Working on the Crosman 1966 760 pump master

Got this gun from my old neighbor was in non-working condition so I took apart to repair with out any replacement parts and I did so successfully!
Was rusted on the barrel but compared to the new BBguns made today it weighs quite a bit more better made with wood and steel unlike the ones of today plastic.
It has little power but will go through a soda can without issue I will replace the air seals if I can find the parts and try and get some of that old power back.
 Have started cleaning the rust off the barrel and is looking much better.
My 1966 Crosman 760 Pump Master after me starting to clean it up and got it firing again:
I wanted to add my Air Soft Guns as well my Black handgun Soft only does 100 FPS but my clear handgun does 250 FPS and is fun and very safe target shooting for inside without causing any damage to anyone or thing.
The black and yellow square target has a net to catch the plastic pellets and the round one is a lot nicer it catches the plastic bbs and then they slowly roll into a chamber for re-use. Unlike BB gun ammo being re-used in the gun that causes damage to the barrel which then throws off accuracy. 
For fun I calculated the Feet per second (FPS) into miles per hour (MPH) on all of my BBguns and Airsoft guns.
These figures change depending on ammo used. Gamo ammo is known for it’s performance my gun using Gamo ammo does 1250 FPS in MPH thats 852.2 MPH..
At $5 for 100 rounds that is a little expensive for target practice. when for $10 you can buy 1000 bbs daisy ammo. Mostly I just use the flat target pellets that are cheap but shoddy performance.
2 on the left are Crossman pellets flat pellet is for target shooting. Pointed is for hunting
2 on the right are Gamo Ammo both are hunting pellets the far rights is gold plated 18k pellet that increases the power of any pellet gun.
Using the gold plated Gamo Ammo Increase is as follows
The numbers listed are FPS (Feet Per Second)
600 – up to 750 fps
750 – up to 937 fps
850 – up to 1,062 fps
1,000 – up to 1,250 fps
1,250 – up to 1,562 fps
The other Gamo Ammo does increase FPS as well but I am unsure of the #’s I know that it blows through 5 layer plywood and the wood fence behind it and still hits the house across the street.
I won’t use the plated atleast not in my neighborhood.
BB & Pellet Guns
Crosman 66 is rated at 700 FPS which equals into 477.2 MPH.
Storm XT Max rate 1100 FPS which equals into 750 MPH.
Crosman 1966 760 PowerMaster I am unsure of it power due to age and needs new seals Iknow it can go through 2 cans in a row.
AirSoft handguns
P228 is rated at 190 FPS which equals into 129.5 MPH.
AirStrike 240 is rated at 240 FPS which equals into 163.6 MPH
While I do love my new Storm XT it is unsafe to shoot in my back yard which is fenced with a wood fence.
I use a 5 layer plywood in front of my wooden fence with a target on it and the gun shoots clean through all of them and continues until it hits the house across the street luckily no one was hurt and nothing was broken.
It is nice to have around the house instead of a real fire arm because if I used this on anyone I am sure a head shot would take them down. And a young child would not be strong enough to charge the gun to fire it. It’s just crazy after I shoot it the barrel smokes! And has a kick that is unreal when I fire it I would never guess this was a pellet gun when I shoot it. except for the sound it is close to as loud a as firing a .22.

Me newly ordered PC :) !!

Pretty cool it’s been almost 4 years since I have upgraded.
Here’s the parts
Biostar T-Force  TF8200 AM2+/AM2 1066 Memory up to 16 GB ( I know I should have spent more and got a better mainboard but I didn’t I cut short there for the Phenom II others say it worked fine in this board) And plus the Hybrid Sli was something I was interested in but not wanting to spend $180 for. another plus is 16 gb ram capacity.
AMD Phenom II Quad core 3.0 GHZ
4 Gigs of Kingston HyperX DDRII 1066
Geforce 260 core 216 Superclocked 896 DDRIII PCI-E 2.0
Did not get any case or hard drives I have all of that already plus I have a dedicated 300 watt PSU for the video card plus a 900w PSU for the rest of the PC.
And also ordered another PC but this one is for someone that is having me build them a affordable PC.
Foxconn M61PMV AM2+/AM2 Geforce 6200
Super Talent  2 Gig DDRII 800
AMD Athlon Dual core  2.0 ghz.
And a 450 PSU
She already has the Case,DVD recorder,Hard Drives and even a floppy

