LG 60UF7700-4k UHDTV

Purchased this television a few months ago.

And reviews  looked well enough I ended up passing on this television for the Sony XBR-55X850C 55″ 4K Ultra HD 2160p 120Hz LED HDTV Active 3d (4K x 2K)
Hang in there at start if this blog I stated that I purchased the LG but also stated I purchased the Sony as well. Just hang in there it will make sense soon.

Issues with the Sony TV right off is the Active 3d glasses they are expensive! When you have a family of 4 and enjoy company over once in a while $49.99 a pair of glasses is just absurd. While the Samsung active 3d glasses I did have from my Samsung HDTV that was active 3d worked with the Sony they did not work 100% matter a fact they sucked! so blurry felt like I was drunk.
2nd biggest issue to me was brightness. This Tv was plain dull 0 pop it couldn’t light the room up pitch dark to find a 50 cent piece on a black floor.
3rd issue this TV had shit side viewing angles TERRIBLE!
There was upsides to this television the Android OS kicked ass and PlayStation Now could stream play PS2 &3 game I believe using a PS4 controller and could install Android Apps from the Play Store \that also worked with he PS4 controller. Not to mention could install and use Kodi as well.

This was not enough for me to keep the TV set. The Picture quality to me just wasn’t there.
So back to Best Buy it went.

Now I have my eye back on the LG, Samsung and the Vizio all 4k smart television sets.
The LG and Samsung plain and simple had the picture quality Vizio was beautiful but did not come close to the quality of picture the Samsung and LG were putting out.
The Samsung had 2 models I looked at curved and standard. I don’t like the curve. SO after much looking the LG won me heart

Get it home instantly realized remote did not turn TV on and just seemed off a bit. Blew it off figured setup dealio not a big deal.
Few weeks pass now the button on TV just doesn’t respond without man handling it. Few days later screen flashlighting on bottom right is unbearable.
Contact LG they send someone out quickly to try and feed me that this flashlighing  is common but issue with the remote and power button is a mainboard issue which needed repaired
MAINBOARD REPAIRED! this TV isn’t even 90 days old!!!.
So screw it I go ahead and do a return I spent $1,600+ on this TV I am not getting it repaired!
Bring swapped TV back home from get go I can see a difference the remote powered TV on right away. And not a damn bit of flashlighting at all. Even the picture quality is improved and also noticed that the FW updated to 4.0 something my 1st TV was locked at and would not update I tried many times.

With the initial issue aside the LG TV is seriously a kick ass television set. I don’t blame LG for the dud I got this can happen to any manufacturer.. Onl thing that does bother me is that they send these techs out to try and run BS that flashlighting is OK. Let me tell you this is NOT okay!!  it hurts picture quality terribly  by making black non-uniform.

Do not ever let any one tell you flashlighting or also called bleed through as being normal and okay.


I’ve had 2 favorite televisions. My Philips 52″ LCD and this is the 3rd Tv since my Philips I like more than it. Took 3 different TV’s to beat me old Philips out.


















Gears OF War Ultimate Edition PC

So announcement of Gears Ultimate Edition came down at this years E3.

This is a serious slap in the face.
They are going to re-hash a 2007 game which was a re-hash of the Xbox 360 in the fist place.
Instead of going ahead and releasing Gears Of War 2 Ultimate they will go ahead and try to squeeze even more money from the PC gaming community with a game that has been on PC already that initially was enhanced from 360 version.
So why not release an enhanced DX12 version of 2? Well because they can go the cheap way and just enhance a game that is already completed for PC and try to make more money off of a game that is now 10 years old.

What a disappointment this is.
Let’s hope people see through this and not bother buying this title.