Gears PC…Still Playing!

Man this game is probably the longest game I have ever played or kept on my PC.
Don’t get me wrong the Xbox version is ok but it is simply a watered down version."PERIOD"
Replayability is insane there are so many more maps on single player that is just basic install add all the community maps Single player and Multiplayer and it adds even more play time.
The Brumack maps are cool no doubt.
But there are so many community maps Resident Evil Mansion-MP,locustpark-SP,mp_novemberrain,SP_CourtLock_Far,SP_FinalTake_Far and the list goes on.
All are coop playable.
I will add links for sites to get many more SP maps or MP maps. Yes I know Gears 2 is coming but it will be on PC as well and even more to add on that as well and since there are so many more maps on Gears PC I can play them until 2 is released easily.
There is a map editor out as well. 
Xbox 360 version used $34.99 New $39.99
PC version new $29.99
Requirements with all patches installed are not bad I have it running on a AMD 64 3200+ single core, 2 gigs of ram,Geforce 6600 PCI-E 256 mb,DirectX 9 and running with High detail at 1280×760 same as 360 version and is quite smooth.
To use AA and DX10 for better visuals than console or DX9 pc version a 8800 GT or above is needed. Using DX9 on PC version is on par with 360 version as far as visuals go. And If you have a 360 controller it easily can be used on PC and gears. plug in controller and it auto finds and configs buttons to 360 button config if that is your thing. And if not just start using the Mouse Keyboard on the fly and will auto right back no restarts required this is the first game I have ever seen do this usually requires restart of game and/or having to re-configure the buttons….pretty cool.
I should take back this is the longest game ever to be installed on my PC the is is the first one since the original Unreal Tournament.
Fan sites  This link is a fan kit I have no use for it but maybe someone else does
Official Site


I moved this weekend across the street to my brothers place he thought it better us living here than some strangers although I like it here better than my old place moving really is no fun even across the street.
Cable was transfered A-OK Internet was a dilemma what a horrible deal went in Fri traded boxes because it was old and locking up.
Went back in Saturday to transfer service the Cable box went over ok.
She tried to move my modem over with 0 success instead of transfering 1 modem across the street she gives me another on top of the one I already had.
Inet no work when I finally move everything over so I call only to find out both Modems I have are in the box at the cable company so they think.
I know this is impossible because I have em! 
Anyways the move is pretty much over and my back is shot out felt alot better today though.

Workplace Desk rage

Researchers say more people are going into fits of rage at the workplace, and it’s not just the boss who’s causing it.

Chances are either you or someone you know has had a boss or a co-worker who has unleashed their anger in the workplace.

One woman says she had a boss who would be "yelling at us and pointing out every little thing we had done wrong." A Salt Lake City man told me he had a boss who joked about shooting him, and then fired him six months later.

Reuters calls this "desk rage," and we’re seeing more of it.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Workforce Diversity Director John Fuller said, "It is on the rise, and I think it’s because American workers are more stressed out now than they ever have been."

Reuters says 2 to 3 percent of workers polled admit to pushing, slapping or hitting someone at work. Fuller says other studies show that office bullying is responsible for one resignation out of four.

"Managers do it 33 percent of the time and employees do it 67 percent of the time. It’s really more employee on employee-type of things that go on, and it can go from just a nuisance to violence very quickly," he said.

Fuller says more companies are forming risk assessment teams to recognize things that seem to be precursors to rage issues, like using unscheduled vacation time, showing up late for work or inconsistent performance.

"Major employers really need to have a very strong employee assistance program," Fuller said.

In the Salt Lake area, a slight majority of companies do offer some sort of counseling for employees who feel they need it, so a small problem doesn’t become a big one.

Employers Council Staff Consultant Holly Engar said, "Thirty percent of employers offer an employee assistance program through their regular medical coverage. Another 28 percent offer a separate EAP plan."

Engar says these programs used to be designed for people wanting drug rehabilitation, but that’s changed.

"It has been expanded in the past few years and now it covers legal advice, psychological counseling and a variety of different benefits," she explained.

Some analysts say high gas prices, long commutes and lots of stress have some workers ready to fight before the work day even starts.