purchased my new Air pellet gun:)! sweet

Finished this last job I did and that was it I was able to put the final amount of $$ needed to get the gun:) 
I took a pic of my different guns the top is a Power Master aka Pump Master 760 donated to me from my neighbor Ed.
The top gun in the pic from what I have dated it for 1966-1977 it’s a Power Master 760 it will not fire.
Yes I purchased the 760 PumpMaster and was unhappy with it’s power but this gun is not plastic like todays Pump Master 760.
The second one is my sons 66 Power Master scoped
The 3rd one is the one I have saved for and purchased today its a Storm XT.
And is one hell of a air gun it is sick and is the first Bgun that has kick when I fire it.
Did a test fire on a 3 quarter thick layered plywood and at 25+ feet it blew a hole straight through it.
I know in gun terms big deal. But something about an airgun that just intrigues me.


The top 760 Pump Master has got my attention it is heavy and quality made back then today it’s all plastic unless you buy a good air gun.

My goal is to repair the old Pump Master 760.

Update 01/30/09:  I did get it to fire after pulling it apart but needs new seals. Hopefully finding seals for a 1966 airgun will be possible.

Update 02/02/09: Have been steadily getting the rust off of the barrel. Sanded down the Stock and hand pump and re-stained.

Took apart again and oiled the seals and sanded and painted the plates that were rusted as well. It now shoots very well.

Gears of War PC “You cannot run the game with modified executable code error on Start up

DO NOT bother reinstalling the game it will not fix the launch issue and you will still get the "You cannot run the game with modified executable"
The only way to launch the game until a patch is released is to set your PC date back a day or more then set back to correct date when done playing.
This has to be done everytime you launch the game atleast until a patch is released.

BB-Gun fun and power of the air rifle

I remember the 1st BBgun mom and dad got me it was a bad ass gun was a .22 cal bbgun and it could do some damage!
Purchased my son a BB-Gun for Xmas it was a gift that we could do together target shooting.
The first BB-Gun was:
This is a Daisy 102 buck single pump action BB Repeater. Loads at the barrel.
The first issue was it broke after very little use.
2nd issue in it only had a max muzzle velocity of 275 fps which causes ricocet not good when teaching your son to shoot.
We wear eye protection but still if it comes back and hits you that is not fun at all.
On to the 2nd purchase I got the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle
This rifle has a Velocity: up to 625(BB)/600(pellet) feet per second not bad powerful enough for target shooting.
But the aiming on this rifle was absolutely terrible and while it did embed into the target with wood behind it it still some times ricochet and accuracy was terrible.
Rifle went back again for the 2nd time.
On to the 3rd rifle a  Crosman 66 .177cal .
This rifle is quite more powerful than the last used for target practice and small game hunting.
745 fps with BBs Shoots .177 calib and 700 fps with pellets at .177 Caliber.
Now this one does not only embed but goes through the wood using bbs.
I have not tested pointed hunting pellets but can imagine would surely embed in the wood.
This was the keeper took some time to zero in the scope but I can pretty much aim and hit what I aim at from 50 yards that I have tested.
I have been saving for the one that I want and hopefully will get in the next few weeks.
Will be another crosman product The Crosman Storm XT break barrel pellet gun.
This gun has a full wood stock spring loaded and break barrel for charge.
The specs are pretty sick.
  • 3-9 x 32 precision scope (Not to great only bad side to this gun) 
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Micro-adjustable rear fiber optic
  • Power source: spring
  • Velocity: 1,000 fps
  • Mechanism: break barrel
  • Caliber: .177
  • Ammunition: pellet
  • Stock barrel: hardwood
  • Weight: 6.02 lbs.
  • Length: 44.5"
  • Barrel: rifled steel
  • Safety: ambidextrous
  • Scope mount: dovetailed
  • Yep 1000 fps almost breaks the sound barrier.

    from what I have read it has some kick on fire but accuracy is superb and depending on the ammo used it will break 1000 fps meaning that it can almost break the sound barrier.

    After this purchase my son and I will go out and shoot together. Good ole American fun.




