Wiiflo- Wii’s latest USB loader

Wiiflo is the latest USB loader and it’s quite nice atleast the user interface is.
I have noticed that some games have issues launching where as the older USB loader doesn’t. Older USB loader does not have such a nice user friendly interface as wiiflo does.
Am I gonna go back to the older one? yes & no I am just leaving both installed on my Wii atleast for now anyhow.
I choose to install Wiiflo on an SDcard with a forwarder channel that I installed using Wad manager.
Using the Sdcard requires me to have the SDcard in at all times for Wiiflo to work.
It allows cover downloads via the Wii so no need to grab covers yourself the old USB loader also did this and also had CD covers as well as case covers.
There are multiple options for installing Wiiflo either to the SDcard or the External Harddrive or Installing through priiloader this option is the better because you can set the Wii to boot directly to Wiiflo instead of getting the Black Warning screen and Push A to continue.
Using your external HDD would be problematic if you already have it formatted to WBFS with games on it. If this is the case you will either format the drive losing all your installed games or have to move the games to your PC then format and partition your drive then add the games back on…Then install Wiiflo to the empty partition.
Here’s a video of Wiiflo in action it is pretty nice no doubt.
It’s a short 1 minute video so it won’t be toooo boring;)

Alan Wake

Got alan Wake the video game for the Xbox360 system a few weeks back.
What a cool game it’s a Adventure,Action,Survival horror story and done quite well.
It doesn’t have monsters  that have fangs or creepy disfigured manifestations like Silent Hill does it’s just a creepy story with Hillbilly madmen that attack you with axes in the dark.
And a flash light is your best friend and your enemies most feared weapon.
I really prefer adventure games over any other they contain story and puzzles this to me makes a game worth playing.
Last Adventure/Action game I played that I enjoyed this much on a console was Heavy Rain on the Playstation 3.And Dreamfall & Indigo Prophecy on the PC.  
Both Alan Wake & Heavy Rain were supposed to be on PC as well but M$ grabbed up the publishing rights for Alan Wake and Sony bought up Publishing rights for Heavy Rain leaving the PC without these much needed adventure games where they all started in the 1st place.
Ohh well atleast I got to play the games would have been much happier though on a PC with better textures and resolutions and m&kb 😦