Easy Root the Nexus 7

I just couldn’t be happy with the Chrome browser that is forced upon you on the Nexus 7 the stock Browser is not available on it Installing the AOSP browser I linked here is a must! So this is why I chose to void my warranty so I could have a solid browser that supports Flash natively. I’m going to make an easy walkthrough for those who want their Nexus 7 rooted. I did my root and Unlock using a netbook w/ Windows Xp installed. Windows 8 can be used but requires a lot of extra work to get 3rd party drivers installed. This is meant to be simple so if you choose to use or only have a PC with Windows 8 you will have to do your own footwork to get it working properly on Windows 8. What i’m posting here will work for windows 8 you will just have to get the drivers installed first before following this method.

Windows 8 Users: Without proper drivers installed the tablet will not respond to reboot request needed to get Tablet in Fastboot mode. If you have proper drivers installed the tablet will respond to reboot request made from the Nexus root Toolkit.

Make sure your Tablet is atleast 85% or more charged. Full charge is safest.

Disclaimer: Anytime you change a devices stock setup you most likely void your warranty and also chance making your tablet a brick. Don’t blame me if you mess up and ruin your tablet always do a lot of homework before modifying or changing your devices. I used this method and the apps, drivers & browser I link here and had no issues. All links are clean and have been scanned with Avast that is up to date. Always scan the files you download prior to installing or using. Read this page over a few times before starting your root.

Applications & Drivers for the Unlock & root

Nexus root Toolkit (NRT) v.1.6.2 : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/NRT_v1.6.2.sfx.exe

Raw drivers : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/Universal_Naked_Driver_0.72.zip

AOSP Browser : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/Browser.apk

First you need to uninstall the drivers that are installed for your nexus in Device manager. After you remove the drivers download the Universal naked drivers I posted a link for them above. Unzip them and in Device manager under other devices you will see the Nexus 7 there right click and choose update drivers make sure you choose to point the drivers to be installed from the directory you unzipped the naked drivers to on your PC. Once installed it’s time to move on to downloading and unzipping the Nexus Root Toolkit.

Second unzip NRT 1.6.2 to C/ drive preferably and launch NRT it will ask for your Tablets make- Nexus7 and the Build number. Go into your tablets settings and about tablet and you will find the Build number Example my tablets build is JOP40D.

After you answer those simple questions the app will then ask if you want to download a few things say yes. It is downloading necessary files needed for Unlocking & rooting your tablet. Once it’s done then backup your Apps & data this can also be done using NRT kit. If you look you will see the Backup & root boxes in the NRT application. Have your tablet plugged directly into a free USB port on your PC. Don’t plug into a USB hub.


Now click on the Unlock button.

You’ll be prompted on the Nexus to unlock the bootloader. After you agree, your bootloader will be unlocked and your Nexus will be wiped and reset to its factory state. You’ll have to go through the setup process on your Nexus and enable USB debugging mode again before continuing. Now on to rooting.

Under the Root box in app select Do not flash CWM unless you also want to flash ClockworkMod to your device, and then click the Root button. I did a straight Unlock & root so please just do as I did if you are wanting to add CWM for custom roms please look else where.

root button

Once the Root process completes, open the SuperSU app on your Nexus and update the SU binary.

SU Update

Once SU is updated

Launch the BusyBox app, grant it root permissions, and tap the Install button. You’re now successfully rooted!

It will ask you to grant permission be sure to do that. Now that your unlocked & rooted it’s time to restore your app +data using NRT just click on restore and locate the file you backed up. It should point you right to it it will be dated and have a .ab extension.

Installing Stock browser After Unlock/Root:

If you are like me and really want that stock browser that comes with almost every Android Tablet & phone Follow these directions.

Download X-Plore from PlayStore once it’s installed launch it and on the right hand side select Configuration box once it opens select Rootaccess Superuser+Mount Writable.

1. Copy the Browser.apk file to your tablet’s SD card

2.Launch x-Plore on your tablet.

3.Browse for the Browser.apk file and long-press it. Select Copy, Paste to…..  /system/app directory.

4.Long-press the newly pasted Browser.apk file and select the Properties option. Select the Change button and set the following:

.User: Read, Write

.Group: Read

.Other:  Read

5.Press the Ok button to change the permissions and exit X-Plorer.

Then reboot your tablet and enjoy your new browser that has Flash capability. You can side load the latest Flash going here http://www.nkonecny.com/blog/2012/07/19/adding-flash-to-nexus-7/  when on your tablet. Just use the download link for Flash ignore Firefox since you now have the AOSP browser:-)

Where to get more information on Custom Roms,Rooting and Applications at. I highly recommend XDA-Developers.


The link is to the Nexus 7 forums.