I found this article interesting since it pertains to my last job it was exactly how I felt. Although the way the managers made it look as though they fired me I am quite sure that they never mentioned me begging them to do it. Even after pointing out my frustrations to HR they are all friends with the Managers and your issue never is taken seriuosly I caught HR and my ex-boss thankfully! Dawn Ralston making fun of the situation on speaker phone. Professionalism is a past time separating friends from buisness in this day and age does not happen. when I used to hear it’s all fair It made me sick knowing that that exact statement was a lie. Made for an angry unhappy employee of a place I used to love to work for.

I know quite a few reasons anger in the work place happens empty promises example: promised position then given to someone else, Excellent reviews but manager spreads rumors work is slipping ,Favoritism giving lovers positions they clearly are not cut out for ."no not the positions they pulled off in the truck";) And… not talking about Travis he was an easy pick spineless and no balls , Clicks AKA ass kissers to the over bearing boss lady "Dawn" who I am sure sickened all with her sexual stories that would make a seasoned porn star barf in disgust. there are no real impartial decision makers when everyone is friends outside the office and are not professional enough to separate that from business. Let’s not forget family issues ,economy and many other things everyone deals with. I am sure PCSU is not the only place of employment that is in a shambles when it comes to it’s management and employee dealings I am more than sure there are maybe even worse. …maybe.




Vista VS XP Debate

My brother and I have had a few debates on which is faster or better along with a few other people I have spoke with they all have the same outlook and it is that Vista is not as fast as XP.
And god forbid you say Vista is ok to some Corporate IT snob! AKA: We are leet crew everyone else knows nothing.
There is a site that is called this is everyday users not IT people that all are asked what they think of Vista. all of them say it crashes or it has no compatibility well this site disguises Vista as Mojave and have these same people use it then give thier rating on it.
Not one person rated it 0 like they did Vista most gave Mojave which is Vista  8 or 10 scores.
No doubt UAC can be annoying but in the end it is a necessary evil and if setup correctly is not bad at all.
If you look around most bench marks are using the average machine which is XP generation PC’s..not Vista Generation PC’s
I know but that is why it’s not worth upgrading to because the average user is using an XP generation PC.
Funny everyone says that now they smear the new guy on the block it’s human nature to fight change. But I remember when my 550mhz CPU, 64 megs of ram win 98 box ran like a dream with my 3DFX card. I also remember putting windowsXP on it and saying the same exact thing about XP that  people are saying about Vista now it is slower than 98 and drivers suck for it and my damn printer no longer works WTF!
Fast forward a few months later 1GHZ Processors were released 256 megs of ram was great and guess what XP ran great!
See the trend? Same follows with Vista all the same people that hate now will be using it later because like all technology it is expensive at first then drops and all that Vista hardware is now affordable to the masses. Then that is where corporate world picks up they now adopt as well not because it’s a new OS nope it’s the features Vista has XP just does not. And now the hardware is affordable so they buy in bulk and retire those old XP boxes.
With todays apps that were once a 5mb install are now 700mb at minimum,Drivers that are so large there is more code than in Windows 3.1! and Xp’s lack of ram capacity which is 4 Gigs max is at it’s end. Right now yes 2-3 gigs of ram is sufficient but also remember not to long ago 512 mb was the sweet spot for desktop users.
Put any newer hardware PC with Vista and Xp next to each other and you will see speed is no longer an issue it’s all about security and advancement.
Don’t be a sheep because your friend has a friend that works at RARe and he/she is in IT and says Vista sucks. 

Kids first day back to school

I took a pic of the kids right before leaving for thier first day of school litle Sal is in 2nd grade and Valerie is in 3rd grade.
Please ignore the cracked window with tape looks like crap but hey I can’t fix everything in 1 day ya know!
Little Sal is upset because he wanted to play UT3 before school I said no that is why the sour face he has on "God dad can be such a dick!"
Sal and Val 1st day of school 08-09 year
And me unsure what to do without my kids home!.
Summer is over I really have to try and get a job now OMFG work! Iwill say it’s been a nice summer no work responsibilities just taking care of the kids more important than work anyhow.  I feel like I accomplish more with the kids than I ever have working. Maybe it’s just being stuck doing the same shit everyday it gets old I think that is where my hate for work begins and ends. Here I am today a little happier but sad too no more kids home  to take care of during the long day 😦

Nvidia 177.83 & PhysX

Appers that owners of geforce 8 and above can now use PhysX acceleration. People with the hardware PhysX cards are still ok as well the cards still work from what I can tell Nvidia makes better drivers than the physX team did. I get much better performance out of my PhysX card than I did prior to Nvidia purchasing PhysX.
New drivers version 177.83 install video and Physx at one time allowing you to change from physX card acceleration or video card acceleration in the nvidia control panel.
There were earlier versions of drivers that did this as well but only supported the Geforce 200 series of cards as of 177.83  8, 9, 200 series are all supported.
I went into the control panel and selected my PhysX card as the card to use and also was able to apply the video card to use as an alternative.
This link  This video was recorded on a machine running an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 graphics card with Forceware 177.83 drivers and PhysX 08.08.01.

