Why are consoles taking all the thunder??!!

I’ve played Gears xbox 360 1 &2 on the same TV and it looks nice no doubt. I’ve also played Killzone 2 on the Playstation 3 on the same TV set and again it looks great.
But after hooking my PC up to the same 52" HDTV the consoles can not come close not even with a 100ft pole.
The hardware I use in my PC is AMD 3.2ghz quad core CPU w/4 GB of 1066 FSB ddrII memory a Geforce 260 900mb of memory with a dedicated 450watt Gaming card PSU. with dual PhysX cards 1x BFG 128mb PCI Physx card & built on Geforce 8200 with 256mb of shared memory.
The games I used to compare with the consoles were Gears of War and Crysis.
Gears Of War was to compare to 360 Gears of War
Crysis to compare to Killzone 2 Playstation 3 since there is no KZ2 PC I had to use a game they tried comparing to.
Bottom line not one of the consoles could compare either in terms of frame rate or visual quality.
I ran both at full detail dx10 1920×1080.
While I know consoles can barely push 1280×720 upconverted to 1080 it was only fair I see which looked better by the maxiumum push the PC can do since the consoles do that themselves.
Most developers claim that cancelation of PC games is due to piracy and that people like to play on thier couch with surround sound.
If you take alook around you can see console games are released on the scene long before PC games are.
And  with todays hardware everyone can play thier PC games on the comfort of thier couch with surround sound I just did it:)
And let me say it was a much better experience not only in visual terms but in the same comfort all those console gurus brag about that PC gamers can not do. 
Developers are missing out on alot of technology consoles can not touch all because thier pockets need to be over filled.
And they will continue to make rehashed games for the consoles just to make a buck instead of trying something new by pushing the boundries of hardware that consoles just plain lack.   
The list of games canceled from PC:
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
These are just a few off the top of my head what a shame Heavy Rain on a PC would look awesome this is what the developers were looking for great story folllowed by great graphics.
The PS3 is only able to push the game at 720p and it did get some slow down here and there and load times could be heavy just as the name implies.
To bad PC version was canned better frame rates non existent load times w/better textures and much higher resolution even 1680×1050 would have been a major step forward compared to the Playstation 3’s shoddy 720p. 
Ohh well the trend seems to be growing Pc games are constantly be canceled and the low end consoles seem to be taking the stage it’s really a shame because if it weren’t for PC pushing the enevelope consoles would still be crappy pixelated wanna be 3d games running at 320 resolution without online game matches with buddies.
Looks like a scarry future no more PC games pushing the limits of technology which only leaves us with future consoles with set hardware that only gets upgrades every 5-10 years it’s a sad state of affairs this is all the future gamers have to look forward to:(

Air Fest 2010

Went to McDill Airforce base for Air Fest this Saturday the 20th.
It was fun got sun burnt and was exausted from the long day in the sun.
All that matters is the kids loved it.
Here’s some pics my wife and I took.
This is the dashboard of the rescue helicopter the coast guard use very complicated. 
This stunt helicopter was cool.
Was the best pic I could get of the f-16 hard to catch when it was breaking the sound barrier. Either was to fast or to high. Our camera just wasn’t cut out for this.
Here’s some of the crowd tried to get as much in 1 pic as possible was crazy packed.
Took a pic of this planes jets

Wow another birth year

Wife just reminded me my birthday is this Monday not that I care I don’t.
Never been one of those people that have parties or make a big thing out of my birthday. Except the 21st everyone parties for that one the rest though wtfc!! 
Some people dig the bday shit and I never understood why there’s a reason to make a big deal out of getting older it’s not all that important the only important date of my bday was for my mom the day I was born after that it means nothing at all. 
My thought is people that make a big deal out of birthdays want attention maybe was lacking in thier childhood?

1st Rc plane flight

Bought the Exceed 3channel RC Piper Cub trainer plane about a month or more back.
Due to bad weather and getting sick I never got a chance to try and fly it. I only have experience in flying 300- 450 size RC helicopters so the move to a plane is quite different.
Today my friend Carl he purchased the same one as I did we went to the local park to give it a try.
Since I had experience decided it was better I launch first. 1st launch was successful flew it around for a couple of minutes then noticed people watching did not want to many by standers if I crashed I would rather it be on the surface than some strangers face: lol Anyhow did a glide test and actually glided fantastic was an enjoyable experience even pulled off a good smooth landing came in on a glide and had a good touch down.
Next Carl’s turn 1st attempt he was up and flying no problem. where we were flying is a lake surrounded by trees and brush Carl got over the trees and I told him to bank around and get back in the field when he did panic set in and on the bank it lost altitude and went down:(
After searching finally found it if he had went down 1 second sooner it would have been a floater hopefully. Anyhow since I was a bit smaller decided I would climb out over this lake was approximately a 6+ foot drop from there I was and where the plane was stuck ontop of the trees luckily he had a garbage picker stick in the car used that to grab it. He had minimal damage to the rear fin had to repair it when we got back going back out again later this afternoon will get some video footage this time around.
Bottomline is Carl has no flight experience with any RC’s at all and does not even have sim time under his belt either and he successfully was flying on the 1st attempt.
The Exceed Piper Cub starts out at $69.95 + $17.47 shipping for under the $100 price tag this is well worth the purchase for any beginner or experienced flyer.
Even if you have no interest in this hobby but want something as a picnic or park entertainment or even to bring yours kids to the park and let them watch or try this plane you will enjoy it and the time you spend in the air with it.
The way I see it i’ve wasted $$ on much worse things like beer or going out to eat on a Saturday atleast this will bring more than 1 day of use. And I won’t shit or piss it out the next day;)