Here is a photo that is disturbing

And everyday the things I take for granted.


The PHOTO is the "Pulitzer prize" winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan famine.

The picture depicts a famine stricken child crawling towards a United Nationsfood camp, located a kilometer away.

The vulture awaits for it’s meal. This picture shocked the world. No one knows what happened to this child.

Kevin Carter left the place soon after this photo was taken he commited suicide 3 months later due to depression.



This was found in his diary
Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests.
I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.

Carbon blade upgrade

I upgared my Belt -CP with Carbon blades which was not something I really wanted to do just had to because the helicopter was having an issue with the tail being heavy.
So after making some changes and moving the battery forward for more weight I decided that I should do a test run in my garage very bad idea this helicopter is a little to large for tight quarters.
The helicoter clipped the tire of my son or daughters 4 wheeler and it cracked the stock blade.
So I did get the carbon blades today 04/22 brought outside to test decided better to do some testing outside with medium winds than in a tight area.
After only doing a hover test too windy for me today I am still a little green when it comes to flight I noticed lift off occurs well before half throttle which is good I guess but just suprised the hell out of me with the stock blades it was almost half throttle before lift off.
Anyhow I posted a cool pic of my Fav Heli it is such a sweet model I can not stress for someone that has some flight time on a fixed pitch to purchase this helicopter it is really nice for the price range from what I hear it is competitive with  T-rex or Falcon 3d but is half the price of either the Falcon or T-rex.
Should mention that I also ordered 2 sets of blades for my Exceed Blazing Star Coaxial heli for inside play the blades are very delicate and can break easily so I ordered 2 sets of main blades thinking only 2 came in a package well all 4 blades come in a pack which is cool so now I have 1 extra and a whole other set.
TIP: From my own experience if possible and after a crash a blade or blades break you can use good ole Super Glue and scotch tape to keep her flying just remember if you have a broken blade in the middle make sure you add some tape to the other blade even if it is not broken this is for balance and after you get your new blade peel the tape off the other blades that were ok:) 
Note: People tend to think these RC helicopters are toys they are small machines models and should be handled with care when operating is not for children and user should be 14 years of age or older and have adult supervision.
There are toy helicopters that do fly for children Havok Helis and other foam based models that have plastic blades that are small and can cause minimal damage like hair tangles and should still be monitored by an adult loss of an eye is no joking matter!
one more thing try not to be drinking while operating bad idea.
Coax helis have 2 sets of full size blades. How you ask does a coax Helicopter have 4 blades compared to FP=Fixed Pitch and CP=Collective Pitch helis? which only have 2 blades.

How coaxial RC helicopters work

A conventional helicopter has a single main rotor, which when turns generates a natural force called torque. The natural reaction to this force is for the fuselage of the helicopter to spin in the opposite direction to the rotor blades.

So, a tail rotor is used to generate sideways thrust which prevents the helicopter from spinning wildly out of control. The amount of thrust generated by the tail rotor can be changed by the pilot, either by changing the pitch angle of the tail rotor blades or, on smaller models, by changing the speed of the tail rotor motor.
This change in thrust controls the yaw of the helicopter ie which direction the nose is pointing in, by either giving in to the natural reaction against the torque (lessening tail rotor thrust) or by pushing the helicopter round in the same direction as the main blades (increasing the thrust).

The illustration below shows the basic forces at work: Controlling helicopter yaw by tail rotor

However, coaxial rc helicopters don’t have a tail rotor, and instead of a single rotor they have two main rotors, one mounted directly above the other.
These 2 main rotors spin in opposite directions to each other, as the illustration below shows: Blades of a coaxial rc helicopter

Because the blades are spinning against each other, each one cancels out any torque generated by the other one. As a result, there is no tendency for the fuselage of the helicopter to spin round one way or the other.
However, this is only the case so long as both sets of blades are spinning at exactly the same speed. As soon as one set changes speed to the other one, then torque immediately appears. This is exactly how yaw is controlled in coaxial rc helicopters, by making one set of blades spin faster or slower then the other to purposely generate the torque that causes the helicopter to change direction.

Drivegear of a coxial helicopterIn most coaxial helis, the top blades are mounted on the main shaft and the lower blades are mounted on a larger diameter shaft that immediately surrounds the main one.
Twin side-by-side electric motors control one shaft each, and hence independent rotor speed control is possible. The picture to the right shows a typical coaxial setup for the main drive gear, with each motor cog driving one of the main vertically mounted sprockets (view is from under the helicopter).

Coaxial rc helicopters are, without doubt, the easiest and safest way of getting into the hobby of flying radio control helicopters, and they’re suitable for anyone, regardless of helicopter-flying experience.
They can easily be flown indoors, but are equally suited to outdoor flying on calmer days.

Full size coaxial helicopters

You could be forgiven for thinking that rc helicopters with dual rotors are completely made-up designs, but there are a number of such full size helicopters. The Russian helicopter manufacturer Kamov have produced several dual rotor helicopters for both civilian and military use, the KA32 shown below is one such example: A dual rotor Kamov helicopter


 This is my Model with new Carbon Blades this is a CP-Collective Pitch 2 main rotors.
The stock blades were wooden and white the black carbon blades change it’s apperance  but not for the bad it still looks cool and what really counts is if it flys better:)
Belt-CP & Blazing Star charging on my Kitchen Table my wife loves this;)
Belt-CP & Blazing Star Charging
Since I am on th subject of hobbies since I have become unemployed and awaiting a few interviews I have been playing Video games:)
What fun!!!!! So far I have completed Indigo Propecy for the 2nd time what a cool game I think everyone should try this game you can either buy it for PC-9.99 used maybe even new or get it on your Xbox 360.It can be downloaded for 1200 Microsoft points BUY IT well worth it SERIOUSLY..I MEAN IT SERIOUSLY!.
Beat Assassins Creed PC another cool game it’s a popular one so I am sure everyone pretty much knows what this game is about.
And beat another adventure game called Overclocked you play as a doctor in a Psyco ward and must get 5 patients to talk when they open up you then take control of the patient in thier memories and discover what happened to all 5 of these individuals pretty cool game I enjoyed it.
Also have been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2,Virtua Tennis-3,Sega Rally Revo all on PC of course. 
Honorable mention my Favorite game of 2007 Gears of War PC it is non stop from the community not only has there been many custom Multiplayer maps but also plenty of new single player maps the replay value of Gears PC is incredible reminds me much of the original Unreal Tournament community. Visit get all the maps and single player maps they have. All are worth a look at there is even a Resident Evil mansion multiplayer map plus many more!..Plus the maps are totally FREE!
Watch lots of movies I enjoyed Street Kings cool movie and watched inside the actors studio with Tom Hanks I like him he is cool my fav movie with him is Forrest Gump. 
And to feel better about myself I always try and squeeze in some Jerry Springer it reminds me even though I am unemployed man my life could be much worse.