The Blue Lipo 11.1v 3s 2200mah test

The wife ran me to the LHS before they closed made it there 10  minutes before they closed..close call!
Went ahead and soldered on the Deans "T" connector last night and gave it a test in my Trex/EXI hybrid 450 this morning.
Normally I use 2200mah 11.1v 30c discharge rate but the Blue Lipo is only 25c discharge rate.
It is quite a performer lasted a 9 minute flight "Non agressive flying" and did not fall below the danger mark on the battery that’s very good indeed…sure I could of maybe squeezed a few more minutes but I wouldn’t chance damaging the pack for that.
There’s newer batteries out how technology grows and fast!!! The new ThunderPower 11.1V 45c- 90c burst rate these run in the $50 range I will be getting one to give a test.
Love that 90c burst rate fantastic!!!!!!!
Anyhow the new Blue Lipo 25c that I just snapped up runs for 11.95 and will be a perfect fit for my 450 plastic build I’ll be using a 400 Alpha motor w/11t pinion and 30A ESC. It should be a great beater and get my maunuvering skills much more precise without the shaky hands if I can’t get past the shaking hands I can’t chance it with my Hybrid to much $$ sunk into that to chance it.
The key to strong,precise flying is a steady hand and clear head if your shaking and not confident it’s gonna cost ya.
Pretty insane a pack of Deans "T" connectors 1-male & 1-Female costs $4 you should get 10 for that price gonna have to find an online place to get these for now. The LHS is only good for when you need parts on the fly and can’t wait 3-4 days for delivery.

Part & tools

Grabbed a 11.1v- 2200 mah 3S_ 25c lipo battery pack for $16.95 @ none other than not including the very affordable shipping of $4.95. (3-5 day shipping) Fantastic just arrived via USPS today:)..very happy.
Not all lipo batteries come with those ends which means I can find the extender or just solder on the female Deans connector end. Just happy the charger plug is there because one thing you don’t want is a Lipo not having a storage charge to hold it over without that the battery goes bad.
Orderd the 450 and a few other needs on the 23rd of December stated the frame will arrive on January 4th 2010:(
That’s 6 days total I excluded xmas $ weekend but tracking shows that its been in Jacksonville since yesterday at 5:39AM and still sits there todays the 30th.
I see no reason it should have not been here today or tomorrow at the latest…we’ll see but I don’t think tomorrow is even a slight possibility why work hard when the set date is the 4th,
UPS sucks I hate dealing with them FedEx cool, USPS just awesome they deliver quick and at a quarter of the cost that the other 2 charge.
Also ordered a new blade balancer a must for any precise flying or 3d manuevering.
The cost of these varied from 19.99-$29.99
XHeli had a sale running yesterdy for a blade balancing tool for  $7! Awesome after shipping only paid $11.95.
It’s a beaut! aND i have come to love EXI parts right next to Align parts. Although this is a tool not a part:LOL
Full metal not the plastic crapola tool…If there is a plastic one?? i’m sure there is somewhere just not in my tool box:)
It’s funny I was digging through my spares hoping to find a deans connector to do the battery only to find every other type of connector even a micro deans. but could not find even 1 Dens "T" plug go figure!