    Xbox 360 RRoD repair

    Few days before X-mas the Xbox got the dreaded RRoD was rough because my son wanted Gears 2 which Santa got him.
    This was worked out so I sent out the 360 as M$ requested and got the Xbox back yesterday with a note that states that they just replaced my xbox did not bother to repair it.
    I think they should ask if you want to wait or just replace the Xbox. Instead they just took it upon themselves to make that decision for me.

    A good day

    My daughter Valerie was awarded student of the month for the 2nd time today.
    I went to school on her big day sat down had cake and juice with her what a fun morning!
    Had vanilla frosted cake with sprinkles pretty tasty:) and also a carton of orange juice I remember the cartons looked much bigger when I was in school.
    I’m so proud of my little Val.

    Using my Blackberry Pearl as a modem on my laptop:)

    I am sure many know this already but I had to see if it worked.
    Using my phone- Blackberry Pearl as a modem to get online with my laptop…and it worked YAY!
    And my speed test was pretty decent too I scored 456kb down not to bad for surfing was quite smooth and 94kb up. 
    I pretty much just added the new connection the modem drivers which were already installed from the BB desktop manager were ready to go.
    Then named the connection to Blackberry connection and added the phone number #777 No password and no username needed atleast not for Verizon or Altell users.
    T-Mobile and others require more setup than the Verizon phones do and schlAAAM!! !Krack!**&^ SchAbaP%$$ I was connected! It was a holy shit smell Batman moment.

    Windows live Mesh

    Have been syncing up all my PC’s using Live Mesh it is a handy web based application that allows 5gb of online storage plus the ability to add devices to it so you can access them anywhere using Live Mesh.
    Remote desktop is working I have tested it atleast on my network it seems pretty solid.
    Using remote desktop is nice but does lack options it’s the ease of use that leaves me thinking it’s quite solid.
    The key here is it is free just sign up for MSN live and you have it.
    Plus the ability to add handheld devices is up and running at this time some handhelds are having issues with browser not mesh M$ is working on this issue for all handhelds.
    Surely all M$ os handheld devices are working.
    I use a Blackberry and is one of the handhelds that is having browser issues even Opera is so I am awaiting the fix from M$.
    Using Opera on my BB I am able to view my mesh objects but unfortunately the downloading of apps and such is not working yet again this is on the browser side where the issue lies M$ is working on a work around to fix this.
    This is a copy from connect.microsofts blog regarding Mac fix.

    To all Live Mesh customers who have experienced crashes with the 0.9.3712.831 version of the Live Mesh for Mac software: A new version of the software that resolves this issue is now available.

    Please update or reinstall Live Mesh for Mac to receive the new version. If you continue to encounter problems, please let us know.

    Thank you,

    The Live Mesh Team.

    Note: Vista users be sure to turn off UAC before attempting to install Mesh app on your PC.
    If you do not it will fail on install after installation is complete feel free to turn UAC on if you want. 
    Here are some links:

    Desktop & laptop ATI Mobility Driver FIX a must have

    My desktop PC HDD went bam! ended up having to reinstall on a new HardDrive bummer:(
    So pulled out ye ole trusty Dell Laptop to play Left 4 Dead unfortunately the way ATI mobility drivers work they are only updateable by Dell themselves unfortunately thier last update was when the laptop was released in 2005! Fast forward 2009 the 05 drivers are usless.
    It’s not AMD/ATI’s fault by no means it’s Dells and other manufacturers that do not allow AMD to make drivers for thier laptops some have allowed it and AMD/ATI are trying to get other manufacturers onboard.
    Alienware users are in luck though they are with ATI and allow them to make drivers for them.
    Fortunately there is a fix for us users that have ATI cards in laptops that are not on the ok list with ATI/AMD.
    Follow the instructions and you will be able to install the latest driver releases.
    It worked wonders for my lappy before this I could launch L4D but would lockup at beginning after the helicopter passes over on the 1st campaign.
    Now after update I can run L4D at 1680×1050 at medium settings and runs damn smooth to!
    Note: do not worry if you screw up the driver mod it will not botch your OS it will just not install the driver.
    But seriously you should not even mess that up it is a simple mod that uses a tool that is on the page that I have linked to.