Beat Crysis 3 yesterday

I recorded the first 15 minutes of video to post here. Wanted to post it because it is seriously the best looking video game I’ve ever saw.

If you have the hardware in your PC get this game and play it! If you must play it on a console it’s worth it. While the console versions aren’t close to what the PC version looks like. The Cryengine 3 does push the consoles to their very limit. The creator of Crysis said there isn’t even 1% left to use so he managed to max out the current generation of consoles.  I uploaded it in 720p it’s a little jittery because I down sampled the video from 1080p to 72op. Select the 720p option on video. The video doesn’t do it justice but it’s as close as I could get in good video quality since the actual 15 minute video is 25gb in size this isn’t to bad considering I got it down to 1.1gb in size. The whole 15 minute video is in game footage none of it is FMV.