Finally after many years of smoking I have decided to really try and kick the habit w/Chantix

Been smoking for 20+ years and am just tired of smoking. I don’t even enjoy smoking anymore a cigarette never tastes good and at almost $5 a pack here in Florida I’ll pass. I have better things to use my money on like helping my daughter get her 1st car and other things that are much more healthy to spend my cash on. And my health isn’t all that great would love to be able to be more active without passing out from my smokers lung.

1st day taking Chantix i’ve seen others that smoked for many years and Chantix helped them greatly they no longer smoke. I want to quit so that should help it along. I’ve heard of people getting depressed from it even suicide..I guess that means i’d still be quitting ūüėČ j/k .

Wish me luck!

Be sure to check out The Last Of Us preview video for the Playstation 3

The game is being made by the creators of Uncharted.The Uncharted series is amazing and I expect nothing more than that from this yet to be released title from Naught Dog.

Check out the video

The Last Of Us

Also can find a write up in the magazine Game Informer I grabbed mine from local Gamestop.

Update: Playstation Vita exclusive¬†Uncharted Golden Abyss-¬† After playing it almost to the end I can say it is worth the $34 it costs to either purchase it in store or in Playstation Store. Bottom line Graphically there is not 1 portable out today to match it not even the beloved Ipad that is much praised. “I do not like the Ipad”..Well I won’t spend that on a tablet.

There are some cool ideas they used for the touch screen and touch sensitive back. Like moving item around to view at different angles or using the touch screen to wipe clean objects found during the adventure. Even has paper that requires you to use bright light to see the hidden info. Hold the Vita up to sunlight or bright light and you can see what the hidden writing is. These are neat ideas but not so much needed for game play they just implemented them so you have to use it. I’m gonna stick with my initial thought on this the touch was implemented only because the Vita has it.

Controls are great with dual analog sticks it makes handheld gaming great and Uncharted Golden Abyss pretty much proves this.

Maybe im partial to this new Uncharted game because I loved the 3 on the Playstation 3. All I can say is if your an Uncharted fan get this game. If you have never played any Uncharted games maybe get a PS3 and buy Uncharted 1 it can be had for under $20. In my own opinion Uncharted series is everything Tomb Raider should have become but unfortunately never did.

Let’s all hope Lauras new outing will change my mind.

Todays new releases Tuesday 03/6.

Game front———————————————————————————————-

Mass Effect 3 -PC,PS3,360

Street Fighter X-Tekken-Xbox 360,PS3

MLB 12 -PS3

Unit 13-Playstation Vita

SIMS 3:Show Time-PC

Blades Of Time Xbox360,PS3


Game Of Thrones

Immortals/Immortals 3D

Jack & Jill

Reindeer games “2000”

Meet The Parents

Lion King 1- 1/2

Lion King- 2

The Blues Brothers “1980”

The Town

Despicable Me

And many more @

Started playing Mass Effect 3 today on PC=¬†Awesome! Have played since the 1st game and have transpoted each ending to every new game. Only game I can think of that has done this not just for 2 games but 3. Maybe it has been done either way it’s still great.

Dynam E-Razor 250 Micro RC collective pitch Helicopter

Was on the fence buying a 500 size RC decided against it right now. So instead I just bought a 250 size RTF helicopter always wanted one and for $155 at X-Heli I could not pass it up.  I did do a few video review searches on youtube and found some good and another just busting on X-Heli & the Dynam 250 Helicopter.

To start with i’ve been shopping at X-Heli for over 4 years and I have never had an issue with thier customer service. If something came broken they would quickly resolve the issue. The¬†problem with Rc helicopters is alot of people see RTF on the box which means Ready To Fly. While it is ready to fly it does not mean pull it out of the box and let er riip. All RTF helicopters need initial adjustments there is no way around this. So I always question some reviews because most times people say the helicopter is garbage it came with a bent or broken boom or the quality isn’t good.¬† These are red flags to me it means they just took out of the box and spooled up ultimately¬†ending¬†in a crash on initial flight. this isn’t to say some don’t come defected some do but out of the 4-5 I’ve bought not one came broken not even the E-Razor 250.

It did come with the tail boom loose and the servo’s were off a bit but after doing the normal out of box checks like tightening all screws before 1st¬†flight it resolved the issue immediately. Otherwise it was pretty much on par and what I expect from a RTF RC helicopter it wasn’t anything major at all.

Saw a¬†review that the stock¬†Head Locking Gyro was junk well mine holds great sure I have better on my Kit builds but for a stock HH.Gyro I couldn’t ask for more. The blades are not of great quality but they work¬†fine for such a small helicopter I don’t see them surviving a crash though. The Tail boom is of normal quality not as weak as other reviews state. There aren’t any guiding rings for the Tail servo rod that links to the back blades but since the boom is so short I really don’t see a need for the guiding rings.¬†Servo’s are of¬† low quality but they do work and should easily last over a year if no crash were to occur in that time since they are of low quality they are pretty¬†fast responding what more could anyone expect for $155 I paid for the whole helicopter w/battery &¬†Radio.

This helicopter is worth the $155 plus the $14.95 for shipping and handling. I wouldn’t recommend to a beginner but for flyers that already have¬†Fixed Pitch down pat or an expert it’s is easily worth your $155.

Posted a video of it’s 1st flight¬†out of box after trimming and tightening down.

“Rough take off there:) Skid got caught on the edge of board”