Heavy Rain

Pre-Ordered the game Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3 this title was supposed to be a PS3/PC release but Sony bought in and now has full rights to the game and it was then canceled for PC this seems to be the trend for alot of games of late:(
Pretty sad Consoles are old tech and PC’s can do so much better..ohh well.
Anyhow back to the game if a story line game is your thing like Shenmue or Indigo Prohecy/Euro release name Fahrenheit  the better relese these are the same people that made Heavy Rain.
You take on the role of 4 different people that are unconnected a FBI agent a father and a PI along with a woman whom I do not know much about yet have only played her part 1x so far and and try and figure out who the serial killer is. 
It’s quite intersesting very cool game I loved Shenmue, Indigo and Dreamfall so this game is my type of game there’s a ton of FPS games RPG’s, MMORPG’s,Strategy games around they all feel like clones to me…Except for the release of the awesome RPG Dragon Age:Origins can’t diss that game.LOL
If you like a game that has a actual story line then this game will do it for ya.
The graphics are very slick noticed the engine can run hundreds of well detailed and animated characters on screen at 1 time.
The PS3 can only pull 720P on this game to bad it never made it to PC seeing it in full resolution and better frame rates would have been cool.
Here’s a few screen shots I pulled from the nets of the couple of people you play as all screens are in game.

My External CDRW 2 External IDE 80GB Harddrive for my Softmodded Wii:)

Had an old ass External CDRW drive it worked but let’s face it no one uses CDRW’s any more anyhow. Which left the external case which is much more useful.
And since I have been getting alot of PC jobs lately I have ended up with some internal harddrives some SATA and others ATA.
Unfortuately the External CDRW drive was IDE so I only had the option of using a 80GB IDE Harddrive…better than notta
So I went ahead and added the drive in the external case and used a front PC panel to cover the hole in front of the CDRW External case it worked fine for the purpose I am using it for. Was up until 5:Am playing with it was alot of fun:)
Went and installed athe USB drive channel to my Wii. And the proceeded to connect the external HDD to my PC so I could format it for the Nintendo format WBFS.
After installing WBFS format application on my computer I then formatted the drive and added some Wii ISO’s over to the drive what was nice when doing so it only takes the content needed and dunps all the dummy files so a 4 gig game dumped to the hard drive will only be like 2,3GB instead.
I then moved the drive over to the Wii and started her up to find that the games were there showed the names in text format and a blank box.
When clicking the blank box on the left of the selected game it gives and option to download the case box art original or custom made it then downloads the image of the selected game and can also download the disc image of the original disc as well no need to manually find all the box art and set it up yourself manually it is built in and downloafds directly from thier server for the games you install very nice touch.
I remember the old Xbox you had to manually add box art for every game you added to the hard drive very annioying and lets face it noone wnats to do all that so the end result is a sloppy look.
The Hard drive mod for the Wii is top notch and I highly recommend this modification!. Of course you can rip the games in the Wii DVD drive to the hard disc drive as well.
Here’s my 3 minute Video I made  lIke I said I am using a crappy camera it’s all I have but it looks fine enough to show how clean the interface is on the Wii HDD mod.
Here’s a quick video I made not a tutorial or anything just me  running through the games on the HDD

My many Heli’s :)

