Walking Dead Episode 3 Released on PC,360 & PSN

Finished playing through episode 3 last night. Only can say a few things about it and it’s  1- Get this series & 2 – A.S.A.P

Telltale pulled it off quite well although 2 more episodes to go so far every episode has been a great play. Each episode gets better or should I say harder to decide what to do. It’s a decision based game that everything you say can and will be used against you.  How it works is if a question or decision is to be made 3-4 options will pop-up at the bottom of the screen and you have to choose one. It’s not take your time to decide there is a bar that counts down so you must decide before it times out. In episode 3 there is no good selections they are all tough so decide wisely because once you select one you have to live with the choice you made.

It’s what really puts you in the game making tough decisions when things go bad because in a zombie apocalypse it wouldn’t be all about offing zombies it’s about decision making and diplomacy to survive. People do bad things in desparate moments this is another great thing about the game.

This isn’t a run n’ gun to survive game it’s a did I make the right choice game? Or did one of my decisions in Episode 1-3 cause the death of  a party member? I won’t say much more but if your a Walking Dead fan and like games with storyline and some substance then don’t pass it up you can get it on any platform PS3,Xbox Live or on PC through multiple Digital vendors.

Proves that a Zombie game doesn’t have to be a survival horror game or FPS to be good. Each episode is 2-3 hours take your time looking around $24.99 for 5 episodes is pretty good costs more to see a 2 hour movie.