A tech demo based on particle fluids for NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated PhysX technology.

This video was recorded on a machine running an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 graphics card with Forceware 177.83 drivers and PhysX 08.08.01.

 I added the Water particle demo in Public folder and in the drivers folder located in the public folder for anyone to try.

Here is a site to download the drivers that support Geforce 8 and above cards.

The demos that are included in the drivers are from the original physX team they apper to run better with the physX card than using the Geforce card.

So I installed the Nvidia Fluid demo made by Nvidia and you can probably guess that demo runs better using the geforce physX than using the PhysX hardware.

For a real time test I used Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 which has Ageia Island as a special add on map for Ageia PhysX card owners. Nvidia claims that all Ageia physX games will work with the Nvidia cards by default with the new drivers.I did not use any type of frame rate test I just enabled the physX card and played then disabled the PhysX card and enabled Nvidia PhysX.

With the PhysX card it did run very smooth with PhysX hardware mode set to extreme in game. I then used Nvida Physx enabled and noticed I did get lag that was not present using the PhysX card. If I were running SLI I would have to wonder which woud be better but due to me only having 1- 8800 GTS and not 2 I do not think it is a fair comparison at all. 






Working PC..Maybe?

A week ago my sons PC a old socket 754 Amd stopped working I knew it was coming was locking up off and on I knew surely the CPU was dumping and fast.
So after pricing a s754 at $50 I decided to wait and go through some of my spares from all the work I have done on other pc’s I had a Socket 939 mainboard but was lacking a CPU and PCI-E Vcard.
After looking further in low and behold I found a Geforce 6600gt PCI-E vcard yee-haw! ..But still lacked a CPU off to newegg they sell 939 cpus for $23! and a 3800+ for $30!
Luckily I have a good bro he had a spare 939 cpu and let me use as a loner until the order comes in.
I get her up and running of course no problem ..except every time I launch a game it garbles..but why it is fine in windows so I off and figured I will flash the vcard bios not an easy task ..but due to my mad skills I pulled it off!
While D3d Games now work no problem. Ogl games do not they garble still!@@@@
So Monitor refresh rate?……Nope wrong answer would be nice but to easy of a fix.
I then went to openGL home page and added the dll’s myself and boom Doom3 fires up!! I jump up with sheer glee at the realization that I AM THE MAN!
So I turn it off walk my son in to show him that father can fix everything proudly start the game once more and….OM#@##!@@!@ it garbles again!!! WTF!!!!
Bad V-Card you ask well simply put it works fine in my pc so no that is not the answer.
Maybe a bad Mainboard bios or ram?? maybe but I can assure you this I will get it fixed.
As I suspected orshould say I knew the vcard did have a bad bios so I upgraded it with a BFG bios which I knew would render the card useless so I then went and grabbed Bios revision 1 for the albatron Gerforce 6600 and flashed it low and behold issue resolved.
Warning flashing any board with incorrect bios will render it useless so don’t be putz and do it if you have no clue on how to reverse this. 

Concert M.O.D and my bud

Last Saturday my friends and myself went to a club to see M.O.D what a great time I had was very happy to be there.
The show was awesome there were six bands total and the whole thing lasted from about 7pm- 2:30 in the morning drank lots of beer talked to a few of the differnt band members even got Billy from M.O.D to sign my wife beater:)
Not to far back this year we went to see Slayer as well. Although Slayer was awesome I had a much better time seeing MOD I even moshed which I said I would not guess old habits die hard:)
 Can surely tell my 20’s are long gone.
I have seen alot of bands live and 1 thing that has not changed I can always depend on my bud Rob every show I have been to he is there!
I am sure when we are 75 we will still go to the shows….. moshing with canes.
Thanks for the shirt!!!