No work makes a man like commercials.

Really sad when my favorite song is a car song. Even more sad I know the lyrics and constantly sing it in my head.
Went out this fine morning to fly my RC Helicopter thought I was cool doing some FFF (Fast Forward Flight).
Wanted to get up 3 stories High get going at full speed and nose dive then pull up before hitting the ground I pulled off the up going fast even diving and pulling up ok to bad a gust of wind came and pushed my RC back almost smashed my mailbox would have destroyed my canopy smashed the blades,Broke the boom and even possibly bend the rotor head. Would have been a mess may of well bought a whole new heli. I saved it no clue how luck I think is the answer.
Also working on the job thing I think I may have a good shot at a position I applied for really cool I gotta be productive i’ve had 1 year vacation exactly on today the 4th.