Wanted a new Keyboard

Wanted to get a cool keyboard that maybe had a small LCD screen on it:)
So I went to newegg and found it!
For an astounding $90. For $30 more you could get a 19" LCD monitor for the love of god!! I’ll stay with my cheapie it still works good and was so cheap I don’t remember even buying it.
Matter o fact I don’t think I even bought my keyboard?? 

I had a 1 night stand and she was so HOTT!!!

This sexy mamma had me going all night long!!!
Ohh yummy for my tummy and guys I have no problem sharing the wealth!
Feel free to contact me via email for a good time.
With Bertha she loves long walks on the beach and holding hands in public and absolutely loves sweet kisses in a well lit room.
Looking into her eyes reminds me of a bloody massacre and makes my worst nightmares feel like good dreams:)

Geforce 260 only way to keep it cool

After changing fans on my case and all different setups the only way to keep the card cool is to have the side off with a fan blowing directly on it.
So after many changes and me delaying the inevitable I bought a new case:( Not what I really wanted to do.
Here it is and hoping this will fix my issue atleast this is the last ditch effort unless I go to water cooling and I will not.
The Windtunnel my last hope.
I wanna see 23c instead of my steady 85c in case that I get now with the side on.
Plus my old green case is not that big this surely causes airflow issues.
Now that i’ll have a free case I can setup a UT3 server:)
I started to dig through my PC parts to get a PC ready for my extra case it was a toss up between a P4 1.8ghz and a AMD AthlonXP 2500+ when I ran across an old AMD socket 754 mainboard.
Low and behold I found a AMD 64 skt 754 3000+ cpu:) Also found a Geforce 6600 GT AGP.
Was unable to do a proper test of the hardware but I am guessing it may work I normally only save stuff that is working or fixable.
I am short a HSF for this and a decent PSU as well but I think this will be the one I build for a UT3 server.

Still struggling keeping Geforce 260 Superclocked edition cool:(

Been working on a solution to keep the video card cool.
after many changes and different fans I have come up with a possible solution 1- 80mm fan at the top to pull hot air.
2- 80mm in front to push in air 1- 80mm fan on the side to push in air.
1-120mm on back to pull hot air and 1- slot cooler under the video card again to pull more hot air. And also using EVGA precision to carnk card fan to 75% at all times.
Seems to sit between 43-46c idle and hits 65c under heavy use.
Was sitting at 55-60c idle and 100c under heavy use.
I have been reading and it appears that where I sit right now is the norm for these video cards.
Hoping that these temps I sit at right now are also in the same range mid day as well only tomorrow will tell for sure.

Little Sal’s 8th Bitrthday!

On Feburary 16th 2001 my son was born!:)
Yesterday he had a few friends over he wanted to play a multiplayer game so I setup Unrealtournament 3 and we all played.
Today I let him stay home from school so we could do our Lego build together.
Every B-day and X-mas for the last 3-4 years he wants a Lego set that we can build together it is fun.
This year he wanted a Bionicle Lego set and man this one is tough!! I’ve built Starwars ships, cars but this Bionicle takes the cake we started building at 10am it’s 11:30 am and so far have only went through 2 bags of 5.
Every time he picks a new one it gets harder and harder.
I do love doing this stuff though before I know it he’ll be married with his own family helping his children build Lego sets. 

LCD Monitor repair

On Friday I got the transistors in the mail to repair my daughters Dell 17″ LCD monitor.
Awoke Sunday with a slight hang over and went to work to repair her monitor after 15 minutes work desoldering the old transistors and soldering on the newly mailed ones.
There is a total of 4 transistors they blow out in 2’s but I just did all 4 made better sense to me. Each transistors has 3 legs yep you put in the resistors backward and you will surely have issues.
It works like a charm just like new!
$8 for shipping and parts is a whole lot better than Dell’s out of warranty repair price of $190+ dollars that was not including me shipping to them.
I also have a Acer 15″ that is behaving the same way I will attempt to repair that as well better than the going prices for 15″ monitors today.
Here’s a pic of the transistior from the Acer 15″ Identical in all areas of the Dell Monitor
It’s blurry I used my phone camera to take the pic. My camera battery is dead.

I know what it was all about.

I got shit from them because of my departure at PSCU. People there must be talking shit to Jason about how I take everything personal.
Here’s the bottom line I wanted out I asked about putting in 2 weeks notice on probation and was told that it made no difference I would get a bad reference.
So I slept on it for a few days and decided I may as well just get fired it made no difference except I would atleast get some pay from unemployment and atleast make my bad reference worth some $$$. And that is the truth.
Reason I was on probation is because I walked out of my shift it was then that I was pretty much done with PSCU.
That is why I talked shit and pretty much begged for it.
Plus they already were planning to be rid of me anyhow so it was inevitable I just got it done faster.
I was a manager FOR 3 different stores back in the 90’S – 02. I know the drill when it’s time to get rid of someone you knit pick them hoping for a quit to avoid doing a fire plus they played the one supervisors says one thing the other says something totally different so they could get me in a bind so they could say I refuse to do what I was told.  They liked to play I don’t see an email game so it never happened nobody there could stay to thier word. Wasn’t that I did not want to work I just had enough there.
It was a dead end job for me I was getting nowhere and had absolutlely no chance of moving forward and although I am not working now atleast I am happy.
I was burnt out !

Lame Attempts

Had a attempt from people I am close to actually sit there and try to tell me I can’t work because I need to learn to be quiet & I don’t know responsibility. Or maybe to say i’m lazy and can’t make it?
Both these people have lived under my roof while I paid everythingat the time had 2 children and 1 on the way.
"It’s not personal" Ok, I don’t take it personal but last I checked this is the U.S.A I can speak my mind freely.
Again since it’s not personal my retort should not be taken personal?
People make me fucking sick I will never ever in my life stop speaking what is on my mind.
I would rather be homeless and hungry,executed for it before I ever give up any one of my given rights.
Even was told it don’t matter what you say it won’t change things. Missing my point I ain’t out for making changes I am just saying what I want.
Don’t give a rats ass about change. 
When I start working again and they don’t like my straight forwardness and honesty I did not belong there in the first place.
There really are people that are real in the work place and appreciate forward honesty and not everyone plays fake.
Has nothing to do with age it’s just who I am.
and as far as my reponsiblilty at 15 years old I was left. Came home mom and dad moved away I guessed they would be back Sunday for me that passed a week a month never came for me and I made it.  I have been raising 4 kids since the age of 19 and they are fine..atleast so far. Really good kids too.
So I don’t wanna hear anyone with thier self righteous attitude or questioning weather I can handle responsibility or how I should play in society to make it in life. 
These same people were still sucking on mommy titty and holding dads hand to cross the road at 15 I was making it on my own & alone.
Nothing has ever been given to me everything I have done is all me no one else has done shit for me.  
When shit was tough for me I didn’t have mommy and daddy like these 2 did I pulled out of that all on my own. Fuckin telling me I don’t know responsibility! Fucking stewing!!!! 
I’ve done fine so far and I will continue to do so.
Money is not everything that shit is useless when it all ends. I’ll be happy to leave this world broke with love from my children and wife any day and lastly I was always who I was not changed because others don’t like me.