This is my very 1st helicopter it’s a Honeybee FP I did slightly mod it with a titanium boom because I broke the stock one within seconds of trying to fly it..yep I sucked
Here’s the same Honeybee fully modified even though I couldn’t barely hover the damn thing :LOL
Here it is again but this time with a kit frame I built for my Dragonfly Fixed Pitch
Here’s the stock dragonfly that eventually went onto that frame above.
By this time I could actually hover! so I thought wow i’m good went and bought a 6 channel Eagle Helicopter!
My confidence was soaring at this point I said why fly a 350 I can hover now lets buy a 450! and off I went and bought a Belt-CPv1
Well I didn’t know SHIT and this heli did this to me!:( Ouch it’s a nasty scar!
A little fear set in so I couldn’t give up yet so I went and bought this!
This wasn’t fast or fun enough so I decided to modify it to look like this..Faster motors brrruMM..BRRuuMMM!
Since I had been flying single rotor heli’s this came to bore me quite fast so I purchased this.
Now my skillz were growing I no longer just hovered I was cruzing and fast So I bought this! The Belt-cp V2 The green one:)
Anyhow since my skills have grown so much I realized that this helicopter was just not agile enough and decided to take a try at building a kit helicopter so I built this!
How I love this helicopter and has been changed quite a bit since i’ve owned it Yellow &white,Black & yellow and now White & Black then decided I needed a practice helicopter for stunt flying and I went ahead and built this one— Same as the one I built but this one is 80% plastic unlike the one above that is 80% C&C metal.
And now my next conquest can I fly a RC airplane?? Sure landing from a hover is easy but a moving landing guess i’ll have to see how this one goes wish me luck!
Gonna be sure to bring a camera for this one it should be funny i’ve been told RC helicopters are the hardest to learn out of all the RC hobbies but something about a moving landing doesn’t seem so easy!
Will be spending some time with my RC simulator and try to get landing decent maybe get a 50% successful land ratio by the time the real one arrives:)
And let’s not forget my latest Helicopter which I recieved as a gift for helping a friend with his helicopter issues.
It was Green and white of course I changed it up a bit to my liking:)
It’s to cool for school now!
And it’s a Fixed Pitch 300 size which means I can now do some light flying indoors!:)

The RC collection 2010

Here’s my Rc collection from Air to Sea & Land:)
I must confess that I use the air and Land and Sea is for my children to enjoy the hobby as much as I do:)
Soon to be added will be my Trainer RC Airplane hopefully will b apart of the family next week:( Will be the Exceed Piper Cub J3!..Picture posted under this blog.
From left to right
Align/EXI Hybrid Trex Full C&C Metal Carbon Fiber 450 size Stunt RC helicopter "MY BABY!", Nyco Toyota Starter RC truck for my son, Exceed Dynamite Entry level dirt racing Truck ,Dual motor Fesh or Saltwater Boat 35mph max speed, White EXI Collective pitch mostly plastic 450 size RC helicopter for practicing stunt manuevers , LAst but not least a Gift from a friend Chris S. The Exceed Falcon 40 Fixed Pitch Rc helicopter 300 size perfect trainer/practice indoor helicopter for those rainy days:) It truly is a god send for practicing a Simulator is nice but nothing beats the real deal for true experience.

Gonna try my hand at flying an RC plane

My buddy Gus has show interest in Rc planes and after showing him the starter/training Piper Cub Electric Rc Airplane he decided to go ahead and give it a try:)
And since i’ve only flown Rc hleicopters and Rc Cars/Trucks figured we could order our bad boys at the same time and practice and crash together.
…Introducing my first Airplane and I am very excited about this it was very cheap and yes it really flies it got rave reviews for a trainer/practice plane.
And was only $69.99.
It’s a 3 channel Excced J3 Cub I can’t knock the Exceed brand why you ask? I’ve owned the Exceed Falcon 40 v1 & v2 both were fantastic Trainer/practice rc helicopters.
  • Battery Opearted 380 Motor Plane
  • Ready to Fly, assembly can be done in 10 mins
  • Digital Proportional Speed Controller
  • Slow Speed Flying Capable, Goof for Beginner
  • Shock Resistant Reinforced Foam uselage and Strong Wings
  • 2 X 18g micro servo for Rudder and Elevator Control
  • R/C Set included, Complete 3 Channel Control including

    • Complete Left/Right Control by Rudder
    • Complete Elevator Control
    • Digital PROPORTIONAL Motor Speed Control Knob
    • Superb Quality–Simply The Best RTF Plane you can find
    • Up to 300Maltitude, over 15 mins flight time
    • Powered by 8.4V NIMH re-chargable battery (110v adaptor included)
    • Can Fly as a Glider (without Motor Power)
    • Brand NEW, In original Package, Impoted DIRECT from manufacturer
    • All tools required are included for you
    • Assembly take less than 20mins
    • Best Looking Plane on the market
    • Just awesome for a started plane I habe been using 6 channel RC helicopters they say heli’s are the hardest to learn but for some reason a hovering landing seems alot easier than a moving landing maybe i’m wrong?