Wii Golf and my lame video editing skills

Little Sal’s Mad Driving SkillZ!
Went ahead and recorded my son and his mad skillz driving his RC truck.
Also took a shot at some video editing while I was at it..I suck but the music fits the video so atleast 1 thing came out right.
Check it out on my channel also have a lil blurb regarding some info on the truck and what batt I am using at that time.
Bottom of this blog post I added the video for viewing.
Make fun I know my video editing skills suck maybe if I keep at it i’ll get better later on down the road.
pimping my channel out:)
Just in case you missed my channel here’s the link:
Nintendo Wii & Wii Sports Golf
Been playing the hell out of the Wii I love Golf it is fun and once you use the Wii’s motion control with the club accessory you’ll never bother playing a Golf video game again unless it’s on the Wii.
Thought I would never bother with it kinda like the 360 figured i’d buy it the kids will like it and i’m happy.
Turns out I like playing the Wii alot as a matter a fact i’ve had the 360 for about 3 years and the Wii for 1 month and i’ve probably already put more time on the Wii.
Don’t let the graphics fool you it’s just plain fun it may not have that 360 or PS3 look to it but I promise it’s more fun than either platform can do with golf or tennis for that matter. Even baseball is a blast to play and i’ve never liked any baseball game on any platform.
Remember trying baseball on other platforms only looked forward to batting only every other aspect of the games sucked. But with the Wii even pitching is fun pulling off a curve ball or a fast ball right down the center plate is plain fun.
Here’s the Vid for the one’s who probably won’t bother visiting my channel
Can be found in forums located at.  username: puppeteer666
Or User Name:puppeteer666
Username on youtube; safesinger
The places listed are USA located hobby shops or warehouses. 
I purchase my parts and sometimes helicopter frames from and other RC related items at:  My opinion the best RTF 250 size helicopters to be had at a low starting price & free shipping on all RTF planes or Helicopters. Tell Max Sal sent you. Great prices on Align spare parts I buy all my Align parts here. The cheapest place to get a Spektrum Dx6i radio and reciever $169 shipped best price anywhere! They sell anything from RC cars from electric to nitro along with boats,planes,helicopters and any other strange Rc that may be around.
And for super cheap parts & shipping.. $4.95 no matter what you purchase visit:  Affiliated with Xheli.
And my local (LHS) by the way LHS= Local Hobby Shop:) Is where I buy my emergency parts when waitin 3 days is just to much!
You can always look on Ebay but don’t count on anything of quality or affordable shipping.
I’ve found bids that start at $10 but shipping is $100.00 find it funny who in the world thinks it costs $100 shipping for a RC helicopter that normally costs $15 to ship?
And the worst part is most of these helicopters they want $100 shipping for plus bid only cost $120 shipped new.

Merry X-Mas

Since this blog is mostly my RC experiences and build information figured i’d post..Take a guess "More RC stuff:)"
My son wanted a entry level RC-Car or Truck I thought the truck was the cooler choice who don’t like a 4 Wheel drive?
I must say for a stock build it’s quick and fun as hell to use.
It is upgradeable to a better motor and ESC can move to a brushless setup quite easily. At the cost of under $100 this would push it at top speed of approximately 55mph.
Right now as is stock 30-35mph on a straight run way.
It’s cool I want one myself Nitro is the past with Lipo technology the electric cars and other RCs can easily compete in power and run time and in some cases the electric can run longer without a battery change.
Example a Nitro Helicopter gets about 7 minutes flight time a Electric Helicopter with the same power can get flight times up to 15 minutes…Depending on the setup of course.
And Electric has a whole lot less maintenence than a nitro powered RC Car or plank or Helicopter.
Here’s the Pic of his well tuned and fun as hell RC truck it is a blast my son absolutyely loves it!
went shopping after X-mas and was looking around radio shack and guess what I found for $20? A Remote controlled F-15:) Airplane.
I’ve not had the pleasure of flying a plane except on a simulator.
So a $20 crash test dummy is much better than what the cost of a hobby grade plank costs.
It runs on a 27mhz frequency and states it’s for intermediate to advanced pilots..well with a plane i’d fall in the not experienced at all:lol 
Here she is in the box
I post videos on my youtube channel not quite reviews but just test flights of my Rc’s in action go ahead to and check out some vids I have up there now. Will be posting The Truck,Plane a 250 Rc helicopter and the new plastic 450 build soon! Enjoy I sure do.
I blab on my video channel there as well so if I annoy you just skip the reading and watch the vids.
On an off topic non-rc related post we had a great x-mas the kids had a blast the Wii was a big hit!
Made sure to purchase every possible accessory steering wheels for Mario Kart,golf club for Tiger woods maybe get a Tiger Woods penis accessory for the Tiger Woods porno game!,Baseball bat, couple guns for COD-Modern Warfare reflex and Resident EVil and Dead Space and of course House of the Dead gotta have 2 guns for that classic!
Also grabbed a few tennis rackets.
If intersested in affordable accessories go to Biglots you can get them from $3-$9 a piece much more affordable than what Nintendo charges for thier plastic addons.
Happy Holidays and have a safe new year:) 

