Selling Pioneer tower speakers

My Wife & children gave me new speakers for my home theater setup this Christmas which is a upgrade. My self built system had 3 different brand speakers. 1-Polk sub woofer,1-Polk Center speaker, 1-set Pioneer tower speakers as front surrounds and 1-set of Sony’s for the surround backs. Setup is all Polk audio speakers YAY!  Very pleased with quality of these speakers. Polk speakers have always sounded great to me.

Had the Pioneer set used as front left & right.
The Model #S-H453F-K. I paid $400 + tax a few years back for them.
Checking Ebay these sell used from $150-$390.
And Pioneer still has set retail cost as $400.

The one thing that makes these speakers fantastic is they can handle a wide frequency range. Meaning they are great surrounds and equally great for music.

Asking $120 will work out shipping.
If serious contact me @
Label email header ATTN: PIONEER


These are floor-standing, 3-way loudspeakers that also include a 6.5” passive radiator, increasing efficiency and limiting distortion. Our HF Waveguide technology produces superior imaging, allowing you to discern where on the “stage” the musicians were located during recording. The stylish S-H453F-K’s can handle the wide frequency range of DVD-Audio and SACD, two high-resolution audio formats that offer much higher quality vs. CD. And their magnets are shielded so they won’t damage your TV if positioned next to it. Engineered in the U.S.