed to spend $81.58 for the build that’s cheaper than buying a RTF Fixed Pitch!

Of course I did already have parts to complete the build so in all reality if I added the worth of the parts I already had would be more like $200. But still a decent FP with upgrades would be about $200 but why upgrade a FP when you can be in a Collective bird for the same price range.


Update: on the Plane from Radio Shack I purchased for $20. It was tested outside in light wind and all new batteries went over the manual and tried the 2 different types of launches ground to air or hand launch. Well tried both only to have it nose dive right to the ground. Did not bother to edit or upload the video it just wasn’t even worth a watch. A straight caution do not purchase any off brand RC helicopters or Airplanes the only cheapo working RC air machines made are from AirHogs.

The Airhogs are not as cheap as $20 but there’s a reason it’s beacuse the Airhogs products atleast do fly. Even the Helicopters if trimmed correctly they will fly and fly well I had one and I could chase the cat around with it inside after getting it trimmed and learning to control it.

I do want to fly a plane at some point already have my eye on a possible RTF beginner plane. Gotta see how funds are and after I upgrade my radio & servos next month I will then debate on the plane I have been looking at. The Exceed piper Cub J-3 has dropped in price but still will hold off untill radio & servos are upgraded:)


Airhog Okay—-Air/Rage Junk!