Another Day another bird:)

Flipped around the idea of building another helicopter and was aiming for a 300 size FP.
After changing my mind many,many times  went with another 450 kit.
This kit is a cheapo frame kit plastic no metal for $37 and change.
Also purchased a Head lock Gyro another chepo $19 and change along with 3- 9g servo’s have a digital servo here i’ll use on the tail.
On hand have the 400 BL motor,Radio &RX,30A ESC so should have everything needed to build and fly and about 12-15 hours of build and adjust time.
Total to build this helicopter if was to be purchased from scratch.
Heli-$37 (Plastic Head)
4_Servo’s- $14.48 (Plastic Geared)
25A ESC-$16.95 (programmable)
Exceed 400 brushless motor- $11.10 gotta shop around for that price but i’ve found it.
2.4 ghz radio w/Reciever- $44.90 ( computer programmable)
Head locking Gyro- $19.23 or you could get the super chepo HH.Gyro for -$14.71
11.1v 2200mah Lipo battery 25c- $16.95 30c battery would be better but as a cheap starter CP this will be fine to start:)
Shipping 12.37
Total= $ 172.98
This would be the best starter heli money can buy for that price the RTF packages that cost atleast $70+ and most won’t compare.
Full CP a true hobby grade RC helicopter under $200 can not be beat..and 3d capable:)..COOL!
Here’s one in action same type build on trhe cheap  "This is not me flying"


It’s actually been changed again has a better reciever in it and Radio allows programming and there’s 2 antennas hanging off the back now along with some new C &C Aluminum upgrades.
The changes made recently took alot of work and help from members over at rcdiscuss to get the radio programmed properly.
A member named Kloner really stuck it out for the last 3-4 days helping me sort through the nightmare it turned into.
But it was a good change it flys 100% better makes my 1st build seem not so good. 
More to change very soon but I am debating on a new heli first just a trainer though nice to have around an easy to repair and cheap to repair helicopter.
Perfect for practicing.
Right now it’s a toss up the new Honeybee v2 or the new Exceed MadHawk.
Both 4-channel only difference is the MadHawk is shaft driven with the tail motor mounted behind the shaft.
And the Esky Honeybee v2 has the motor mounted in the back next to the tail blades. 
Honeybee V2= $94.70
Exceed MadHawk = $119.95
Test flight #3 of the 450 rebuild it’s only a little over 1 minute.
Gotta do multiple tests before I tear into it don’t want a 2 minute flight then scrap metal so test flights are a must:)

New Reciever & Radio

Changed out the old Esky radio which is non-programable for the Exceed 2.4g programmable radio.
Down side took a week of hell to get the settings down.
Up side the servo arms are dead center for the first time ever thanks to the progamable radio.With the Esky radio this was unachiveable due to the fact I could not set each servo arm individually.
What makes this good is the pitch seems much easier to get dead on. Which it is again for the 1st time was close before but not like now plus have a throttle hold this is a nice addition.
So right after half throttle it lifts that’s a good thing anything earlier and throwing into idle up could cause issues and leaving idle up would be worse.
Imagine being in a steady hover or even steady forward flight flip back into normal mode and blam it shots into the sky 2 miles high within seconds ..not fun or good.
Or worse flip from idle up to normal mode and the heli slams to the ground in less than a few seconds again really not fun big costs for repair from that type of mistake.
This is why a proper pitch setup is needed. 
Next upgrade is better skids, better servos and possibly a setup that has a separate ESC and BEC.
And last but not least a Dx6i Radio and reciever or a DX7 would be even better would be great when I move to a nitro Helicopter.

Had to rebuild yet again

After making changes from initial crash I did miss a few things the helicopter would wobble forward and back in hover using the original motor and ESC.
Ordered a spare metal head for later crashes also invested in Align Carbon steel main shafts for all my head parts. And upgraded to the Align 450 main gear which has fan blades built on the gear for cooling the motor and electronics very nice.
And last but not least the head has been upgraded to more C & C parts and my 275 watt motor and 40A ESC arrived back from RMA today spent the day hacking the Wii and rebuilding the Helicopter yet again:)