      This plane can be run way launched or hand started.

      Package includes
      1. SD J3 Full scale Fuselage and Wings
      2. SD 27Mhz Transmitter (3 Channel) w/ Electronic Speed Controller
      3. SD 4Channel 27Mhz receiver
      4. 1 Pair of interchangable Crystals
      5. 8.4 V
      6. NiMH Battery

      7. 110V Charger
      8. English Manual
      9. Tools for assembly

            RC J3 Piper Cub

      3 Channel Radio Controller features:

      • Left/Right Control
      • Elevator Control
      • Digital Progressive Motor Speed Control Knob

      Newest design Full 3 Channel capability with a variable speed throttle control. I know why not 4 channel well because we are green. 



      3rd or 4th change

      Had my helicopter all black for awhile and it was rough to see when it was close noless far away at high speeds.
      Took my plastic 450 practice heli out and is not quite as fast as my black one I was trying to do an estimated clock speed on it and it had to be going atleast 60mph+ and when it passed over head was hard to keep up and it has a pure white canopy if that was my Black helicopter I would have lost it for sure.
      Still to this day I have been unable to truly tax the black helicopter due to it’s color.
      But after months of searching I finally found a White & Black canopy for it in China.
      And I only use fiber glass canopy’s on it so that was another must for the change.

      Lipo charger went bad!… And Bullshit on the side

      My lipo charger went bad about 2 weeks ago next day ordered a solid charger I had a chepo Esky charger forever now and was about time I get a hobby grade charger anyhow.
      Dropped order on Jan 30th and estimated delivery date of Feb 8th way to long of a wait for a UPS delivery and they tend to take all day to deliver any package.
      Ordered the Thunder AC6 Smart 5-in-1 Balance Charger/Discharger w/ AC Adapter for 1-6 Cell Lipo/Lilo/LiFePo4 + 1-15 Cell Nimh/NiCD
      Decided to spend a bit more and get a quality charger those balance chargers that come with these RTF helicopters are junk and suprised it lasted as long as it did.
      Grabbed the AC/DC model.

      Reading warranty

      Was reading my TV’s warranty Manufacturer & Extended noticed that they print quite hidden that any damage to the LCD screen will not be covered at all.
      So if you go on out and spend $3,000 on that nice new HDTV and you have company over or have kids and the screen gets scratched or something hits the screen and cracks it your out of your TV and all that $$ you just spent.
      The cost of a new LCD screen is so much that just buying a new TV would be cheaper especially if your using 40" and up size screens.
      Have seen reports of those super bounce balls hitting the screen and blowing them out imagine what a Wii remote would do!??!!!
      After browsing around and trying to find a screen saver of some sort I found a site called  http://www.tv-armor.com/
      Yep went ahead and read reviews and looked at other options this one seems to be a little more expensive but also seems to be the better option.
      Ordered one up last week should be here this week the 9th to be exact and hopefully it’s as good as reviews claim.
      Supposed to be crystal-clear, optical grade, acrylic shield that can take a hit from Wii remotes and keep the screen safe and claims that it’s not very easy to scratch.
      Since I have 2 younger children and a Wii that a good TV screen protector was in need right away if I planned on keeping the Tv around longer than a week.
      Once I try the Armor out i’ll post my own personal thoughts on it.
      Of course i’m not gonna throw things at it to test but am more concerned about image quality loss and brightness.